Discover the ultimate chatting experience with GB WhatsApp, a messaging application that not only encompasses the best features of WhatsApp but goes beyond. As a widely-used third-party WhatsApp mod, GB WhatsApp stands out for its added functionality and extensive customization options, attracting millions of users globally. Whether you seek enhanced privacy, more control over your chatting experience, or simply want to inject some fun and flair into your interactions, GB WhatsApp has you covered. Let’s delve into the myriad fantastic features that make GB WhatsApp the essential chatting program for anyone looking to elevate their messaging game!

Summary of GBWhatsApp APK features

GB WhatsApp APK offers an array of customization features and numerous other options. Take a glance at the list below, and we’re certain you’ll be convinced to get this modification for your device.

Auto Reply

To start, you have the flexibility to employ the auto-reply option whenever you want to respond to any of your friends.


If you’re using a different application on your Android device and want to steer clear of interruptions caused by WhatsApp messages, you can make use of the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature to temporarily halt internet access exclusively for GB WhatsApp.

Text messages Broadcast

You can send broadcast text messages to groups, and that’s a fantastic function.

Filter messages

The Filter Messages feature in the GB WhatsApp empowers users to clear chat and also filter their messages.

Share live locations:

Moreover, with GB WhatsApp APK 2024, users can share their current location with friends, allowing them to easily locate you when needed.

Outstanding effects:

Users have the option to enrich their pictures and videos with unique and exceptional effects when sharing them with friends and loved ones.

Emoji Effective

In one-on-one chats, numerous favorite custom emojis can come alive, syncing with full-screen effects and responding to user taps. Give it a try by expressing common emotions like…

People Nearby

We’ve introduced the People Nearby feature, allowing users to exchange contact information in person. This update aims to make it easier for People Nearby to connect, fostering the chance to meet new acquaintances or even organize an impromptu Valentine’s Day date.

Endless Themes:

Furthermore, the altered version of WhatsApp also incorporates theme customizations. You have the option to select from a variety of captivating themes and emojis to personalize your phone based on your mood.

Installation guide

You won’t find the GBWhatsApp MOD version on Google Play. If you’re wondering how to download GB WhatsApp, you’ll need to find it on the website and install it manually. If you’re unsure about the GB WhatsApp Pro download process for your Android device, check out this installation guide for guidance.

Certainly! Here’s the revised list:

1. Ensure you have the GB WhatsApp apk downloaded on your phone.

2. Visit the official GB WhatsApp apk download website to obtain the latest version installation file. You can find it on the homepage or the “Download” page.

3. Open GB WhatsApp and navigate to the settings interface.

4. Look for the “Version Info” option to check the current version. If an update is needed, click on “GB WhatsApp Update” and wait for the installation file to finish downloading.

5. After downloading, you’ll be prompted to install the latest GB WhatsApp version. Click “Install” to start the update process, which may take several minutes depending on your device and network speed.

6. Once completed, you can enjoy the latest version of GB WhatsApp with updated features and improvements.

7. Remember to keep your GB WhatsApp updated for optimal performance and security.