Rollie Pollie, recognized for her appearances in seasons one and two of “One Mo Chance” and season two of “Baddies South,” has gained fame as a reality star. Operating under the real name Gia Mayham, she boasts an impressive Instagram following of over 360,000 on her account, rolliepolliesm_.

Her profile features numerous Instagram reels, each accumulating over 200,000 views. This article aims to uncover details about Rollie Pollie’s age, birthday, zodiac sign, net worth, and the intriguing backstory behind her stage name, providing a comprehensive look into the life of the “Baddie South” star.

How Old is Rollie Pollie and What is Her Zodiac Sign?

As per information from Famous Birthdays, Rollie Pollie came into the world on September 12, 1992, aligning her with the zodiac sign Virgo. Virgos are renowned for their loyalty, industrious nature, analytical mindset, and practical approach to life. Noteworthy perfectionists, they exhibit a keen attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Rollie Pollie mirrors these Virgo traits through her confidence, ambition, and creative spirit.

What is the Meaning Behind Rollie Pollie’s Stage Name?

Gia Mayham affectionately adopted the moniker “Rollie Pollie” for herself, playfully referring to herself as a ‘Rollie Polie Snack Mealz’ during her time as a reality star, endearing her to fans of the series. Despite occasional on-screen drama, her outgoing personality and self-assured confidence have made her a beloved figure among viewers.

According to Walikali, Rollie Pollie experienced early parenthood, becoming pregnant at 14 and giving birth at 15. Initially working as a stripper, she later transitioned into a show business career. Rollie Pollie shared that her chosen stage name serves as a celebration of her curves and a testament to her commitment to body positivity.

What is Rollie Pollie’s Net Worth and What is She Doing Now?

As reported by Infoanthemz, Rollie Pollie’s accumulated net worth is estimated at $500,000, making her one of the top earners among the cast of Baddies South. With several years in the entertainment industry, she has made her mark on television and social media. Beyond her reality TV endeavors, Rollie Pollie is a versatile artist, venturing into singing and rapping.

She made her musical debut with the song “Shug Avery” in 2021 and followed it up with her latest release, “Step,” in January 2023. Alongside her career achievements, she embraces the role of a mother to a 14-year-old son named David, although details about the father remain undisclosed.


Gia Mayham, known by her stage name Rollie Pollie, has risen to fame as a reality star, captivating audiences with her roles in One Mo Chance and Baddies South. Born on September 12, 1992, under the Virgo zodiac sign, Rollie Pollie’s stage name serves as a powerful symbol of her commitment to body positivity.

With a net worth of $500,000, she is actively pursuing a career in music while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood to her son, David. Rollie Pollie’s journey reflects her versatility and talent, as she has triumphed over various challenges to live out her dreams.