If you have been watching fiction for quite a while, you might have grown tired of it. What about some real stories captured wonderfully through the lens? 

Documentaries are a great piece of infotainment that enables learning while keeping it light and fun. 

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Anyways, the number of documentaries on Netflix is quite huge which can leave you hankering without ever watching it. So, here we have hand-picked the best documentaries available on the streaming platform. 

You won’t go wrong with any of them. Let’s dive right into them.

American Factory

Released in 2019, American Factory is an Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary Feature. The documentary movie is the first production of Barack and Michelle Obama’s ‘Higher Ground’, a production company. What a way to kickstart your production house!? 

The film depicts the hustle of two opposite cultures in Moraine, Ohio. A glass-manufacturing Chinese company is being run by Chinese billionaire Cao Dewang and he opens up his facility in an abandoned plant of General Motors. 

The Chinese are used to paying pennies for hard work but not the Americans. The two parties are having trouble adjusting to each other. American Factory defines how they overcame the challenge, keeping the politics at a distance.

The documentary film is certainly the one to be watched.


A documentary film related to the highly-talked topic of today’s LGBTQIA+. The film was released in 2020 and follows the transgender characters in Hollywood. 

The movie depicts how the acceptability of the trans has been rising and how much more is needed to totally accept them as one of us. Disclosure falls in the same category as The Crying Game, Orange is the New Black, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. 

In the movie, some trans actors go on to explain how these movies help in shaping the opinion of society, how they help lighten the tension that once was at its peak for transgenders, and how it ends up making the trans people view themselves.


This 2016 documentary is an Emmy Award Winner. Directed by Ava DuVernay, the movie unearths the corrupt system distinctively for Black Americans that has been in place since the end of slavery with the 13th Amendment in 1865. Every change that seemed positive at the front accompanied another camouflaged flaw.

The film, in particular, displays how Black Americans are and have always been at fault unjustly. The recent American carceral system change has hosted five times more colored Americans than white Americans. 

The documentary is a hundred minutes long but is a fine job by Ava DuVernay. The movie displays interviews and opinions of notable politicians, historians, and people who just want a better America. The mention-worthy names here are Henry Louis Gates Jr., Angela Davis, and Cory Booker.


Released in 2019, Homecoming is all about Beyoncé: one of the most loved colored artists in the US. 

Homecoming is a Grammy Winner and is created through and through by nobody but Beyoncé herself. The film though follows the most shining concert by Beyoncé in 2018 in Coachella but it holds more value than that. It presents kudos to the Black artists and leaders in the US.

The documentary is a fine fusion of sharp production and the true nature of arduous Black artists and leaders who inspire the zeal & zest of Beyoncé. She maneuvers through the challenges as a mother and an artist who has to maintain the quality of her work. 

The 137-minute-long documentary shows how the singer isn’t just a singer but a great writer, producer, director, and above all a dedicated mother.

Since the documentary, Beyoncé’s concert in Coachella is now called the Beychella.

This documentary is an icing on the cake if you love Beyoncé’s music like all of us.

Summing Up

Watching documentaries inspired by real events and occurrences is a great way to escape from the fiction that we all have been stuck into for quite a while. There are multiple documentaries out there, but these are the best that we have picked while reading the reviews from the critics. So, grab some popcorn and hop on your sofa for a touchback to reality.