Stetson Wright is a renowned professional rodeo cowboy celebrated for clinching numerous world championships in both bull riding and saddle bronc riding. Recognized as one of the premier riders of his era, Stetson hails from a family with a rich legacy in the world of rodeo. However, who is the woman standing beside this accomplished cowboy? Let’s delve into the details of Stetson Wright’s wife, CallieRey Lowe.

How Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe Met

Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe have shared their lives for numerous years, yet the details of their initial meeting and the onset of their relationship remain undisclosed. Their Instagram posts, however, indicate joint Christmas celebrations from 2018¹. Furthermore, the couple got engaged in May 2019², a joyous announcement they made on their respective social media platforms.

Who is CallieRey Lowe?

CallieRey Lowe is a Utah-based fashion model and a proficient hair and makeup stylist, currently employed at Textures Salon². Additionally, she manages her business on Instagram, where she presents her hairstyling creations². Born on July 15 in West Haven, Utah, CallieRey is the daughter of Davey and Lyndi Lowe, and she has two elder siblings, a sister named Shianne and a brother named Billy².

Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe’s Children

Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe, in addition to being life partners, are the proud parents of an adorable baby girl named Kingsley Rey Wright. Born on October 28, 2020³, she holds a special place in their hearts as the first child for both Stetson and CallieRey. Their Instagram accounts frequently feature heartwarming pictures of their beloved daughter, showcasing the deep love and joy she brings to their lives.

Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe’s Wedding Plans

Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe, although not married at present, are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding. While they have kept details such as the date and venue private, their social media posts suggest their excitement. In a December 2020 post, Stetson Wright shared a photo with his fiancée, expressing his eagerness to marry her with the caption “Can’t wait to marry this girl”⁴. Similarly, in February 2021, CallieRey Lowe posted a snapshot of her engagement ring, accompanied by the caption “Counting down the days”⁵.


Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe form a joyful couple, united by their love for rodeo and a shared enthusiasm for fashion. Their enduring relationship has blessed them with a beautiful daughter, and they are eagerly anticipating their forthcoming marriage, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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