While most of the country still relies on non-digitized methods for land searches, individuals purchasing land within Nairobi City County in Kenya must utilize the online platform. Therefore, it is essential to understand the online land search process in Kenya.

Before embarking on the online land search procedure, it is crucial to acknowledge the underlying motivations that necessitate conducting a land search.

This post will walk you through how to conduct a title deed or land search online on ecitizen in Kenya, so read on and learn more

Why Should You Perform an Online Search for the Title?

The government implemented the shift to an online process to eliminate dishonest brokers and individuals who had been exploiting prospective land buyers.

The land search application will generate a computer-generated certificate called the Certificate of Official Search

This certificate will provide various details, including the historical ownership of the property over the years, the complete name of the current owner, the estimated land area in acres, and any current legal concerns associated with the land.

What are the Requirements for an Online Application on eCitizen in Kenya?

It is necessary to obtain a copy of the original title deed directly from the owner or company. After visiting the site, this step should be undertaken to verify the land’s precise location and approximate size. 

Additionally, it is essential to possess your KRA pin certificate number for the process.

The information obtained from the online search must align with the details outlined in the Certificate of Official Search. In case of discrepancies, it is strongly advised not to proceed with the land-buying process to safeguard your hard-earned money from potential losses.

Follow the outlined procedure to authenticate the authenticity of the property documents:

How to Check Title Deed Online in Kenya

Conducting a land search using online means is a straightforward process. While the traditional approach necessitated a PIN certificate, an ID, and a deed title copy, the online method only requires you to possess an eCitizen account.

1. Creating an eCitizen account is a breeze! Follow these straightforward steps to get started:

a) Open your web browser and search for “Ecitizen account signup” using a search engine like Google. Look for the search results and click the relevant link “Sign up.”

b) To begin, click on the ‘create account’ button and proceed to enter your information as displayed on the screen below. Provide your ID number and first name exactly as they appear on your ID, and then click on ‘Validate’ to continue.

c) Enter the accurate information in the following field and then proceed by clicking on ‘Continue.’

d) Successfully create your eCitizen account and proceed to step 2.

2)To access your eCitizen account, follow these steps illustrated in the image: Enter your ID number and password in the provided fields. Then, simply click on the ‘Login’ button.

After successfully accessing the ‘Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning service, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. Your legal identity will be shown in the upper-right portion of the Dashboard. This will provide you with an enhanced user experience and confirm the information about your account.

4)You can look through the available services to discover the icon that says “Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.” You can access the services offered by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning by locating the icon corresponding to the required service and then clicking the “Get service” button.

5)Once you click on ‘Get service,’ if you still need to provide your KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) pin certificate, you will be prompted to input it at this stage. Kindly provide your KRA pin certificate and proceed with the process.

After entering the necessary information, the following will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Continue’ to move forward with the application.

6) After clicking ‘Continue,’ a new page displays items numbered from A to I. Please select option ‘C,’ which is ‘Search land ownership records.’ This choice will direct you to the specific service you seek, allowing you to proceed with your land ownership records search.

7) Once the dialogue box appears, click on item number 1, ‘Apply for land search (RL27).’ This selection will initiate the application process for the land search service.

On clicking ‘Apply,’ another dialogue box will appear. A notification that reads, “Before proceeding, make sure you have a scanned title deed copy. Before proceeding, we need a scanned copy of your title deed. 

Before clicking on ‘Apply,’ carefully review the information in the dialogue box. Make sure to read and understand all the essential details provided. This ensures you are well-informed about the process before proceeding further.

Steps for Land Search Application:

1) Property details: When providing property details, submitting the information exactly as it appears on the title deed is essential. This includes accurate details such as the property’s address, size, dimensions, boundaries, and any relevant legal descriptions. Ensuring precision in the submission will help facilitate a smooth and accurate land search process.

2) Property Details Review: It is essential to verify the accuracy of the information entered regarding the property. Kindly upload any supporting documents for the confirmation process. Your diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the property details is greatly appreciated.

3) Upload supportive documents: To expedite the processing of your search, we kindly request you upload a scanned copy of the property title. This document is crucial for ensuring your request’s swift and efficient evaluation. 

4) Timelines: After digesting the information, proceed to the next step.

Timelines: The anticipated duration for the process is up to 24 hours.

Once you have assimilated the information, proceed to the subsequent step.

5) Please scroll down the page and click the ‘Apply’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.

6) Upon clicking ‘Apply,’ another dialogue box will appear, presenting the following entries: Search property, Registry, Registry section, and Parcel number.

 7)Select the first option, ‘Nairobi,’ under the ‘Registry’ section. Next, input the required details in the ‘Registry section’ field. Lastly, enter the title deed number in the ‘Parcel number’ section, and click ‘Search.’

8) After entering the necessary details and clicking ‘Search,’ a new dialogue box will emerge, displaying the following information: Search property, Registry, Registry section, and Parcel number. To proceed, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

9) On the subsequent page, you’ll be prompted to upload a scanned copy of the title. Please be aware that the maximum file size allowed for the upload is 3.5 MB. Make sure your document meets this size requirement before proceeding with the upload.

To successfully upload your file, please adhere to these steps:

(a) Click on ‘Add New File.’

(b) Enter the file name.

(c) Select the file you wish to upload.

(d) Provide a file description, for instance, ‘Online land search.’

(e) Lastly, click on ‘Submit Request.’

Once you’ve completed the file upload, you will be directed to the ‘Application History’ page. Here, the status of your application will be displayed as ‘Queued.’ Please allow 24 hours for the processing to take place.

After 24 hours, you can proceed to the final step, as indicated below.

10) Following the 24-hour processing period, you will receive a notification on your phone containing a transaction ID. To pay for the services, access your eCitizen account and click ‘Application History.’ You can complete the payment process from there using the provided transaction ID.

Once you receive the transaction ID, enter it into the provided field and click ‘Apply.’ Subsequently, you can pay Kes 550 via mobile money (Mpesa) or ATM.

To access the ‘Application History,’ navigate back to the appropriate section on the platform. Look for the option labeled ‘Download Files’ and click on it. Once the download is complete, you will gain access to the contents of the Certificate of Official Search.

From there, you can print it out for physical reference or keep it on your digital device for easy access and storage.

The process of conducting a land search in Kenya is remarkably smooth. It empowers you to carry out all necessary actions from the comfort of your home, completely free from the risk of falling victim to fraudsters or brokers. 

Most significantly, this approach grants you the freedom to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase of the land or abandon the idea altogether.