Murray Bartlett, a skilled Australian actor, has garnered acclaim for his performances in a range of TV shows and movies. His notable roles include portraying Armond in The White Lotus, Nick De Noia in Welcome to Chippendales, and Frank in The Last of Us. Beyond the screen, questions arise about Murray Bartlett’s personal life, particularly concerning his partner and the support he receives in his career.

Murray Bartlett Never Tried to Hide His Sexuality

In the early 2000s, Murray Bartlett courageously came out as gay, a period when such openness was less common and carried potential risks for actors. He found support from his mother and her gay friends, which bolstered his confidence in embracing his true self. Bartlett expressed gratitude for the backing of his professional team, emphasizing that he never felt discriminated against due to his sexuality. This inclusive environment allowed him the freedom to explore diverse roles beyond those specifically centered on gay characters.

The revelation of his sexuality occurred during an episode of Sex and the City, where Bartlett portrayed Oliver Spencer, a gay character engaging in nightlife with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker). While not deliberately vocal about his sexuality, Bartlett didn’t conceal it either, emphasizing his genuine approach to personal authenticity. In an interview, he asserted that potential impacts on his career due to playing gay roles were of little concern, as he prioritized being true to himself. As Bartlett stated, “It takes so much energy to be a person you are not,” according to AmoMama.

Murray Bartlett Calls His Partner Matt His ‘Sanctuary’

While Murray Bartlett openly acknowledges his sexuality, he maintains a private stance on his personal life, particularly regarding his longtime partner, Matt Bramble. Details about their relationship are seldom disclosed. Matt Bramble, as per his LinkedIn profile, serves as the founder and COO of Leverage Lab, a company specializing in helping organizations unlock the value of their data, according to NewStars.

Bartlett and Bramble share mutual support for each other’s careers and interests. Describing Bramble as his “mountain” and “sanctuary,” Bartlett emphasized the complementary nature of their temperaments. He praised Bramble’s adventurous spirit and love for travel, which serves as inspiration for their exploration of new places and cultures, as reported by AmoMama.

In a touching moment during the 2022 Emmy Awards, where Bartlett secured the Outstanding Supporting Actor accolade for his role in The White Lotus, he expressed gratitude to Bramble in his acceptance speech: “I want to thank my partner, Matt, who is my mountain and my sanctuary and my inspiration,” as noted by Bustle.

Murray Bartlett and Matt Bramble Inspired The Last of Us

In one of Murray Bartlett’s recent and lauded roles, he portrayed Frank in The Last of Us, a drama series adapted from the popular video game of the same title. In this post-apocalyptic setting, Bartlett’s character, Frank, navigates a complex and tragic relationship with his partner, Bill, played by Nick Offerman. The couple grapples with survival and copes with the profound losses of friends and family in this challenging world.

Bartlett drew from his personal experiences, particularly his relationship with Matt Bramble, as a reference point for his role in The Last of Us. In an interview, he expressed that his real-life connection with Bramble influenced the portrayal of the love story between Frank and Bill: “Our relationship was a bit of a reference point for what [Nick Offerman] and I were doing in the episode,” according to PinkNews.

Describing The Last of Us as a “beautiful and heartbreaking” narrative, Bartlett conveyed his honor in being part of the project. He commended the writing, direction, and performances of the cast, expressing hope that the series would resonate with audiences, prompting contemplation on themes of love, loss, and survival, as reported by PinkNews.

Murray Bartlett and Matt Bramble, both personally and professionally interconnected, serve as an inspiration to millions. Their depiction of love and humanity in The Last of Us stands as a powerful testament to the enduring beauty of love in its various forms.