Parklands is a bustling neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya. Known for its convenient location and accessibility, it offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. 

This post about Parklands will provide you with every information you might need, especially when considering moving to this location. 

With tree-lined streets and well-maintained sidewalks, Parklands is home to diverse communities and offers a range of housing options. The area features schools, medical facilities, shopping centers, and various dining options. 

Residents and visitors can enjoy nearby parks and recreational facilities. Parklands provides easy access to other parts of Nairobi with its well-connected road networks and public transportation options. Overall, Parklands offers a vibrant and convenient lifestyle to its residents.

Where is Parklands Located?

Parklands, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is a bustling neighborhood with a strategic location. It falls under the Parklands or Highridge County Assembly Ward, part of the Westlands Constituency in Nairobi County. The area covers an estimated land area of about 8 square kilometers.

What is the Population of Parklands?

As per the 2009 Kenya Population Census, Parklands had an estimated population of approximately 38,344 people. However, population figures may have changed since then due to urban growth and development in the area.

What is Parklands’ Postal Code?

The Parklands postal code assigned 00100, the general postal code for all areas within Nairobi.

Parklands’ Climate?

Parklands experience a moderate and comfortable climate. The region enjoys cool temperatures and relatively calm weather throughout the year. The average highs range around 27 degrees Celsius, while lows can go down to 13 degrees Celsius. 

The hottest occurs between Jan and March, while the coldest is between July and August. The area also receives significant rainfall.

What is the Rate of Air Pollution in Parklands?

In terms of air pollution, Parklands generally boasts clean air quality. With its primarily residential nature and absence of major industrial activities, the area experiences minimal air pollution. The air quality index is typically low, making it suitable for outdoor activities and promoting a healthier living environment.

Parklands’ Location in Nairobi?

Parklands is located just about 5 kilometers north-northwest of the Nairobi City Centre. It lies after the famous Ngara Market, a well-known landmark in the city.

What Matatu Route Goes to Parklands from Nairobi CBD?

To reach Parklands, you can take Matatus to route 118 from Nairobi. Alternatively, you can opt for the 106 Matatu route, which runs along Limuru Road and goes up to Ruaka. The cost of a matatu ride to Parklands is Kshs 30. The designated matatu stages are Khoja Roundabout and Ngara Bus Stop, where you can easily find public transportation.

What Kinds of Houses are in Parklands?

A wide variety of dwellings, from duplexes and bungalows to estates and townhouses, as well as flats and apartments, may be found in the Parklands neighborhood.

Are Apartments Available for Rent or Sale?

Parklands offers a variety of housing options to meet different preferences and needs. The neighborhood features diverse houses, including duplexes, bungalows, maisonettes, townhouses, apartments, and flats. These other housing options cater to a range of budgets and lifestyles.

What are the Sizes of Houses in Parklands?

Parklands has houses both for sale and for rent. Prospective residents can choose between purchasing a property or opting for long-term or short-term rental agreements. This flexibility allows individuals to find housing solutions that best suit their circumstances and preferences.

Where Do People Living in Parklands Get Water?

Parklands residents receive their water supply from the NWSCompany. The company sources water from critical dams, including Sasumua Dam, Ndakaini Dam, and Ruiru One Dam. These dams serve as essential water sources for the city, ensuring a reliable water supply for Parklands and other areas within Nairobi.

What Are Water Companies in Parklands?

The consistency of water supply in Parklands is generally reasonable. However, there may be occasional interruptions due to maintenance activities or unforeseen circumstances, such as repairs or upgrades to the water infrastructure. Nonetheless, the NWSC  strives to minimize such disruption and ensure a reliable water supply to residents.

The leading water company serving Parklands is the NWSC. It is responsible for sourcing, treating, storing, and distributing water to various estates, including Parklands.

Who is the Main Supplier of Electricity in Parklands?

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is the leading electricity supplier in Parklands. 

About Parklands: How Reliable is Electricity Supply in Parklands?

The consistency of blackouts in Parklands can vary. While Parklands generally experience a fairly reliable electricity supply, occasional blackouts or power outages can occur. Various factors, including maintenance work on the power infrastructure, technical issues, or unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather conditions, can cause these blackouts. 

However, it is essential to note that the frequency and duration of blackouts can vary over time and are subject to the overall performance and maintenance of the power distribution system. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is the leading electricity supplier in Parklands and works to minimize interruptions and provide a consistent power supply to residents.

About Parklands: Schools in Parklands

Kindergarten Schools  

  • Oshwal Academy – Nairobi Nursery
  • Aga Khan Nursery School
  • Briarcliff Montessori Kindergarten
  • Little Dinosaurs Kindergarten
  • First Steps Play School Limited
  • Waridi Day Nursery
  • Arya Nursery School

Primary Schools  

  • Parklands Primary School
  • Westlands Primary School
  • Highridge Primary School
  • St. Ann’s Junior School
  • Hospital Hill Primary School
  • Springsdale Junior School
  • Oshwal Academy Nairobi

Hospitals in Parklands

Private Hospitals  

  • Avenue Hospital Parklands
  • Doctors Park
  • BSR Hospital Nairobi
  • Mater Hospital – Westlands
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Centre
  • Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Muthaiga Clinic
  • MP Shah Hospital
  • Aga Khan University Hospital

Public Hospitals  

  • Westlands Health Centre
  • 3rd Park Hospital
  • City Health Hospital
  • Cancer Care Kenya
  • Ngaira Health Centre

Missionary Hospitals  

  • Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital
  • AIC CURE International Hospital – Nairobi Clinic

Gyms in Parklands

  • Beyond Fruits 
  • Smart Gyms
  • Fit for Life Gym & Fitness Center
  • Fitness Mania Gym Parklands
  • Reform Cycling and Strength Studio
  • Arena Limited

Household Items Stores in Parklands

  • Westgate Mall
  • Diamond Plaza
  • Parklands General Store & Hardware 
  • Sarit, Your City
  • House of Gifts and Leather, Kenrail Towers
  • Crystal Wave Entreprises
  • Happy Kitchen Appliances Limited

Communication Network providers in Parklands

  • Safaricom
  • Telkom
  • Airtel

Internet and Office Network Providers in Parklands

  • Tropical International Ltd
  • Broadband Com Network
  • MyISP Limited
  • Earthlink Enterprises Ltd

How is the Security in Parklands?

Due to the area’s low crime rate and lack of gang activity, Parklands is a secure place to call home.

As a result, aggravated assaults on pedestrians and robberies of homes are incredibly uncommon, especially in the more populated areas and near main thoroughfares.

Security guards are not just found in apartment complexes; many private homes also have them.