Er Fightmaster, a non-binary individual recognized for their roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Shrill, and Work in Progress, is also the frontperson for the garage rock duo Twin, in collaboration with bandmate Mike Aviles. Delving into their personal life, who is Er Fightmaster’s partner? Let’s explore details about their love interest and current relationship status.

Er Fightmaster Partner: Kz Elizabeth

Er Fightmaster is currently in a relationship with Kz Elizabeth, a filmmaker, director, and writer residing in Los Angeles. Kz Elizabeth, also known as Kenzie Elizabeth, identifies as a lesbian and utilizes she/her pronouns. Describing herself as the “gay evil twin” of Twin on her Instagram bio, Kz Elizabeth is creatively connected to Er Fightmaster.

The couple has been romantically involved since at least March 2019, marking the occasion with their inaugural social media picture together. Their relationship is frequently documented through endearing photos and videos, reflecting the mutual love and support they share. Beyond their personal connection, Er Fightmaster and Kz Elizabeth collaborate on creative ventures, notably co-writing and co-starring in the short film Pathetic Woman.

As reported by Gossip Next Door, Er Fightmaster and Kz Elizabeth crossed paths during the production of Pathetic Woman, released in 2020. The film, a comedic exploration of two women attempting to overcome past relationships through feigned pathetic behavior, garnered positive reviews for its portrayal of the couple’s chemistry and artistic prowess.

Er Fightmaster Career: From Second City to Grey’s Anatomy

Er Fightmaster hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, where they were born and raised and attended the Seven Hills School. Later, they relocated to Chicago and earned a degree in women and gender studies from DePaul University. Their journey into comedy commenced at The Second City, where they became a member of both the Chicago and touring companies.

Making their television debut in 2019, Er Fightmaster appeared in an episode of Easy, a Netflix anthology series created by Joe Swanberg. Subsequently, they secured recurring roles in Shrill, a Hulu comedy series featuring Aidy Bryant, and Work in Progress, a Showtime comedy series created by and starring Abby McEnany.

In 2021, Er Fightmaster joined the ensemble of Grey’s Anatomy, the enduring medical drama on ABC. Portraying Dr. Kai Bartley, a non-binary surgical resident entangled in a romantic relationship with Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), their character stands out as one of the earliest non-binary portrayals in mainstream television. Er Fightmaster’s representation and performance have garnered acclaim for its significance.

Beyond their acting career, Er Fightmaster is a musician, contributing vocals and guitar to Twin, a garage rock duo founded with Mike Aviles. Twin released their debut single, Santa Clarita, in October 2021, earning a feature on Grey’s Anatomy. The song, created with Kai and Amelia’s relationship in mind, underscores Er Fightmaster’s versatility and creative pursuits.

Er Fightmaster Personal Life: Non-Binary Identity and Activism

Er Fightmaster embraces a non-binary identity, utilizing they/them pronouns. Their journey with gender identity has been marked by openness since a young age, navigating challenges and discrimination along the way. Leveraging their platform, Er Fightmaster actively advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, utilizing their experiences to raise awareness.

During an interview with Bio Wikis, Er Fightmaster delved into their coming-out experience as non-binary and the subsequent impact on their family and career. They disclosed that their disclosure occurred at 19 years old, recounting supportive yet initially perplexed reactions from their parents. Professionally, they encountered challenges in finding roles that aligned with their identity but expressed gratitude for the opportunities that eventually materialized.

Er Fightmaster has been vocal about the vital role of representation and diversity in media and entertainment. Their role on Grey’s Anatomy serves as a platform for inspiring other non-binary individuals to pursue their aspirations, fostering a sense of visibility and validation. Furthermore, Er Fightmaster actively supports various causes and organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ rights and social justice.


Er Fightmaster is a multifaceted and skilled individual, excelling in acting, music, and comedy, establishing a prominent presence in the entertainment realm. Their fulfilling relationship with filmmaker Kz Elizabeth reflects shared passions and visions. As a non-binary trailblazer, Er Fightmaster stands as a role model, inspiring others who aspire to follow in their diverse and accomplished footsteps.