Gena Tew, a prominent figure in the realm of social media, boasts a sizable fan base with over 401 thousand followers on TikTok and nearly 20 thousand on Instagram. Renowned for her captivating videos showcased across various official platforms like Instagram and TikTok, she has also candidly shared her journey and experiences, including her AIDS diagnosis, keeping her followers informed.

Delving into the personal aspect of Gena Tew’s life, curiosity arises about her past relationships and her current romantic involvement. Let’s explore the influencer’s romantic journey and the speculations circulating around it.

Gena Tew’s Dating History

Gena Tew has been associated with several notable music artists, such as Nick Cannon, Taryn Manning, Trey Songz, Dave East, Davido, Jeffree Star, and Diplo. Speculation has also linked her romantically to the popular American singer Chris Brown.

Despite these rumors, Gena Tew has chosen not to address any of these relationships publicly. She remains tight-lipped about her past partners and their potential impact on her health condition.

In a TikTok video, as reported by Newsweek, Gena Tew disclosed that she experienced assault multiple times during her period of homelessness in New York. Additionally, she mentioned receiving a few tattoos under less-than-ideal circumstances, potentially using unclean needles. Gena expressed uncertainty about the source of her virus and revealed that she hadn’t undergone testing in the past decade.

Gena Tew’s Current Boyfriend

Gena Tew’s current romantic partner remains undisclosed as she hasn’t shared any images or videos featuring a significant other on her social media platforms. Additionally, she has not included any mentions of a partner in her health-related updates.

Despite the absence of explicit information, some of her followers have speculated that she might be involved with a man 31 years her senior. This speculation arose from a TikTok video in which Gena shared a moment with an unidentified man, holding her hand and kissing her forehead. The video was captioned with “I love you” and a heart emoji.

To date, the man in the video remains unidentified, and Gena Tew has not officially confirmed or denied whether he is her boyfriend. Moreover, she has not addressed the criticism received from some fans who expressed concerns about the age difference in their potential relationship.

Gena Tew’s Future Plans

Gena Tew has been transparently sharing her health journey with her followers, garnering immense support and encouragement from her audience. Despite facing a challenging situation, she consistently expresses gratitude and maintains a positive outlook.

In a recent video, she articulated her desire to live life to the fullest and expressed hopes of traveling the world someday. Additionally, Gena aspires to inspire others facing similar struggles and actively advocates for AIDS and HIV awareness.

Alongside her health journey, Gena Tew has showcased her musical interests by sharing cover songs on her TikTok account. Furthermore, she has ventured into modeling for various brands and magazines, showcasing her fashion sense and beauty.

Gena Tew, a courageous and talented influencer, has not let a serious health issue deter her pursuit of dreams and passions. Despite dating some of the most famous celebrities globally, she remains an inspiration to many. As she embarks on future endeavors, we extend our heartfelt wishes for her continued success.