Alima, the wife of the late Nick Chavez, was the woman behind the successful and charismatic celebrity hairstylist. Nick Chavez, known for his line of hair products, Beverly Hills salon, and QVC appearances, passed away on December 23, 2022, following a prolonged struggle with pancreatic cancer. Here are the details about Alima, who played a significant role in Nick Chavez’s life.

How Did Nick Chavez and Alima Meet?

Nick Chavez and Alima first crossed paths in the late 1990s, where Alima was pursuing a career as a model in Los Angeles. Their connection began at Nick Chavez’s salon, where Alima became one of his clients. Their immediate connection was fueled by shared interests in beauty, fashion, and spirituality, leading to a strong bond that made them inseparable.

What Did Alima Do for a Living?

Alima pursued a career as a model and actress, showcasing her talent in numerous commercials, magazines, and television shows. Additionally, she delved into holistic healing and wellness, acquiring knowledge in modalities like Reiki, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. Actively involved in supporting Nick’s business, she also contributed to his philanthropic initiatives.

How Did Alima Support Nick During His Illness?

Throughout Nick’s illness, Alima stood as his unwavering support. Attending his chemotherapy sessions, she played a crucial role in helping him navigate through the challenging side effects. Alima not only supported him but also motivated Nick to share his journey, spreading positivity and hope to his fans and followers. She remained by his side until his last moments, expressing deep gratitude for the love and life they shared.

What is Alima Doing Now?

Alima is presently mourning the loss of her husband and has refrained from making any public statements since his passing. Finding solace in the support of her family, friends, and Nick’s devoted fans who have conveyed messages of condolence, she is actively engaged in preserving Nick’s legacy. Collaborating with Nick’s sister, Sandra, and his friend Robby LaRiviere, Alima is dedicated to ensuring the continuity of his brand and business.