Sharkeisha Thompson gained internet notoriety in 2013 as a teenager when a video of her violently assaulting another girl went viral. The footage depicted Sharkeisha punching and kicking ShaMicheal Manuel, who was purportedly her friend, in the context of a dispute over a mutual romantic interest. The video stirred widespread outrage and controversy, giving rise to memes and jokes across social media platforms.

Nevertheless, Sharkeisha’s notoriety was short-lived, as she faced legal consequences with an arrest and assault charges soon after the video’s circulation. Additionally, unfounded rumors about her death circulated online on multiple occasions. The question lingers: What truly transpired in Sharkeisha’s life following the altercation? Did she succumb to the rumors of her demise, or is she still alive? Here, we unveil the factual details behind the post-fight fate of the viral video sensation.

The Hit and Run Hoax

The initial rumor surrounding Sharkeisha’s death surfaced in 2014, originating from a website named The site asserted that Sharkeisha had met her demise in a hit-and-run incident while walking home from school. According to the report, the alleged perpetrator was ShaMicheal Manuel, the same individual Sharkeisha had assaulted in the viral video.

However, this narrative proved to be entirely untrue, as was a satirical website known for disseminating fabricated news for entertainment purposes. The website included a disclaimer explicitly stating, “ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” Consequently, Sharkeisha did not perish in a hit-and-run accident, and ShaMicheal Manuel was not involved in her demise.

The Drive-By Shooting Hoax

The second instance of rumors surrounding Sharkeisha’s death emerged in 2021, as once again asserted that she had passed away, this time in a purported drive-by shooting. According to the report, Sharkeisha Thompson had allegedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds at Fifth Avenue Park, alongside another survivor. The story further claimed the shooting was targeted, with the perpetrators still evading capture.

However, similar to the previous case, this narrative was unfounded, as continued to be a satirical website known for disseminating fabricated news for entertainment purposes. The website maintained the same disclaimer as before and even utilized the identical photo of Sharkeisha from the previous hoax. Consequently, there was no truth to the claim that Sharkeisha perished in a drive-by shooting, and there was no actual attempt on her life.

Where is Sharkeisha Now?

The reality is that Sharkeisha is alive and thriving, having transitioned away from the notoriety of her viral video. According to TheNetline, Sharkeisha currently resides in New York and has embraced a career as an Instagram model. The website offers a glimpse into her transformation, showcasing photos that illustrate her journey from a teenage fighter to a mature woman.

Despite her online presence, Sharkeisha remains highly private and discreet about her social media activity. She refrains from using her real name or the one that brought her fame, maintaining a non-public account accessible only to approved followers. Consequently, locating Sharkeisha online and understanding the current trajectory of her life proves challenging.

ShaMicheal Manuel, the victim in the video, not only survived the attack but also recovered from her injuries. Speaking to KHOU-TV, she expressed concerns that the assault would have a lasting impact on her life. Nevertheless, she conveyed hopes that Sharkeisha would learn from her mistakes and pursue positive change. ShaMicheal extended forgiveness, emphasizing her desire to move beyond the incident.

The circulation of death rumors surrounding Sharkeisha underscores the potential harm caused by fake news online, creating confusion and distress. While Sharkeisha’s viral video depicted a shocking and violent act, it did not result in her death or harm to anyone else. Sharkeisha is very much alive, and one can only hope that she has learned from her past and is leading a more positive and fulfilling life.