Jason Hawes is a prominent figure in the paranormal community, recognized as the co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and the lead and co-producer of the widely watched TV series Ghost Hunters. Delve into the life of Kristen Cornell, the woman standing beside this renowned ghost hunter and the mother of his six children.

How Did Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell Meet?

Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell first crossed paths during their high school days, their connection initially sparked by a shared fascination with the supernatural. Jason, having encountered paranormal phenomena, attributed his experiences to a girlfriend’s Reiki practice that manipulated his life force energy when he was 20 years old. Their mutual interest in the paranormal deepened their connection, leading to a romantic relationship.

After dating, Jason and Kristen exchanged vows on May 20, 1998. Over two decades later, their enduring marriage reflects a strong bond, as they have stood by each other through various challenges and triumphs.

How Many Children Do Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell Have?

Jason and Kristen share the joy of parenting, blessed with four daughters—Haily, Satori, Samantha, and Ellie Hawes—and two sons, Austin and Logan Hawes. The intriguing twist lies in the fact that Austin and Logan are twins but were born on different days. Austin made his entrance into the world at 11:55 PM, while Logan followed at 12:19 AM.

Despite Jason’s bustling schedule, he prioritizes family time and emphasizes instilling fearlessness in his children. Encouraging them to pursue their individual passions and hobbies, Jason remains dedicated to nurturing a supportive and loving environment for his six children.

What Does Kristen Cornell Do for a Living?

Kristen Cornell maintains a notably private disposition, steering clear of the spotlight and choosing to keep her personal life beyond media scrutiny. In contrast to her husband’s active presence on Twitter and Instagram, Kristen does not possess any social media accounts.

Details about Kristen’s profession or net worth are scarce. However, sources, including The Celebs Info, propose that she might be employed as a nurse. Additionally, given her firm belief in paranormal energy, it is plausible that she may participate in some of her husband’s paranormal ventures.

How Does Kristen Cornell Feel About Her Husband’s Paranormal Career?

Kristen Cornell stands as a supportive companion to her husband in his paranormal pursuits, sharing his fascination and curiosity about the unexplained. Acknowledging Jason’s passion for investigating the supernatural and aiding those troubled by ghosts, she embraces his commitment to helping others.

Yet, Kristen grapples with concerns for Jason’s safety, recognizing the inherent risks in his ventures. His frequent travels for investigations, both nationally and internationally, pose challenges, and she copes by maintaining regular communication through phone calls or video chats.

Beyond being Jason Hawes’s wife, Kristen assumes the roles of partner, friend, and confidante. As he embarks on paranormal adventures, she remains the anchor at home, caring for their six children. Kristen embodies strength and independence, placing a premium on privacy and family values.