Martha Tansy, a resilient warrior and designated hunter of the indigenous Athabascan community residing in the highlands of Southcentral Alaska, peacefully passed away on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, in the comfort of her home. At 85 years old, Martha is survived by her daughter, Susan, her grandchildren, Laura and Matthew, and her great-granddaughter, Brooklyn. She is preceded in death by her husband of 64 years, Robert, and her son, David.

Known for her warrior instincts and compassionate demeanor, Martha gained recognition through her appearances in six episodes of the widely acclaimed western reality TV series, “Mountain Men,” in 2021. These episodes showcased her prowess in fixing cars, crafting tools and weapons, hunting large game, and demonstrating sharpshooting skills. Beyond her television exposure, Martha enjoyed a successful career as an off-road racer and served as a vehicle technician in the US Army.

Early Life and Military Service

Born and raised in the Alaskan town of Wasilla in 1984, Martha held American nationality and harbored a passion for both cars and nature from an early age. Her educational journey took place in local schools, culminating in her high school graduation with honors. Following this achievement, Martha pursued higher education, obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering.

Upon completing her studies, Martha felt a compelling call to service, leading her to enlist in the army as a vehicle technician. Owing to her exceptional skills in both her profession and navigating challenging conditions, she was appointed as a noncommissioned officer in the army’s vehicle recovery unit. Martha dedicated five years of service to the United States Army before returning to her native state of Alaska. Wealthy Spy reports that she received multiple medals and commendations in recognition of her outstanding service.

Off-Road Racing and Hunting Career

Upon returning home, Martha not only continued her participation in off-road races but also dedicated herself to advancing her off-roading profession. Swiftly gaining recognition, she ascended to the status of an off-road racing star in Alaska, earning features in numerous national and international media outlets. Actively engaged in charitable endeavors, Martha participated in various events supporting causes related to veterans and wildlife conservation.

As Martha honed her hunting and survival skills, she connected with the Athabascan people, the indigenous community in the Alaskan region she called home. Recognizing her proficiency, the Athabascans designated her as their official hunter, entrusting her with the responsibility of hunting and preparing wild animals for the tribe’s sustenance.

Martha accepted this role with honor, demonstrating deep respect for the culture and traditions of the Athabascans. In turn, she passed down her knowledge to her daughter, Elli, imparting the art of hunting and living off the land.

Appearance in “Mountain Men”

Martha’s adventurous and inspirational life captured the attention of producers from the History Channel’s reality TV series, “Mountain Men.” The show, debuting in May 2012, chronicled the experiences of three cast members confronting daily challenges in some of the most remote regions on the planet. Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, and Tom Oar initially led the series, each showcasing distinct lifestyles, providing both entertainment and valuable lessons for those contemplating similar endeavors.

In the show’s tenth season in 2021, Martha, accompanied by her daughter Elli, made her debut. Across six episodes, she showcased her hunting and survival prowess in the Alaskan wilderness, confronting severe storms, predators, and poachers while maintaining her off-road racing career. Fans and critics alike praised her for her courage, resilience, and charisma. Biography Research reports that Martha swiftly became one of the show’s most beloved cast members.

Personal Life and Death

As of December 2022, Martha found herself divorced. She had been married to Robert Tansy, a fellow off-road racer and army veteran, for 64 years. Their union blessed them with two children, David and Susan, and four grandchildren. Tragedy struck in 2019 when David lost his life in a car accident, leaving behind a grieving wife and two children. The challenges continued in 2020 as Martha and Robert decided to separate due to irreconcilable differences.

Throughout the upheavals, Martha maintained a close bond with her daughter, Susan, and her grandchildren, Laura and Matthew. Adding to the family’s joy, Martha welcomed a great-granddaughter, Brooklyn, born in 2020.

Martha peacefully passed away at her Wasilla home on March 25, 2020, surrounded by her loved ones. The cause of her death remained undisclosed, with speculation suggesting a heart attack. Honoring her wishes, Martha’s ashes were cremated and scattered in her cherished hunting spot. Her passing left a void mourned by her family, friends, fans, and the Athabascan community. Martha is fondly remembered as a warrior-hunter, a loving mother, a fearless racer, and a loyal friend, leaving behind a legacy of courage, adventure, and kindness.