Harold Ford Jr is a prominent American politician, author, and television personality, notable for his decade-long tenure as a congressman from Tennessee and a Senate candidacy in 2006. Additionally, he has held roles as a former managing director at Morgan Stanley and presently serves as vice chairman at PNC Financial Services. Since January 2022, he has co-hosted The Five on Fox News.

Now, let’s explore the life, career, and relationship of Emily Threlkeld, the woman who played a significant role in Harold Ford Jr’s life as his first wife.

Emily Threlkeld’s Early Life and Education

Born on January 2, 1981, in Naples, Florida, Emily Frances Threlkeld is the daughter of Tom Threlkeld and Deborah Walker. Her parents underwent a divorce when she was just two years old. Following the divorce, her mother, Deborah, married Anson Beard Jr., a restaurateur, who played a significant role as a father figure in Emily’s life.

For her higher education, Emily enrolled at the University of Miami, where she pursued a major in business and marketing. In 2003, she successfully graduated and subsequently relocated to New York City to follow her passion for the fashion industry.

Emily Threlkeld’s Career in Fashion

Emily began her career as a publicist at Nina Ricci, a renowned French fashion house. Additionally, she served as the assistant to the president of the holding company overseeing both Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera, two prestigious labels. During this period, Emily had the unique opportunity to style celebrities such as Renée Zellweger and Jada Pinkett Smith for high-profile red carpet events.

In the 2010s, Emily co-founded Basta Surf, a highly sought-after swimwear brand that gained popularity among celebrities like Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and Lily Aldridge. Notably, Basta Surf secured a coveted spot on the cover of the 50th-anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2014.

Presently, Emily thrives as a fashion consultant and entrepreneur. She manages her own website, Emily Ford Style, where she shares valuable styling tips, provides product reviews, and narrates personal stories.

Emily Threlkeld’s Marriage to Harold Ford Jr

Emily and Harold Ford Jr crossed paths in 2003 at a wedding in Florida, introduced by Emily’s mother, Deborah, who envisioned them as a compatible couple. Following their introduction, the two began dating and eventually became engaged in 2007.

Their union was sealed on April 26, 2008, in a lavish ceremony hosted at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. This extravagant wedding, attended by 400 guests, including notable figures like Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, and Tom Brokaw, incurred a cost exceeding $1 million.

Throughout Harold’s political pursuits, Emily stood by his side, joining him on the campaign trail. As a politician’s wife, she navigated challenges, including grappling with negative media attention and enduring racist attacks.

The couple shares two children: a daughter named Georgia Walker Ford, born in December 2013, and a son named Harold Eugene Ford III, born in May 2015. Residing contentedly in New York City, Emily and Harold continue to enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage.


Beyond being Harold Ford Jr’s first wife, Emily Threlkeld stands as a accomplished fashion professional, a nurturing mother, and a steadfast partner. Demonstrating remarkable grace and style, she adeptly navigates the delicate balance between her personal and professional spheres. Emily serves as an inspiration to numerous women striving to realize their dreams.