In mortality, some individuals anticipate their demise, while others are caught off guard. The experience of bidding farewell to loved ones becomes particularly challenging when death arrives unexpectedly, a circumstance that occurred in Keyona Griffin. Tragically, she had only a fleeting moment to seek assistance from the police before her life was abruptly taken away. 

In this article, discover the mystery behind What Happened to Keyona Griffin. Unravel a captivating tale of intrigue and suspense.

Keyona Griffin’s story intertwines with the distressing events of the Michigan family murder, wherein she was one of the victims who dialed emergency services to report the crime, only to meet her tragic end. She became a notable figure in the American family tragedy, both a witness to her aunt’s death and a potential victim of murder herself.

Regrettably, when the detectives from the police department arrived at the crime scene, Keyona had already succumbed to the alleged killer. Keyona Griffin, a prominent victim of a family tragedy and murder in the United States, had dialed 911 to report her aunt’s demise and the potential murder. Here is a comprehensive overview of the circumstances surrounding her tragic death.

Profile Summary

Full name Keyona Griffin 
Gender Female
Date of birth 8th Mar 1994
Died on13th Mar 2019
Age at the time of death 25 years 
Place of birthUnited States
Place of deathSheldon – Michigan, USA
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
SiblingsSanford Cummings II

History of Keyona Griffin’s 

Keyona Griffin, a sorrowful figure and casualty of a heinous crime, is a name that resonates with deep sadness. Born on the 8th of March 1994 in the United States, she met a tragic fate that cut her life short at 25. Keyona’s upbringing was shared with her brother, Sanford Cummings II, as they navigated life’s journey together.

Keyona Griffin: What Happened to Her?

Keyona Griffin

In March 2019, Keyona Griffin contacted a dispatcher in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to inform them about the murder of her aunt and the potential threat to her own life. 

Unfortunately, the call operator failed to capture crucial details, particularly Keyona’s mention of her aunt’s already deceased state. Subsequently, three officers from the Police promptly arrived at the location of the murder, specifically at 553 Sheldon Avenue SE. It happened near Buckley Street, exactly 7 minutes and 41 seconds after Keyona concluded her 911 conversation.

Upon arrival, the individuals observed no legal justification to enter the premises. There was even speculation about Keyona’s mental well-being. An attempt was made to gain access through the front door, but it was discovered locked. 

They departed from the scene after three minutes without establishing any contact within the property. However, they were promptly summoned back by Keyona’s brother Sanford Cummings II a mere two minutes later. He had discovered his sister lifeless on the floor of an upper-level bedroom. Keyona had sustained at least four gunshot wounds, one to her face. 

Another chilling discovery awaited the authorities in a separate room: Keyona’s aunt, concealed under a blanket, with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. The handling of the distress call by the police has raised concerns among both the family and numerous followers of Keyona Griffin on Reddit.

Key Suspect in the Murder of Keyona Griffin

The alleged perpetrator responsible for the deaths of Keyona and her aunt named, Cherletta, is believed to be Derrell Demon Brown, a 48-year-old man who was romantically involved with Cherletta. Initial investigations indicate that 

Brown resided in the same residence as the victims before their tragic demise. 

Law enforcement authorities have identified Brown as a significant figure in the murder case. During a search by detectives at the crime scene, a box of ammunition was found hastily discarded, further implicating him.

During the investigation, authorities uncovered a vacant Hi-Point firearm case filled with male attire within Cherletta Baber-Bey’s room. Various pieces of evidence implicated Derrell Demon Brown in connection with the Hi-Point handgun found at the location. 

Nevertheless, Derrell remains at large, potentially concealing himself in plain view. In response, the detectives have initiated a widespread search for the suspect, suspecting he may have fled the state after committing the abhorrent crime. 

They urge anyone possessing relevant information to step forward and assist in apprehending the suspect. Furthermore, a reward of $25,000 is being offered for any information that leads to his capture.

Is Keyona Griffin Alive?

Keyona Griffin

Regrettably, reports state that Derrell Demon Brown was responsible for the tragic demise of Keyona Griffin on March 13, 2019. The incident occurred at 553 Sheldon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Keyona’s cause of death, as revealed in the autopsy report, was gunshot wounds. 

Despite the unavailability of Keyona Griffin’s Wikipedia page, her untimely death remains a topic of discussion, highlighting her valiant efforts to preserve her own life.

When Was Keyona Griffin’s Funeral?

On 21st March 2019, the obituary of Keyona Griffin was published following her tragic demise, which occurred in conjunction with the untimely death of her aunt, Cherletta Baber-Bey. The distressing events leading up to their passing were documented through a distress call from a Grand Rapids, Michigan, dispatcher.

Quick Facts About Keyona Griffin

  • She had an appealing appearance and enjoyed sharing self-portraits of herself.
  • Johnny Griffin is the given name of her dad.
  • Her aunt passed away while wearing earphones that were connected to an iPad.

Keyona Griffin, a youthful victim of homicide, made a valiant effort to seek assistance before succumbing to her killer. Despite her inability to preserve her own life, she is commemorated for her courageous act of alerting the authorities while the crime unfolded.