Beth Thomas gained recognition as “Child of Rage” during her early years, and in 1992, her remarkable life became the subject of a biographical drama television American film directed by Larry Peerce. 

Contrary to the common perception of young children as innocent beings incapable of wrongdoing, Beth’s behavior was so shocking that it mirrored the actions of someone devoid of empathy.

At the tender age of six, Beth Thomas faced accusations of being a psychopath, causing concern about her ability to develop into a well-adjusted adult. Her journey through life is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Profile Summary 

Official Name Beth Thomas
Year of Birth1985
Age38 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current AddressFlagstaff, Arizona, U S
Height5′ 6″ Feet/168cm
Weight 117 Pounds/59kgs 
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue 
Marital Status Married 
Adoptive FatherTim Tennent 
Adoptive mothers Julie Tennent and Nancy 
Brother Jonathan 
OccupationNurse and Author 

Who is Beth Thomas? 

Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas, a renowned nurse and writer, leads a private life away from the public eye. During her childhood, she gained notoriety for exhibiting challenging behavior, resulting in her being dubbed the “Child of Rage.”

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Beth captured media attention as she terrorized her own family. She is also recognized as a fighter of reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

How Old is Beth Thomas?

As of 2023, Beth Thomas, famously known as the Child of Rage, is 38. Her birth year is recorded as 1985, but specific details regarding her birth month remain undisclosed to the public.

Where is Beth Thomas From? 

Beth Thomas was born in the USA and holds American nationality. She currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the USA. Her race is identified as White.

Beth Thomas’ Parents 

The identities of Thomas’ birth parents remain unknown. Tragically, her mother died when she was a year old, leaving behind a brother, Jonathan, who was merely a month old at their mother’s death. Both siblings were entrusted in the custody of their birth father.

Disturbingly, their birth father subjected Beth to sexual, verbal, and physical abuse until she reached 19 months of age. At this point, Child Welfare Services intervened and rescued the kids from their father’s torment.

As for Beth Thomas’ birth father, he was put under police custody, but his current whereabouts remain undisclosed.

Educational Background 

Following a successful journey of therapy and overcoming her behavioral challenges, Beth transitioned to attending a public school. 

Subsequently, she pursued higher education at the University of Colorado and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

How Beth Thomas Gained Popularity

Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas gained notoriety due to her behavioral challenges, which stemmed from a history of severe physical, verbal, and sexual mistreatment from her birth father. These acts of abuse left her plagued by persistent torments and a tumultuous upbringing.

Following their rescue by Child Welfare Services, Beth and her brother found solace in the care of a compassionate Christian couple named Julie and Tim, who welcomed them into the family residence. Despite the newfound stability, Beth endured the haunting presence of recurring nightmares. 

Within the confines of her nightmares, Beth was tormented by vivid images of her birth father ascending the staircase with ill intentions. This malevolent figure would violate her boundaries, causing physical harm that resulted in bleeding. 

Furthermore, he subjected her to emotional abuse, withholding nourishment and subjecting her to his cruel demeanor. Tragically, Jonathan, her sibling, suffered the same fate, enduring the same patterns of mistreatment.

At first, Julie and Tim, a childless couple who had opened their hearts and home to Beth and Jonathan, remained innocent of the full extent of the abuse they had endured. 

As time passed, Beth’s psychological state became increasingly alarming, exhibiting symptoms associated with psychopathy and engaging in highly peculiar behavior. 

Plan to Homicide Her Adoptive Parents 

Beth harbored sinister intentions towards her foster parents, fueling a desire to cause them harm. Julie, becoming aware of the absence of multiple kitchen knives, grew concerned and contemplated whether Beth played a role in their extinction.

In an attempt to address the matter, Julie confronted Beth, only to be met with a malevolent smile. Beth openly admitted her intention to utilize the knives to end the lives of her brother, mother, and father. 

Fearful of potential harm, the couple resorted to the precautionary measure of locking Beth’s room at night. 

Animosity Toward Pets 

The Child of Rage also exhibited hostility towards household pets and animals found outdoors, frequently engaging in harmful behavior towards them.

On one occasion, she inflicted harm upon several nestlings, demonstrating a troubling inclination towards causing harm to animals, even expressing a desire to use pins to end their lives. These actions earned her a reputation as a young girl with psychopathic tendencies.

Undesirable Sexual Behaviour 

The Child of Rage additionally displayed inappropriate sexual behavior, which included engaging in aggressive and unwelcome touching of her brother. 

Moreover, she frequently engaged in public acts of masturbation, a behavior deemed socially inappropriate and concerning. 

What Happened to Beth’s Brother? 

Jonathan Tennent, also called Jonathan Thomas, endured a distressing series of assaults, both before his rescue and even after being saved from his previous situation. 

Unfortunately, his sister, Beth, exhibited aggressive and inappropriate behavior towards him, often engaging in forceful and unwelcome touching. Beth’s actions included pinching and squeezing his private areas and repeated attempts to cause him serious harm.

