Blueface, a prominent rapper, gained widespread recognition in 2018 with his viral hit “Thotiana.” Renowned for his distinctive style of rapping and affiliation with the School Yard Crips street gang, Blueface’s family background, particularly his siblings and their occupations, remains of interest. Discover all you need to know about Blueface’s family below.

Blueface’s Mother and Father

Born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, Blueface, also known as Johnathan Jamall Porter, comes from a family with notable dynamics. He has two siblings, a younger sister named Kali (Johnece Miller), and an older brother named Andre. Blueface’s mother is Karlissa Angelic Saffold, and his father is Johnathan Porter Sr.

The rapper’s parents underwent a divorce during his childhood, leading to a custody battle for their children. Following the separation, Blueface resided with his father in Oakland for a period before returning to Los Angeles to live with his mother. During his high school years at Arleta High School, he engaged in various activities, including playing football as a quarterback and participating in the marching band, where he played the alto saxophone.

Blueface’s relationship with his mother has been strained, marked by conflicts and a notable incident in 2019 when he reportedly asked her and his sister to leave his house after a disagreement with his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis. His mother accused him of disrespect and claimed he had deviated from his identity as Johnathan, expressing concerns about his alleged association with drugs and negative influences.

In contrast, Blueface’s father has been supportive of his son’s career. Working as a sales manager, he often shares pictures of himself and Blueface on social media, expressing pride in his son’s achievements. Despite the complexities within the family, Blueface’s journey and relationships with his parents have been integral aspects of his life.

Blueface’s Sister Kali

Blueface’s sister, Johnece Miller, known as Kali, is a burgeoning social media personality and aspiring singer. With an Instagram following surpassing 300,000, she shares selfies, videos, and music clips, showcasing her talents and engaging with her audience. Her YouTube channel boasts over 50,000 subscribers, featuring covers, vlogs, and challenges.

Kali was entangled in the family drama between Blueface and their mother in 2019. She recorded a video capturing the moment Blueface asked them to leave his house and shared it online. During this tumultuous time, she accused him of ingratitude and disrespect toward their family, expressing the belief that fame had led him to forget his roots.

Despite the past conflicts, Kali has since reconciled with her brother. In 2021, she made appearances on his reality show, “Blue Girls Club.” Additionally, the siblings collaborated on a song titled “Baby,” released in 2020, showcasing a renewed connection between them.

Blueface’s Brother Andre

Blueface’s older brother, Andre, is the eldest among the three siblings. Known by his stage names D-Roc or D-Roc The Menace, he is a rapper who has shared his music on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Some of his notable tracks include “No Love,” “On My Own,” and “Bleed It Out.”

Maintaining a close bond with Blueface, Andre consistently shows his support on social media and even made appearances on Blueface’s reality show, “Blue Girls Club,” in 2021. Notably, Andre is a father to a son named Aiden, making him Blueface’s nephew.

Blueface’s Girlfriend and Son

Blueface has been in a relationship with Jaidyn Alexis since before he gained fame. She is the mother of his son, Javaughn, born in 2017, affectionately referred to as “Little Blue” by Blueface. The rapper often includes his son on stage during performances.

Jaidyn is a businesswoman who owns a skincare product line called “Jaidyn Skincare” and boasts over 200,000 followers on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her life with Blueface.

In addition to Javaughn, Blueface has two other sons from previous relationships: Jaheel (born in 2016) and Jevon (born in 2020). Blueface tends to keep details about them and their mothers private.

Contrary to some reports, Blueface is not married to Jaidyn or any of his children’s mothers. He has expressed his disbelief in marriage and monogamy, acknowledging his involvement with multiple women simultaneously. Some of these women have lived with him in his mansion as part of what he calls his “Blue Girls Club.”