Sandra Ali, a prominent journalist, bid farewell to WDIV-TV after 13 years of anchoring, announcing her departure on January 22, 2023, citing a transition to a new opportunity. However, there is heightened curiosity among her fans about her personal life, particularly her marriage to fellow journalist and Local 4 anchor Shawn Ley. The question arises: Are they still together, or has a secretive divorce taken place? Here is the information available.

Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley’s Love Story

Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley tied the knot in 2006 at the Hills Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their story began when Shawn, having taken a job in Detroit, where Sandra resided and worked at the time, encountered her for the first time. A year later, they unexpectedly crossed paths again when Shawn visited Sandra’s house, which she had put up for sale. Taking it as a sign, Shawn asked Sandra out, marking the beginning of their love story.

The couple shares the joy of parenting four children: Roman, born in 2010, along with Isla and twins Grant and Tamer. Sandra frequently shared heartwarming stories about her family on air and across social media platforms, expressing admiration for her husband’s commitment to their marriage and children. In various posts, she affectionately referred to Shawn as her “dream guy” and “soulmate.”

Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley’s Rumored Separation

In recent years, observant fans noted instances where Sandra Ali was seen without her wedding ring, with such occurrences dating back to August 2021. Speculations arose, with some claiming that the couple filed for divorce in November 2019 but was keeping it private. As reported by Distractify, neither Sandra nor Shawn has publicly confirmed or denied a divorce, and there is no evidence of legal documents supporting a separation.

Sandra’s last social media post featuring Shawn dates back to 2018, and recent pictures of the couple are notably absent from both of their accounts. Instead, their social media profiles primarily showcase images of their children and professional engagements. Additionally, Sandra modified her bio on social media, removing the “wife” title and adopting “Mama to 4 Babies + Twin Boys.”

Furthermore, following the passing of Shawn’s mother in 2020, her obituary no longer referred to Sandra as his wife, though it did mention Shawn’s brother along with his wife. Gossip Next Door has suggested that this omission indicates a likely separation before that time.

Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley’s Current Status

As of the present, the marital status of Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley remains uncertain. No official statements regarding their relationship status have been issued, and they have not been observed together in public. It is plausible that they are maintaining privacy around their personal matters or encountering difficulties.

Alternatively, they might still be happily together but have opted to keep details of their marriage discreet, concentrating on their professional commitments and their children. Considering their 15-year relationship, during which they navigated various challenges as a couple, the exact circumstances remain undisclosed.

Regardless of the situation, it is hoped that Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley are faring well, extending best wishes for their future endeavors.