These attempts to harm Jonathan took various forms, such as sticking pins on him and intentionally pushing him downstairs. She also resorted to violently smashing his head against the floor multiple times, causing significant harm.

One particular incident involved Beth pushing Jonathan down the stairs, resulting in his head colliding with the unforgiving cement floor. Thankfully, Julie, hearing Jonathan’s screams from the basement, intervened to rescue the young boy from further harm.

Tragically, due to the repeated abuse he endured, Jonathan also acquired behavioral issues due to the traumatic experiences inflicted upon him.

Seeking Medical Assistance 

At first, Julie and Tim were puzzled by the source of Beth’s intense anger. Their attempts to obtain information from the adoption organization regarding Beth’s background were met with denial due to legal obligations regarding confidentiality.

Realizing the need for expert guidance, the couple pursued professional assistance. They entrusted Beth’s case to a clinical psychologist, Dr. Ken Magid, who provided specialized care. 

Subsequently, they sought the expertise of a therapist, Connell Watkins, to aid in the therapeutic process. Beth’s therapy sessions commenced when she was approximately six years old, as they recognized the importance of early intervention and support.

Upon evaluation, Dr. Ken Magid diagnosed Beth with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), which often stems from early trauma and disruptions in bonding. 

He recommended a short-term dissociation from her foster family as part of the treatment plan. She was left under the care of a knowledgeable professional experienced in nurturing kids with RAD, providing her with specialized support.

Reactive attachment disorder commonly manifests through cataclysmic behaviors, self-harm, and challenges in forming healthy relationships with others. 

To address her condition, Beth was placed in a structured and controlled environment under the guidance and supervision of Connell Watkins to help her overcome the effects of RAD and foster positive development. 

Beth underwent a transformative journey through the therapeutic process, gradually cultivating empathy and compassion. To facilitate her recovery from the traumatic experiences of her early childhood, Watkins opened her home to Beth and strongly emphasized establishing trust.

Under Watkins’ guidance, Beth was given opportunities to reintegrate into a public school environment and participate in church affairs, fostering a sense of normalcy and social engagement. 

After approximately one year, positive changes became evident as Beth ceased engaging in self-harming behaviors and began demonstrating remorse for her mistreatment of Jonathan.

Beth received ongoing monitoring throughout her life to ensure long-term progress and prevent the possibility of a reactive attachment disorder (RAD) relapse. At a certain point, she found a new home with Nancy through adoption, providing her with continued support and stability.

Child of Rage: The Documentary 

Beth Thomas’ journey with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) inspired the documentary “Child of Rage.” This powerful documentary is a portrayal of her actual experiences. 

The film revolves around Jill Tyler and Rob Tyler, who made the compassionate decision to endorse two kids, Eric and Catherine.

“Child of Rage” incorporates footage of Beth’s healing process with the dedicated professionals in her care. 

Through this documentary, the profound and devastating effects of severe abandonment and sexual assault on children’s lives are vividly depicted, shedding light on the urgent need for understanding and addressing such issues.

Is Beth Thomas Married? 

Indeed, Beth Thomas is married. Beth and her spouse joined in matrimony on November 18th, 2016. While limited information is available about her partner, the couple currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Where is Beth Thomas Currently? 

Following her successful treatment and restoring her capacity to experience love healthily, Beth reintegrated into regular life, including attending school and engaging in typical activities.

As for Beth Thomas’s present whereabouts, she has pursued a nursing career and since graduated. Currently, she works as a nurse in an American healthcare facility located in Arizona, specifically in a neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In addition to her role as a nurse, Beth Thomas has ventured into the realm of writing. Collaborating with Nancy, her second foster mother, they co-authored a book titled “More Than a Thread of Hope.” 

This compelling memoir delves into the extensive therapy Beth underwent to address and transform her psychopathic behaviors, shedding light on her journey and the challenges she faced.

Furthermore, Beth has made significant contributions by establishing Families By Design. 

This organization supports and guides households whose kids have been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), offering valuable resources and assistance during their difficult journeys. 

What’s Beth Thomas’s Height? 

The nurse stands at a height of 5′ 6″ (168 centimeters) and weights approximately 117 pounds (59 kilograms). Her distinguishing features include brown hair and captivating blue eyes.

In nursing, she has earned recognition as a recipient of the esteemed Modern-Day Florence Nightingale Nursing Excellence Award. Her commendable approach to handling confrontations, providing corrections, and addressing errors is marked by a positive outlook. 

Additionally, she actively mentors numerous families navigating the challenges of raising children with behavioral problems.

Beth Thomas rose to prominence due to the extreme behaviors she exhibited during her troubled childhood, rooted in the verbal, sexual, and physical abuse she endured. 

However, she has undergone a remarkable transformation. She now serves as a nurse, utilizing her personal story as a source of inspiration and leveraging the support of numerous psychological and medical professionals to help others in need.