Eric Sansam, the founder of Wrap N Roll Moving, succumbed to his passing on March 26, 2023, at the age of 30. His demise has left his family, friends, and associates in a state of shock and grief, recalling him as a self-made entrepreneur, a devoted husband, and a caring father.

Despite these heartfelt remembrances, the circumstances surrounding his death remain uncertain, with conflicting reports providing varying accounts of the events leading to his demise. This article seeks to uncover some clarity amidst the mystery surrounding Eric Sansam’s cause of death.

Cardiac Arrest or Severe Illness?

Contradictory reports on Eric Sansam’s cause of death have emerged, with some suggesting a cardiac arrest as the contributing factor. A cardiac arrest involves a sudden cessation of heart function, disrupting blood flow to critical organs, including the brain. Multiple factors, such as heart disease, drug overdose, electric shock, or trauma, can trigger this condition. Swift intervention with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or defibrillation is crucial to prevent fatality.

On the contrary, alternative accounts propose that Eric Sansam grappled with a severe illness leading up to his demise. Severe illnesses encompass conditions posing a threat to a person’s life or bodily functions, such as cancer, stroke, kidney failure, or liver disease. These conditions manifest with diverse symptoms like pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, or breathing difficulties. Additionally, severe illnesses can give rise to complications like infections, bleeding, organ failure, or even a state of coma.

Vehicle Accident or Natural Causes?

Conflicting information adds to the uncertainty surrounding Eric Sansam’s cause of death, raising questions about whether it resulted from a vehicular accident or natural causes. NAYAG News reports suggest a fatal vehicle accident as the potential cause, defining a vehicle accident as any collision involving a motorized vehicle and another object—be it another vehicle, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or an animal. Such accidents can lead to injuries, damages, or fatalities.

Conversely, GoFundMe sources contend that Eric Sansam was discovered unresponsive on March 26, 2023, pointing towards a demise from natural causes rather than an external incident. Natural causes encompass factors unaffected by human interference, such as aging, disease, or genetic predispositions. Additionally, sudden deaths without warning or explanation fall under the category of natural causes.


The family of Eric Sansam has not officially confirmed the cause of his death. However, based on available information, it suggests that he may have succumbed to either a cardiac arrest or a prolonged battle with a severe illness.

Another possibility is that his death could be linked to a vehicular accident or natural causes yet to be identified. Irrespective of the cause, his passing has created a void in the hearts of those who cherished him.

Eric Sansam will be deeply remembered and missed by his wife, Adriana, his three children—Emi (4), Jax (2), and Riley (1)—and the Wrap N Roll Moving team. May he rest in peace.