Tyler Mahoney, a prosperous gold prospector from Australia, has achieved recognition through her role on the Discovery Channel’s program Gold Rush. Hailing from a family with a mining legacy spanning four generations, she embarked on her gold industry journey during her childhood. In addition to her mining ventures, Tyler is a model and podcaster, amassing a substantial fan base on social media.

However, details about her personal life, particularly her relationship status, remain relatively private. The public lacks concrete information regarding Tyler Mahoney’s marital status or any potential romantic partner. As of now, her relationships, whether marital or romantic, are not extensively documented in the public domain.

Tyler Mahoney is Not Married Yet

As per StarsUnfold, Tyler Mahoney is presently unmarried, and therefore, she does not have a husband. She has not disclosed any details about any upcoming wedding or engagement on her social media profiles. Tyler appears to be directing her attention towards her profession as a gold prospector and television personality.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that being unmarried does not necessarily imply that Tyler Mahoney is single. She has been associated with various individuals in the past, and speculation has circulated regarding her current relationship status, hinting that she might be in a romantic relationship with someone.

Tyler Mahoney’s Rumored Boyfriend: Jake Bennett

As per TV Informer, Tyler Mahoney is reportedly in a relationship with a gentleman named Jake Bennett. Jake, an attractive individual in his mid-twenties, has made frequent appearances in Tyler’s Instagram posts. In the captions, Tyler affectionately refers to him as “babes” and other romantic nicknames, indicating a close and enjoyable connection between them.

While Jake Bennett is not involved in gold mining, he shares interests in activities such as fishing and hunting. Tyler often features Jake’s adorable dog, Banjo, in her photos. Although sources suggest that Jake and Tyler have been together for more than a year, neither of them has officially confirmed their relationship.

Tyler Mahoney’s Previous Rumored Boyfriend: Parker Schnabel

There have been speculations about Tyler Mahoney being romantically linked to Parker Schnabel, the star of Gold Rush. The two collaborated on the show, exploring gold mines in Australia, and their on-screen chemistry led fans to believe there might be more to their relationship off-screen.

According to Reality Titbit, both Parker and Tyler are 27 years old and share common interests in gold mining and adventure. They have similar personalities and a sense of humor, prompting some fans to express hopes for a potential marriage between them.

However, both Parker and Tyler have firmly denied any romantic involvement, asserting that they are simply good friends and colleagues who engage in regular conversations. They emphasize their mutual respect for privacy and their decision not to discuss personal matters.


Tyler Mahoney, a skilled and captivating gold prospector on Gold Rush, has garnered admiration for her talents and charm. While she is not married, rumors suggest potential relationships with Jake Bennett, an outdoors enthusiast, and Parker Schnabel, her co-star on Gold Rush. Tyler has chosen not to confirm or deny these speculations, maintaining a private stance on her relationship status.