Frances Cain, renowned as Jeremy Clarkson‘s ex-partner, is widely recognized for her substantial influence on his entrepreneurial and talent management endeavors in the television industry.

Throughout their marriage, she played an instrumental role in catapulting his career to unprecedented success. 

This in-depth biography explores numerous facets of Frances Cain’s life, encompassing her early life, her family background, her association with Jeremy Clarkson, and captivating insights into her persona.

Profile Summary of Frances Cain

  • Official Names – Frances Catherine Cain 
  • Gender – Female 
  • Race – Caucasian 
  • D.O.B – 10th June 1966 
  • Age – 57 (as of 2023) 
  • Birth Place – United Kingdom 
  • Zodiac Sign – Gemini 
  • Current Residence: Oxfordshire in Chipping Norton, United Kingdom 
  • Sexuality – Straight 
  • Citizenship – British
  • Height – 5’6” ft/170cm 
  • Weight – 62 kg/137pounds
  • Hair Color/Shade – Blonde 
  • Eye Colour – Dark Brown 
  • Children – Three
  • Siblings – Three 
  • Marital status – Divorced 
  • Net Worth – $5 to $10 million
  • Profession – Media persona, talent manager 
  • Instagram Profile – @franciecain1 
  • Twitter handle – @FrancieClarkson 

Earlier Life 

Frances Cain Catherine, born on June 10, 1966, hails from the United Kingdom. Her father, Major Robert Henry Cain, was a distinguished British military officer and a decorated World War 2 veteran, honored with the Victoria Cross, the highest bravery award in the British Armed Forces. Sadly, he passed away in 1974 after battling cancer.

Frances grew up with three siblings: her brother, Finlo Cain, and her two sisters, Helena and Diplock Cain. While she has chosen to keep details about her mother undisclosed, her immediate family consisted of her siblings.

Although known for her connection to her husband, Frances has maintained a private personal life. Consequently, there is limited information about her upbringing, except that she was raised in the United Kingdom.

Career Life

Frances Catherine Cain gained recognition for her association with her husband and her pivotal role in his path to success. Before their marriage, she served as Jeremy Clarkson’s manager when he was still an emerging automotive writer in the entertainment industry.

Even after tying the knot, Frances managed Jeremy’s career, significantly contributing to his flourishing journey. She meticulously handled his schedules and appointments, and it is speculated that she also shaped his bold television persona, which ultimately propelled him to stardom.

Frances was admired by various individuals, including Jeremy Clarkson, who openly expressed his appreciation for her. He highlighted her expertise in organizing his calendar, providing fashion advice, and consistently ensuring he stayed on track with his commitments.

Family Life

Before their marriage, Frances Cain, Jeremy Clarkson’s second spouse, initially worked as his manager. They wed in 1993 and resided in Chipping Norton, UK. They had three children: Emily (born July 21, 1994), Finlo (born March 14, 1997), and Katya (born November 24, 2000).

During their relationship, Frances gifted Jeremy notable presents, including a memorable Christmas gift of a Mercedes Benz 600 car. However, strains appeared in their marriage around 2010.

Jeremy’s ex-wife, Alex Hall, planned to release a revealing book about their relationship, including allegations of post-divorce affairs that allegedly continued during Jeremy’s marriage to Frances. Jeremy obtained an injunction against Hall to prevent the disclosure of these alleged secrets, but he lifted it in 2011. 

In 2011, rumors of Jeremy’s infidelity emerged again, involving his Top Gear colleague, Phillipa Sage. Both parties denied any affair initially, but in 2013, they were spotted sharing a public kiss, fueling speculation about an impending divorce. Frances initiated divorce proceedings in 2014, marking the end of their 21-year-long marriage.

Earnings and Net Worth

Frances has chosen to keep her net worth and earnings private, mirroring her approach to other aspects of her life. However, her net worth is estimated to fall between $5 to $10 million.

As Jeremy Clarkson’s long-time manager, playing a crucial role in his highly successful and lucrative career, Frances accumulated substantial wealth through her professional endeavors.

A significant portion of Frances’ wealth stems from her divorce settlement. While the exact details were not publicly disclosed, rumors suggest that Jeremy Clarkson paid her an amount surpassing £10 million upon their separation. Additionally, she retained their country residence in Chipping Norton, valued at £2.5 million.

Where Do We Find Francis Catherine Cain Now?

After separating from Jeremy Clarkson, Frances has maintained a low public profile. However, she has been occasionally seen in public, including a vacation in the Caribbean where she was accompanied by an unidentified companion, later identified as Fred Milln.

Subsequently, they have been spotted vacationing together on multiple occasions, leading to speculation about a potential romantic relationship.

Frances currently resides in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, and when not on vacation, she prioritizes spending time with her children. She also participates in charitable activities, running, and cycling events that raise awareness and support for disabled veterans.

Quick Facts About Frances Catherine Cain:

  • Birthplace: The specific place of Frances Cain’s birth has yet to be disclosed, but it is likely somewhere in the United Kingdom, with speculations of the Isle of Man.
  • Father: Frances’ father was Major Henry Cain, a British soldier and World War II veteran who passed away in 1974.
  • Divorce: Jeremy Clarkson and Frances Cain divorced due to Jeremy’s infidelity with his colleague Phillipa Sage.
  • Children: Frances and Jeremy have three children: Emily, Finlo, and Katya Clarkson. Emily got married in May 2022 and is expecting a child.
  • Marital Status: Frances has not remarried but has been seen with Fred Milln, leading to speculation about a romantic relationship.
  • Occupation: Frances previously worked as Jeremy Clarkson’s manager. After their divorce, she focused on charitable endeavors.
  • Net Worth: Frances’ estimated net worth is between $5 and $10 million.


Even before they married, Frances Cain, Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-wife, significantly impacted his successful career as his manager. However, their marital relationship ended in divorce in 2014. Since then, Frances has dedicated herself to charitable pursuits and prioritizing her family, particularly her strong bond with their three children.