Githurai constitutes a conglomeration of multiple townships situated on the outskirts, where the boundaries of Nairobi County and Kiambu County meet.

This post about Githurai will explore its vibrant culture, people, and charm in this area. Continue reading for fascinating insights.

About Githurai: In Which Ward, Constituency, and County is Githurai?

Githurai represents one of the county assembly wards within the Roysambu Constituency, constituting a part of Nairobi County.

How Big is Githurai, and What is the Population?

As of 2019, the population of Githurai Ward was approximately 47,194 individuals.

What is the Postal Code for Githurai?

The residents of Githurai utilize the area post office code 00626.

What Climate Does the Githurai Region Experience?

Githurai is known to have a temperate oceanic climate from a meteorological perspective, featuring predominantly warm temperatures throughout the year.

What are the Types of Houses Found in Githurai?

Githurai consists mainly of diverse residential properties, including individual homesteads with different types of houses, apartment buildings or flats, and closely built temporary slum houses.

Are Houses Available for Sale or Rent?

The predominant housing option in Githurai is rental properties.

What Sizes are the Houses in Githurai?

Most residences in the Githurai area are humble, particularly apartments, due to the significant population density.

How is the Security Situation in Githurai?

The densely populated area of Githurai frequently faces issues of petty theft and crimes such as robbery due to overcrowding in public spaces.

Walking in the area at night is not advisable due to safety concerns.

Where do Githurai Residents Obtain Water From?

The Nairobi Water Company (NCWSC) provides water in Githurai and is also responsible for overseeing the distribution of piped water and managing water systems within Nairobi City.

How is the Consistency of the Water Supply in Githurai?

Water scarcity has been prevalent throughout Nairobi in previous times, and Githurai follows suit in facing this challenge.

The region is poised to experience notable advantages shortly by implementing the latest Nairobi Water project to enhance water supply in areas along Thika Road, specifically through the Ruiru-Juja-Githurai project.

What Water Companies are in Githurai?

Githurai relies primarily on the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company as its leading water provider. Additionally, numerous businesses in the area specialize in selling bottled water and plumbing fixtures to the residents.

Who is Githurai’s Main Supplier of Electricity?

Kenya Power supplies electricity to the Githurai area, managing the construction of the national power grid and facilitating connections and transmission to small-scale consumers.

How Consistent are Blackouts in Githurai?

Githurai and several other neighborhoods in Nairobi consistently experience frequent power outages. Grid system failures and the collapse of power lines often cause these outages.

The issue persists, despite numerous complaints made to Kenya Power.

What Types of Schools are Closely alAccessible to Residents in Githurai?

Kindergarten Schools in Githurai

  • Kastemil School and Kindergarten
  • Summer Brook Schools
  • Cute Kids Kindergarten, Kasarani
  • Sophos Community School
  • The KBA School Maziwa Campus
  • Pithmar Montessori Academy

Primary Schools in Githurai

  • Totos Academy Primary School
  • Githurai Primary School
  • Wonderland Integrated School
  • Mwiki Primary School
  • Marymount Academy Primary School
  • Light Of Hope Schools

Which are the Hospitals Located in Githurai?

Private Hospitals in Githurai

  • Ngumba Medical Care
  • St John’s Hospital
  • Githurai Dental Hospital and Health Care
  • The Jacaranda Maternity Hospital – Kahawa West Branch
  • Roundabout Medical Center
  • Githurai Community Medical Center

Public Hospitals in Githurai

  • Njiru Health Center
  • Juja Road Hospital (Nairobi)
  • Nairobi City Council Clinic
  • Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral, and Research Hospital
  • Kasarani Health Centre
  • Kayole II Sub County Hospital

Missionary Hospitals in Githurai

  • St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital
  • St. Mary Health Services
  • Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
  • Neema Hospital
  • St . Francis Community Hospital
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital

Which Gyms are Available in Githurai?

  • Xtreme Gym and Personal Training
  • Ebony Eye Gym
  • Antoneddie Gym at Sunton
  • KalFitness Gym
  • Gym Rocks
  • Classic Gym and Executive Salon

Which are Some of the SPAs available in Githurai?

  • Siraje Beauty Parlour and Nail Spa
  • La Queen’s Nails, Salon & Spa
  • Inner-Beauty Parlor
  • Leo’s Salon
  • Executive Barber and Gym
  • Samad Executive Spa and Salon

What are Some of the Chemists and Pharmacies Located in Githurai?

  • Elychem Pharmacy
  • Splendmed Chemist
  • Alltyme Chemist
  • Waniala Chemist
  • ABC Chemist
  • Banadoz Chemist

What Garages Operate in Githurai?

  • Mugichama Investment
  • Cityland Auto Services
  • Highway Garage Githurai
  • Samuel Motorbike and Bike Garage
  • HighTurbo AutoMobile Garage
  • AutoGurus Body Shop & Garage

Which Car Wash Joints Serve in Githurai?

  • Dope Shine Car Wash
  • Highway Machine Car Wash
  • Gelukaha Cleaning Services
  • Millenium Star Car Wash
  • Potrers Car Wash And Parking
  • Extreme Makeover Services Corporation

Where Can You Shop for Food and Household Items in Githurai?

  • Bluemart Supermarket
  • Stanmatt Supermarket
  • Rugaita Cereals Shop
  • Moonland General Shop
  • Naivas Supermarket Githurai 44
  • Bermark Supermarket

Household Items Shopping Centers in Githurai

  • Canopy Kitchen & Household Items
  • Goodwill EX UK Family Shop Limited
  • Eclipse Investment
  • Githurai Market Stalls
  • Zebra House Shopping Centre
  • Eastways Furnitures General

Which Communication Network Providers are Accessible in Githurai?

  • Sawa Internet Solutions
  • Safaricom Customer Care Centre Githurai 44 Embcomm Network Limited
  • Premier Telecoms Limited
  • M-pesa Cheche Telecommunications-Githurai
  • Safaricom Customer Care Centre Githurai 45 Dreamworld Enterprises Limited
  • Rossy Telecom Limited

Which Internet and Office Network Providers are Available in Githurai?

  • Skyfliz Data & Network Mwihoko
  • Konnect Hub Githurai 44
  • Awesome Web Services
  • Fico Mnet Internet
  • Motech Fiber
  • Digiville Communications