Babs Thore, the cherished mother of Whitney Way Thore from the TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, departed in December 2023 at the age of 76. Renowned for her spirited personality, supportive demeanor, and deep love for her family, Babs had held onto a secret from her daughter for an extended period: details of her first marriage.

Who Was Babs Thore’s First Husband?

Babs Thore experienced two marriages during her lifetime. Her second and final husband, Glenn Thore, became her spouse in 1977, and together they had two children: Whitney and Hunter. Glenn held the position of VP General Manager at Millennium Print Group in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Babs and Glenn enjoyed a joyful and enduring marriage that spanned 44 years, concluding with Babs’ passing.

Prior to Glenn, another man played a role in Babs’ life. In an episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, she disclosed to Whitney that she had a previous marriage lasting four years. Babs began dating her first husband at the age of 17, with him being 22 at the time. They swiftly married, but unfortunately, their relationship did not endure, leading to divorce.

Details about Babs’ first husband remain elusive, as she chose not to divulge much information, including his identity. Additionally, there were no children from her initial marriage. Babs safeguarded her wedding album from her family until Whitney accidentally stumbled upon it.

How Did Whitney React To Babs’ First Marriage?

Whitney Way Thore was both surprised and intrigued upon discovering her mother’s first marriage. Unaware that Babs had been previously wed before Glenn, Whitney’s curiosity led her to ponder if there were additional undisclosed secrets or siblings in the family. Addressing the matter, Whitney confronted Babs about the concealed wedding album, uncovering more details about her mother’s earlier years.

Whitney experienced a sense of hurt, realizing that Babs had not shared information about her first marriage earlier. The revelation made Whitney question her understanding of her mother and left her wondering about other aspects of Babs’ life that remained undisclosed.

In response to Whitney’s concerns, Babs explained that she had not divulged details about her first marriage because she deemed it unimportant and irrelevant. Babs clarified that she no longer harbored any feelings for her initial husband and that he had no current role in her life. She emphasized that Glenn was the sole man who held significance for her and was the love of her life.

What Can We Learn From Babs’ First Marriage?

Babs Thore’s first marriage, though kept a secret for an extended period, is an integral part of her life narrative. It signifies that Babs had a history predating her union with Glenn, showcasing her encounters with love and loss before discovering happiness with him. It highlights Babs’ resilience as a strong and independent woman, demonstrating her refusal to let a past failed marriage define her or impede her pursuit of dreams.

Babs’ undisclosed first marriage underscores the reality that individuals may harbor private aspects of their lives, not necessarily indicative of a lack of love or trust for their loved ones. Instead, it may stem from a desire to shield them or oneself from potential pain or judgment. Some secrets find a rightful place in the past, where they are best left undisturbed.

While Babs Thore’s first marriage may have surprised many My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans, it did not alter their admiration for her. She remains the same remarkable woman who captivated and entertained millions with her sharp wit, sagacity, and affable warmth. Babs will forever be cherished as a loving mother, a devoted wife, and an extraordinary individual.