Stunna Girl, an emerging rapper and prominent figure on social media, is currently entangled in significant legal complications stemming from her alleged role in a severe kidnapping and robbery incident. Suzanne, the 25-year-old artist’s real name, stands accused of participating in the abduction, assault, and confinement of fellow rapper Rocky Badd, reportedly placing her in a dog cage during the disturbing event.

The occurrence, dating back to 2018, has resurfaced recently, triggering widespread concern and condemnation from both fans and critics. Delving into the details of that fateful night and examining the potential repercussions for Stunna Girl reveals a complex and controversial situation.

The Feud Between Cuban Doll and Rocky Badd

The genesis of the conflict can be linked to an ongoing feud between two other rappers, namely Cuban Doll and Rocky Badd. The longstanding discord between these two women encompassed various issues, including matters related to music, finances, and relationships.

Tensions reached a boiling point in October 2018 when Cuban Doll took to Instagram Live to announce her million-dollar deal with Capitol Music Group and her subsequent departure from the label. She claimed that the label had attempted to coerce her into collaborating with Rocky Badd, someone she held strong animosity toward.

In response to Cuban Doll’s claims, Rocky Badd, who was actively watching the live stream, dismissed her as a liar and a fraud. Rocky Badd issued a challenge for a physical altercation, vowing to expose Cuban Doll’s secrets. Cuban Doll accepted the challenge and expressed her intention to travel to Detroit, where Rocky Badd resided, to settle their differences.

However, unbeknownst to Rocky Badd, this acceptance led to a trap. According to Rocky Badd, Cuban Doll and her associates, including Stunna Girl, orchestrated a plan where someone was paid to lure her to a fabricated booking in California, intending to ambush her.

The Kidnapping and Torture of Rocky Badd

During the night of October 15, 2018, Rocky Badd arrived at the purported venue for her performance, only to discover that it was a carefully orchestrated trap. Confronted by a group of men armed with knives and guns, she endured a brutal assault that resulted in a significant stomach wound requiring stitches. The assailants proceeded to strip her of her jewelry, money, and phone before forcibly transporting her to an isolated location, where the torment continued.

One particularly disturbing element of this harrowing ordeal was the fact that Rocky Badd was confined in a dog cage by her captors. Subjected to humiliation, mockery, and threats, she was filmed throughout the ordeal, with the footage subsequently shared on social media.

Stunna Girl, actively participating in the abuse, was captured on video holding a gun and laughing at Rocky Badd. Notably, Stunna Girl also appropriated Cuban Doll’s chain, previously seized by the attackers, and showcased it on her Instagram story.

After managing to escape the cage, Rocky Badd promptly contacted the police, who intervened, rescued her, and transported her to the hospital. Subsequently, she identified several individuals involved in the assault, including Stunna Girl, and initiated legal proceedings against them.

The Arrest and Trial of Stunna Girl

In June 2021, Stunna Girl found herself under arrest following an extensive investigation by law enforcement. She faced a range of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, assault, and conspiracy, among other offenses. Pleading not guilty, she maintained her innocence and refuted the claim that she had confined Rocky Badd in a cage, asserting that her presence was solely in support of her friend, Cuban Doll.

Despite her assertions, the prosecution presented compelling evidence. The authorities had in their possession videos and photos documenting the incident, along with the recovered stolen items and weapons. Testimonies from witnesses and victims further confirmed Stunna Girl’s active involvement in the crime. The presiding judge, unconvinced by her defense, ultimately sentenced her to a term of imprisonment spanning several years.

The Impact of Stunna Girl’s Incarceration

Stunna Girl’s arrest and subsequent conviction have left a detrimental mark on both her music career and personal life. Despite her earlier rise to fame, propelled by hits like “Runway,” which gained traction on TikTok in 2019, her legal issues have cast a shadow over her reputation, resulting in a loss of fans and opportunities. Having secured a deal with Capitol Music Group, the same label Cuban Doll departed, Stunna Girl’s standing in the industry suffered significantly due to the legal proceedings.

The record label, distancing itself from the artist, has refrained from releasing any new music since her arrest. Stunna Girl’s social media presence has dwindled, with inactive accounts and diminishing followers. Public response has been marked by backlash and criticism, condemning her actions and sympathizing with Rocky Badd.

This case serves as a somber illustration of how celebrity status and financial success can be marred by violence and criminal behavior. It also sheds light on the perilous and unforgiving landscape of the rap industry for women, who often contend with sexism, rivalry, and exploitation. Stunna Girl, once poised for a bright future, now grapples with the repercussions of her choices, while Rocky Badd endeavors to recover from the trauma inflicted upon her.