Fans of Mexican telenovelas are familiar with the remarkable performance abilities of Melissa Barrera, who added a new level of flair and passion to the television productions she appeared on.

Paco Zazueta has been romantically linked to the stunning actress for well over a decade at this point. However, who is he? 

Paco Zazueta is a famous Mexican singer best known for marrying Melissa Barrera, another Mexican woman. The actress and singer is well known for her part in the popular Mexican telenovela La Academia Academia

Melissa, “Solo Con Verte,” or  “Disfraz de Amigo” are three of Paco’s most successful singles. Since they started dating, the couple has been a constant presence in the public eye and a source of endless entertainment for their devoted followers.

In this article, delve into the life of Paco Zazueta, the talented man behind the name. Discover his personal and professional journey, and learn more about his relationship with actress Melissa Barrera. A comprehensive look at the couple’s story.

Paco Zazueta

Paco Zazueta’s Biography at a Glance

  • Full Name (Real): Paco Zazueta
  • Nickname: Xavier Zazueta
  • Gender: Male (Straight)
  • D.O.B: 22nd, Jan 1987
  • Age: 37 years  
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Ethnicity: Latino
  • Nationality: Mexico
  • Status: Married
  • Wife: Melissa Barrera
  • Parents: Javier (dad) and, Francisca (mum)
  • Siblings: Fernanda and Marysol Zazueta

Early Childhood 

On the 22nd of January 1987, Paco Zazueta was born to his parents, Xavier and Francisca Zazueta. The musician was born and nurtured in his birthplace, Ciudad, in the Mexican state of Obregon. 

He is the sole son of his parents in Zazueta’s family of five, three kids and parents. Paco studied at Colegio Teresiano in Ciudad Obregon. 

After completing his secondary education, he continued at Universidad Trech Milenio. Paco is of Latino descent and follows the Christian faith. 

How Old is Paco Zazueta?

Paco Zazueta

As of now, Paco is 36 years old. His birthday is January 22, 1987, making him 21 years old. Paco, whose name reveals he is of Mexican heritage, spent most of his childhood, based on his documentation, in the Ciudad Obregon section of Sonora in his native homeland of Mexico.

However, Paco’s parents, Javier and Francisca Zazueta’s occupations still need to be discovered to the general world. Francisca has a profile on Instagram, but the account is private; she doesn’t wish her followers to view her personal life. 

Paco’s early life was shaped by his relationship with two of his siblings, Marysol and Fernanda Zazueta. The Zazuetas, by all accounts, are a close-knit Christian family with a deep commitment to one another. Paco is reported to have a close relationship with his family.

Zazueta is a Bachelor’s Degree Holder 

The budding Mexican artist spent his formative years in the Sonoran city of Ciudad Obregon, where he also completed his primary and secondary education. But Paco chose to stay in school and graduate from Colegio Teresiano.

He decided to further his education by enrolling at Universidad Trech Milenio’s lic.Comercio Internacional program. We don’t know what the young man was majoring in, but we do know that he kept up with his musical interests even as a university student. Paco always found time in his busy schedule to hone his musical skills.

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Paco Zazueta and Melissa Barrera’s First Meeting?

Paco Zazueta met his future wife, Melissa, for the first time while filming the reality series La Academia. Paco and Melissa were accepted as participants in the 2011 TV show season, and the two quickly found something in common.

In a June 2019 interview, Melissa said that Paco was the reason she continued to appear on the show. The Mexican actress remarked that working on reality television is the most challenging aspect of show business.

Melissa claims that she was on the verge of quitting the show early until she received some motivation from Paco. Before Melissa’s eviction three months into the program, the two took turns urging one other to stay and endure. It’s no secret that Paco and Melissa developed feelings for one another on the show and eventually started dating.

Paco Married Melissa in 2019

Working together on the filming of La Academia helped strengthen Paco and Melissa’s relationship. They became engaged after dating for a total of six long years.

Paco Zazueta

While visiting New York City with his girlfriend Melissa in June 2017, Mexican artist Paco proposed while they were exploring the Empire State Building. The answer he got was positive. The two decided to tie the knot in 2019, and in February of that year, they finally did it.

They never specified where they tied the knot, making it impossible to know whether it was a religious or civil wedding. They travel back and forth between their three locations. They have two dogs, and their names are Paco and Barrera.

Barrera made no secret of the fact that she and her husband were celebrating their second wedding anniversary by posting a series of adorable photos to Instagram. Her touching caption read, “2 down, many to come, happy anniversary, hubby.”

Paco immediately reacted by publishing an identical story to his own Instagram account. The media have not confirmed the couple’s Instagram handle, but they recently became parents.

Paco Zazueta’s Career?

Paco Zazueta is a young guy who has made his way in the world but is best known as the spouse of the famous Mexican star Melissa Barrera. Paco presents himself on Instagram as a butcher, reality TV star, musician, and internet celebrity.

Melissa, Solo Con Verte, Ya Te Perdi La Fe, and more are just a few of the excellent tunes he’s released under his name as a performer. In addition to the songs listed above, Paco is responsible for hit songs like Coleccionista, Que Lloro, Fria Come el Viento,  Sentirme Vivo, and No Me Puedo. 

Paco started a record company to help him with his music career. In 2012, the label went under its current name. The Mexican musician is also a butcher, running his shop, Carnes, out of his home. He uses an online store to market high-end meat items to consumers.

Reality television was Paco Zazueta’s first professional stage. He and his future wife first met on the set of La Academia, a reality program in which he was a contestant. Paco is following the trend of wannabe celebrities by creating profiles on several social media sites to interact with their fans.

The Mexican musician has a sizable following on Instagram. The number of people who follow him on Instagram has already reached the tens of thousands and is only expected to rise.

Paco’s Net Worth 

Paco Zazueta is estimated to have nearly one million dollars in net worth. In addition to his job as a musician, he is also an entrepreneur who works alongside his father in the family butcher shop. The commercial endeavor includes promoting and selling premium meat products via the Internet. 

List of Paco’s Discography

  • Melissa
  • Que Lloro
  • Sentirme Vivo
  • Solo Con Verte
  • Ya Te Perdi La Fe
  • Fria Come el Viento
  • No Me Puedo Escapar de Ti
  • Coleccionista de Canciones

Key Facts About Paco  

  • Mexican musician Paco Zazueta is famous for his marriage to actress Melissa Barrera.
  • On January 22, 1987, Paco Zazueta entered the world.
  •  The age of Paco Zazueta is 36.
  • The Water Bearer is his zodiac sign.
  • Paco was born in the Mexican city of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.
  • He is currently based in the Mexican city of Cajema, Sonora.
  • The man hails from Mexico.
  • The man is of Hispanic descent.
  • His faith is Christian.
  • At 175 centimeters, he is a tall man.
  • He’s 70 kilograms (154 lbs).
  • His locks are jet black.
  • His eye color is a deep brown.
  • It is estimated that he is worth around $1 million.
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