E.R. Fightmaster is a non-binary actor, producer, and writer who recently made their debut on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Kai Bartley, the show’s inaugural non-binary doctor. Fightmaster has garnered recognition for their performances in Shrill, Work in Progress, and Tales from the Closet. But how tall is E.R. Fightmaster? And what more can we learn about this emerging talent?

E.R. Fightmaster’s Height and Other Physical Features

As per IMDb, E.R. Fightmaster stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). They possess brown hair, blue eyes, and are often seen wearing glasses. Fightmaster is their genuine surname, and they shared with the Chicago Tribune in 2018 that people frequently inquire about its spelling.

Identifying as non-binary, Fightmaster does not align with traditional male or female gender identities. They prefer the use of they/them pronouns and have been vocal about their gender identity and expression. In an interview with Variety, they expressed their aspiration to inspire other non-binary individuals to pursue their aspirations.

E.R. Fightmaster’s Education and Career

E.R. Fightmaster hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, and received their education at the Seven Hills School. Subsequently, they commenced their college journey at the University of Cincinnati before relocating to Chicago, where they obtained a degree in women and gender studies from DePaul University.

Possessing a strong background in improv, Fightmaster is a seasoned performer, having trained at The Second City Chicago and the Second City Touring Company. They have also showcased their talents with Boom Chicago, an English-language comedy ensemble based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2020, Fightmaster was appointed as a member of the CBS creative and writing team to spearhead the studio’s actors showcase, formerly known as the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase.

Fightmaster’s acting repertoire includes notable appearances in Shrill, Work in Progress, Tales from the Closet, Yew Boys, Pathetic Woman, and Ancient Methods. Their career reached new heights in 2021 when they secured a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Kai Bartley, a non-binary surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Fightmaster expressed their excitement in joining the show and portraying a character who exudes confidence and self-assurance.

E.R. Fightmaster’s Music and Personal Life

In addition to their acting pursuits, Fightmaster is also a musician, forming one half of the music duo TWIN alongside Mike Aviles. Their collaborative effort yielded the release of a single titled “Santa Clarita” in 2022. Furthermore, Fightmaster embarked on a solo music venture under the moniker FIGHTMASTER in August 2023, with their inaugural EP titled “Violence” slated for release on October 20.

Regarding their personal life, Fightmaster is currently single and has chosen to keep details about their past or present relationships private. They maintain an active presence on social media platforms, often sharing their perspectives on various subjects. Furthermore, they are deeply committed to advocating for causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, mental health awareness, and environmental justice.