Alexandra Lorex may not be a familiar name to many, except for enthusiasts of the Canadian TV show “Holmes on Homes.” Formerly married to Mike Holmes, the renowned contractor and builder who hosted the show, Alexandra’s life post-divorce holds curiosity. This article delves into her life story, unveiling intriguing details about her journey and current endeavors.

Early Life and Marriage to Mike Holmes

Details about Alexandra Lorex’s early life are scarce, as she consciously maintained a private life away from the media spotlight. While born and raised in the United States, specific information about her date of birth and family background remains undisclosed. Alexandra crossed paths with Mike Holmes during their teenage years, culminating in their marriage in 1982 when Mike was just 19.

Their union brought forth three children: Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. The family made occasional appearances on “Holmes on Homes,” a show where Mike Holmes demonstrated his prowess in resolving diverse home improvement issues. The program’s success catapulted Mike Holmes to widespread recognition in Canada and beyond.

Divorce and Life After Mike Holmes

Despite initial successes, Alexandra Lorex and Mike Holmes faced challenges in their marriage. After eight years together, they divorced in 1990. The precise cause of their separation remains unclear, but some sources suggest it may be attributed to Mike’s demanding schedule and work-centric lifestyle, leaving minimal time for family.

Following the divorce, Alexandra Lorex opted for a private life, focusing on raising her children. Reports indicate that she ventured into a career as a real estate consultant and managed rental properties. She has maintained a low profile in terms of personal relationships, with no public records of remarriage or dating since her divorce from Mike Holmes.

In contrast, Mike Holmes found new love with Anna Zappia, beginning their relationship in 2000. While not married, they share a common-law partnership. Mike Holmes continued to thrive in his professional endeavors as a contractor, businessman, investor, television host, and philanthropist. His achievements include authoring several books, establishing a magazine, and founding his charitable foundation.

Relationship with Her Children and Grandchildren

In the aftermath of the divorce, Alexandra Lorex has maintained positive relationships with her children and grandchildren. Her son, Mike Jr., has followed in his father’s footsteps, pursuing a career as a builder and TV personality. In 2017, he married his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Grant, and Alexandra Lorex attended their wedding.

Meanwhile, her daughter, Sherry, collaborates with her father and brother on various TV shows and projects. Sherry has a daughter, Cali Kay Holmes Steed, born in 2017. Alexandra’s other daughter, Amanda, opts for a more private life and does not appear on television.

Alexandra Lorex takes pride in her children and grandchildren, actively supporting their endeavors and celebrating their achievements. Although not actively present on social media, her children occasionally share photos and videos of her on their Instagram accounts.


Alexandra Lorex is an individual who has chosen to lead a modest and serene life following her divorce from Mike Holmes. Rather than pursuing fame or wealth, she has directed her attention towards her family and career. As a resilient and self-reliant woman, she has successfully navigated the challenges of single motherhood and divorce.

Demonstrating her affection and support as a mother and grandmother, she finds joy in the company of her loved ones. Alexandra is deserving of respect and admiration for her life decisions and accomplishments.