Sophia Rosing, known for her highly publicized racist and violent incident against fellow student Kylah Spring at the University of Kentucky in 2022, has faced charges related to the incident, including using racial slurs and assaulting both Spring and a police officer during her arrest. Despite pleading not guilty, she was released on bail. As for information about her parents and their occupations, no details are readily available in the provided context.

Sophia Rosing Parents: Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing

Sophia Rosing, the youngest child of Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing, spent her childhood in a three-bedroom home in Lexington, Kentucky. Paul Rosing Jr. holds a position as a Technology Executive at Messer Construction Co., a company specializing in construction services across sectors like healthcare, education, and industry. Jill Rosing’s occupation is not specified, but it appears she is a stay-at-home mom, dedicated to caring for the family.

Sophia Rosing Siblings: Olivia and Jack

Sophia Rosing has two siblings, Olivia and Jack. Olivia, a University of Kentucky graduate, serves as a Marketing Coordinator at Messer Construction Co., where her father is employed. Meanwhile, Jack is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, actively participating in lacrosse for the Wildcats.

Sophia Rosing Apology: “I was under the influence”

After Sophia Rosing’s racist rant went viral, she faced severe repercussions, including losing her membership with College Fashionista and her partnership with Dillard’s department store. Additionally, she withdrew from the University of Kentucky, and President Eli Capilouto banned her from campus, with no eligibility for re-enrollment.

Despite the backlash, Sophia later issued an apology on Instagram, attributing her actions to being under the influence and vehemently denying any racist intent. She expressed regret for losing everything and conveyed a plea for understanding, questioning the motivations behind those who recorded her during what she described as her senior year.

Sophia Rosing Future: What’s Next for Her?

Sophia Rosing’s future remains uncertain as she confronts legal consequences for her actions. She is facing charges of disorderly conduct, assault, assault on a police officer, and alcohol intoxication in a public place. If convicted of assault, she could potentially be sentenced to one to five years in prison. As part of the legal restrictions, she is forbidden from contacting Kylah Spring, returning to Boyd Hall, and consuming alcohol.

Sophia’s parents posted the $10,000 bond for her release and attended her arraignment, conducted via video link. Despite the public nature of the incident, her parents have not issued any public statements regarding their daughter’s behavior, and their stance, whether supportive or condemning, remains undisclosed. The impact of the situation on them and any plans they may have for Sophia’s future remain unclear.