Rhynisha Grech is a 15-year-old Australian girl who gained notoriety after a video circulated on social media, depicting her and her friends mistreating 13-year-old Kirra Hart. The disturbing incident caused widespread outrage, with calls for justice for Kirra, who endured both physical and psychological harm. What are the perspectives of Rhynisha Grech’s parents regarding their daughter’s actions?

Rhynisha Grech’s Family Background

Limited details are available about Rhynisha Grech’s family, as they have maintained a discreet presence following the incident. According to certain sources, her father is engaged in entrepreneurship, while her mother is a homemaker. They reside in Brisbane, Queensland, with their two daughters. Rhynisha has a sister named Shanaya, and there are unconfirmed reports suggesting her involvement in the assault on Kirra.

Rhynisha Grech portrays a seemingly affluent lifestyle, frequently sharing images on her Instagram account featuring bikinis, designer attire, and luxurious cars. With a substantial following of over 56,000 fans on the platform, she has since made her account private and deleted all posts after the video surfaced.

Rhynisha Grech’s Involvement in the Kirra Hart Case

The infamous video involving Rhynisha Grech was recorded on March 16, 2023, when she and her associates invited Kirra Hart to a purported sleepover at one of their residences. Despite Kirra’s belief that they were friends, the invitation turned out to be a sinister trap.

Held captive for four hours, Kirra endured physical abuse, including punches, kicks, knife cuts, being tied up, having glass bottles thrown at her, and having her head stomped on. The attackers filmed the horrific ordeal, subsequently posting it online while callously mocking and laughing at Kirra’s suffering.

This distressing video gained widespread attention, leading to condemnation and empathy for Kirra. Calls for the apprehension and legal consequences for the attackers, identified as Rhynisha Grech, Chloe Denman, and another unnamed individual, resonated strongly. Law enforcement initiated an investigation, resulting in the three girls being charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and deprivation of liberty. Subsequently released on bail, they are currently awaiting trial.

Rhynisha Grech’s Parents’ Reaction to the Incident

Rhynisha Grech’s parents have refrained from issuing any public statement or apology regarding the incident. Reports indicate that they are grappling with profound devastation and shame in the wake of their daughter’s actions. Additionally, the parents have reportedly been subjected to threats and abuse from individuals who hold them accountable for raising a child capable of such cruelty and violence.

Some experts propose that Rhynisha Grech’s parents may have faced challenges in providing adequate guidance and discipline to their daughter. Speculations also suggest the possibility that they might have been unaware of her behavior and activities. There is speculation that she may have been indulged with material possessions at the expense of her emotional needs. However, these observations remain speculative, as the exact nature of the relationship between Rhynisha Grech and her parents is not publicly disclosed.


Rhynisha Grech, known for her role in the torment of Kirra Hart, comes from a family of entrepreneurs residing in Brisbane with two daughters. Despite their daughter’s involvement in the disturbing incident, her parents have chosen not to make any public statements regarding the matter. Reports suggest that they are grappling with profound devastation and shame, further exacerbated by receiving threats and abuse from outraged individuals. The incident has spurred discussions about parental responsibilities in preventing and addressing instances of bullying and violence among teenagers.