Addy Perez, a prominent host of the widely watched police show On Patrol Live, which captures real-time law enforcement activities nationwide, also served as a deputy in the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina for a tenure exceeding four years. However, in December 2022, she revealed her decision to depart from both her law enforcement position and the show, opting to embark on a new career opportunity in Texas. The shift prompted curiosity about the factors influencing her significant career change and what endeavors she is currently involved in. Below, we delve into details about Addy Perez’s recent career move and her life post-On Patrol Live.

A Military Veteran Turned Law Enforcement Officer

Born in Colombia, Addy Perez relocated to the United States at the age of nine. After completing high school, she enlisted in the Army, dedicating eight years of service, which included two tours in Iraq. Perez emphasized that her military background equipped her with valuable skills to seamlessly transition into law enforcement, honing her ability to navigate stressful situations and collaborate effectively within a team. Driven by a desire to contribute positively to her community, she set her sights on a career in law enforcement.

In 2018, Perez joined the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, making history as one of the first female deputies featured on Live PD, a precursor to On Patrol Live. Her rapid ascent to popularity was attributed to her professionalism, courage, and empathy. Noteworthy was her adept handling of challenging scenarios, as illustrated by an incident reported by A&E where she had to secure a suspect attempting to flee over a fence while being questioned. Her sense of humor further endeared her to viewers.

A Beloved Host of On Patrol Live

In 2021, Addy Perez assumed the role of one of the three hosts on On Patrol Live, joining Tom Morris Jr. and Sean “Sticks” Larkin. This show emerged as a spin-off of Live PD, which had been discontinued in 2020 amid protests addressing issues of police brutality and racial injustice. On Patrol Live aimed to foster greater transparency and accountability within law enforcement agencies, highlighting positive interactions between officers and the public.

Leveraging her background as a deputy, Addy Perez brought both expertise and personal insight to the show, complemented by her engaging charisma. She frequently recounted anecdotes from her own field experiences and offered guidance to those aspiring to enter law enforcement. Actively engaging with fans on social media, she addressed their inquiries about the show and her profession. Perez expressed her enjoyment of being part of On Patrol Live, emphasizing its role in educating people about law enforcement and humanizing the individuals behind the badge.

A New Career Path in Texas

On December 17th, 2022, Addy Perez made a significant announcement on On Patrol Live, revealing her departure from both the show and her position as a deputy. Citing an irresistible job offer in Texas related to security and intelligence, she adhered to company policy by not divulging specific details about her new role. Expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming challenge, Perez conveyed her hopes of making a positive impact in her fresh endeavor.

Grateful for the support of her fans, she bid them farewell, acknowledging their presence in her journey. Perez extended her gratitude to her colleagues at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department and On Patrol Live, recognizing them as friends and mentors who had become akin to family. She took a moment to appreciate the military and law enforcement communities for their dedicated service and sacrifices.

Perez completed her move to Texas at the close of December 2022 and commenced her new job in January 2023. While maintaining a degree of privacy about her current career, occasional social media updates provide glimpses into her life. These posts depict Perez savoring her experiences in Texas, sharing snapshots of exploration, culinary adventures, and interactions with new acquaintances. Additionally, she imparts motivational messages to her followers, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations.

A Role Model for Many

Addy Perez stands as a source of inspiration for numerous individuals who admire her courage, dedication, and fervor. She has boldly exemplified that women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated spheres such as the military and law enforcement, all while successfully juggling their professional and personal commitments. Perez has also underscored the notion that it is never too late to embark on a new career path and pursue one’s interests, provided there is a willingness to put in hard work and acquire new skills.

While Addy Perez’s new job may have led her away from On Patrol Live and Richland County, she remains firmly rooted in her origins and identity. Her loyalty extends to her fans, friends, and family, and she continues to contribute to her country and community in varied capacities. As a role model, she serves as a beacon for those who aspire to make a positive impact in the world.