Victoria Long, a formidable powerlifter hailing from the United States, has clinched numerous prestigious titles in her career, including the 2022 Arnold Pro Strongwoman and the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman. Notably, she is the spouse of fellow strongman Dennis Long, who has actively participated in various powerlifting events.

Despite Victoria Long’s remarkable physique and strength, there have been queries surrounding her gender identity. This article seeks to examine the truths and misconceptions surrounding Victoria Long’s strongwoman career and personal life.

Victoria Long’s Background and Achievements

Victoria Long, a native of Minnesota, cultivated her passion for sports and fitness from a young age. Early on, she embraced weightlifting, developing a profound affinity for powerlifting. Under the guidance of Jacob Matthew Finerty, holder of the Natural Stone World Record and the Block Press World Record, she commenced her professional journey in 2019, swiftly etching her name in the strongwoman arena. Notably, BarBend reports her triumph in three out of four international competitions and both of her two national competitions. Her participation in the World’s Strongest Woman contest resulted in a commendable second-place finish.

Among Victoria Long’s notable achievements are:

  1. Victory in the 2022 Arnold Pro Strongwoman, securing three wins in six events and a runner-up placement in the remaining three.
  2. Triumph in the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman, surpassing the three-time World’s Strongest Woman champion, Donna Moore.
  3. Conquering the 2021 Strongwoman Classics, where she established a new world record in the log lift with 127.5 kilograms.
  4. Success in the 2020 Official Strongman Games, showcasing dominance with four event victories and two second-place finishes.

Presently, Victoria Long stands as one of the preeminent strongwomen globally, with a promising trajectory ahead. Active on social media, she shares her training videos and photos, amassing 4.1K followers on Instagram under the handle @onestrongb.

Victoria Long’s Husband and Marriage

Victoria Long and Dennis Long, both accomplished strongman powerlifters, share a deep connection that blossomed into marriage in 2019 after years of dating. Demonstrating her affection for her husband, Victoria bears a “Dennis” tattoo on her chest. Their unwavering support for each other is evident as they attend and cheer at competitions.

Dennis, particularly in the 50+ age category, has a history of participating in various powerlifting events, although it appears he has transitioned to focusing on supporting Victoria’s career since 2019. On Instagram, Dennis maintains a following of 3.4K under the username @strongmandl.

Together, Victoria and Dennis epitomize a dynamic power couple, united by shared passions and a profound love for one another. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring strongmen and strongwomen, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Victoria Long’s Gender Identity and Controversy

Victoria Long proudly identifies as a woman and actively competes in the women’s divisions of strongman and powerlifting contests. Despite her clear alignment with her gender, some individuals, influenced by her robust physique and dedication to powerlifting, mistakenly assume her to be a man. The confusion has even led to speculations about her potentially being transgender, fueled by her remarkable strength displayed during power lifts, as reported by Celebily.

Controversy and criticism have arisen from those questioning her eligibility to compete against other women. Some have gone so far as to accuse her of using performance-enhancing drugs or undergoing hormone therapy, alleging an unfair advantage. Victoria Long, however, has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations, maintaining a stoic silence on matters concerning her gender identity or sexuality. Unfazed by rumors and speculations, she remains steadfast in focusing on her strongman career and personal life.

Victoria Long is not only a formidable strongwoman who has showcased her talent in the sport but also a proud woman dedicated to powerlifting and her husband. Dismissing any notion of being a man or transgender, she stands as an exemplar of strength, determination, and courage, serving as an inspiration for those who admire her.