Tar and Jimmy Nolan, once presenting a facade of marital contentment after overcoming a devastating accident that resulted in the loss of their three children, concealed the reality of their relationship. Despite external appearances, their marriage was far from flawless, and unbeknownst to the public, they had undergone a covert divorce several months prior.

The clandestine dissolution of Jimmy and Tar Nolan’s marriage came to light through a Reddit user who shared court documents and photographs. Discover the shifts in their relationship dynamics following the tragic loss of their children and unravel the story of Jimmy departing from Tar for another woman.

How Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Meet?

Jimmy and Tar Nolan first crossed paths in 2006 while both employed at a California restaurant. At the time, Jimmy served as a football coach, and Tar worked as a waitress. Their connection was immediate, leading to the commencement of their romantic relationship. The couple tied the knot in 2008 and welcomed four children into their lives: Paisley, Micki, Daisy, and Jimmy Jr.

Jimmy, known for his fervor for football, dedicated himself to coaching at various institutions, including Compton High School, Fountain Valley High School, Costa Mesa High School, Golden West College, and Los Angeles Harbor College. His coaching style was characterized by a positive outlook, motivational prowess, and a talent for revitalizing struggling programs.

Tar played the role of a supportive spouse, attending to their children’s needs and accompanying Jimmy on his coaching journeys. Beyond her family commitments, she was a fitness enthusiast who found joy in workouts and participating in marathons. Described as a nurturing mother, Tar consistently prioritized her family’s well-being.

What Happened to Jimmy and Tar Nolan Children?

On September 10, 2021, tragedy struck the Nolan family in the form of a devastating car accident. While en route from California to South Carolina to visit Jimmy’s parents, their Ford Expedition collided with a Cadillac Escalade on Highway 521 in Georgetown County.

The collision claimed the lives of the Cadillac’s driver, as well as Jimmy’s daughter Micki and son Jimmy Jr., who tragically passed away at the scene. Jimmy’s wife, Tar, and daughters Paisley and Daisy suffered critical injuries and were airlifted to a hospital. Regrettably, Daisy succumbed to her injuries two days later.

Jimmy and Paisley emerged as the sole survivors of the crash. At the time of the accident, they were in California, with Jimmy staying back for a coaching commitment, and Paisley fulfilling school obligations. Upon learning of the devastating news, they swiftly traveled to South Carolina to be with Tar, who was still hospitalized.

How Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Cope with the Loss?

The loss of their children dealt an overwhelming blow to Jimmy and Tar Nolan, testing the strength of their bond. Despite initial efforts to support each other through grief, their relationship began to unravel. Sources indicate that they diverged in their approaches to coping with the tragedy, leading to a growing rift.

Jimmy, renowned for his optimism, sought solace in focusing on positive aspects of life and attempting to move forward. He continued coaching and pursuing his career ambitions while finding support in his faith and friendships.

In contrast, Tar struggled significantly with the aftermath of the physical and emotional trauma. Wrestling with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, she grappled with challenges in sleeping, eating, and daily functioning. The weight of guilt for surviving and self-blame for the accident further exacerbated her struggles.

When Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Get Divorced?

Jimmy and Tar Nolan formally concluded their marriage in late 2022, following over a year of residing apart. However, the public disclosure of their divorce did not occur until June 2023, when a Reddit user, claiming access to court records, unveiled the details.

As per the Reddit user, Jimmy initiated the divorce proceedings in Orange County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences as the grounds. He sought joint legal and physical custody of Paisley, who was 17 years old at the time. Notably, he made no requests for spousal support or the division of assets.

Accompanying this revelation were photographs posted by the Reddit user, showcasing Jimmy with a new woman identified as his girlfriend. The blonde fitness instructor, whose name was withheld, worked at the same gym as Jimmy. The images depicted the couple smiling and holding hands, indicating a content and happy relationship.

What Are Jimmy and Tar Nolan Doing Now?

Jimmy and Tar Nolan have embarked on new chapters in their lives following their divorce. Jimmy continues to pursue a successful career in football coaching, finding fulfillment in his professional endeavors. Additionally, he has formed a committed relationship with his new girlfriend, who shares his interests and provides support.

Tar, on the other hand, is still in the process of recovery from both the traumatic accident and the divorce. Engaging in therapy and medication to address her mental health challenges, she is actively working towards rebuilding her life and rediscovering happiness. Tar has relocated to a new place and sought solace in a support group for parents navigating the profound loss of their children.

The divorce of Jimmy and Tar Nolan was a poignant and unexpected event, revealing the vulnerabilities within their marriage. Confronted with a devastating tragedy that strained their love and loyalty, they made the difficult decision to part ways, aspiring to find peace and healing in their respective journeys.