Jahmyr Gibbs, hailed as one of the NFL’s most promising young talents, was chosen by the Detroit Lions as the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. This marked a significant moment as he became the first running back selected in the first round since Saquon Barkley in 2018. However, the focus turns to Jahmyr Gibbs’ mother, as her influence and support are pivotal in his remarkable journey to the NFL.

Neka Willis: A Mother Who Gave Up Her Son for His Future

Jahmyr Gibbs’ mother is Neka Willis, a woman who confronted numerous challenges and difficulties throughout her life. Becoming a mother at the age of 16, Neka faced the struggles of single parenthood. Her relationship with Jahmyr’s biological father was marred by abuse and violence, and she battled with drug addiction and mental health issues, leading to decisions that impacted her son.

Recognizing the challenges she faced, Neka made a difficult decision when Jahmyr was four years old. She chose to give him up for adoption, believing that she couldn’t provide the stable and nurturing environment he deserved for a better future. Neka entrusted Jahmyr to her cousin, Greg Ross, and his wife, Angie, who willingly adopted him, promising to raise him as their own.

Despite this separation, Neka maintained occasional contact with Jahmyr. She respected his new life with his adoptive parents, avoiding interference or disruptions. Neka visited or called him on occasion, prioritizing his well-being and respecting the boundaries established in his new family.

Greg Ross and Angie: The Parents Who Raised Jahmyr as Their Own

Greg Ross and Angie are the adoptive parents of Jahmyr Gibbs, and they played a pivotal role in shaping his character. Welcoming him into their family with open hearts, they provided him with abundant love, support, and guidance. Football, introduced to him by his adoptive parents, became both Jahmyr’s passion and a means of escaping his challenging past.

Greg Ross, a former football player at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga as a defensive back, not only coached Jahmyr at Dalton High School but also contributed to the development of his skills as a running back. Through coaching, Greg instilled in Jahmyr the virtues of hard work, discipline, and humility.

Angie, biologically Jahmyr’s grandmother, embraced the role of his mother by choice. Taking care of him on a daily basis, she ensured he had everything he needed. Angie emerged as Jahmyr’s most ardent supporter, attending every game and celebrating each accomplishment. She played a crucial part in encouraging Jahmyr to pursue his dreams and provided unwavering support through every challenge.

Jahmyr Gibbs: A Son Who Appreciates His Mother’s Sacrifice

Jahmyr Gibbs has consistently held deep appreciation for his mother’s sacrifice, recognizing her decision to provide him with a chance at a better life. He harbors no blame or resentment towards her, understanding that her choice stemmed from love and a desire for his well-being.

Expressing profound respect and gratitude, Jahmyr has never taken his adoptive parents for granted. He regards Angie and Greg as his true parents, affectionately addressing them as “mom” and “dad.” He attributes his life achievements to their guidance and support.

Maintaining positive connections, Jahmyr has rebuilt a relationship with his biological father, who has transformed into a positive influence in his life. Additionally, he has reestablished bonds with his two sisters, sharing a common mother.

Proud of his family, Jahmyr views them as his primary motivation and inspiration. Each game and touchdown are dedicated to them, driven by the desire to bring pride and happiness to those he holds dear.