E.R. Fightmaster, a non-binary actor, producer, and writer, has risen to fame for their portrayal of Dr. Kai Bartley in the acclaimed medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Their notable works also extend to projects like Shrill, Work in Progress, and Ancient Methods.

Delving into their personal life, questions arise about E.R. Fightmaster’s romantic relationships. Who are they dating, and what is the duration of their partnership? Here is a comprehensive overview of the actor’s love life and more.

E.R. Fightmaster’s Dating History

E.R. Fightmaster has maintained discretion regarding their dating history, but as per certain sources, they are currently in a relationship with Kz Elizabeth, a filmmaker and musician based in Chicago. The couple’s connection reportedly originated in 2019 during their collaboration on the short film “Pathetic Woman,” directed by Kz Elizabeth and featuring E.R. Fightmaster. Their relationship has surpassed three years, evident through their shared romantic photos and videos on social media platforms.

Notably, E.R. Fightmaster marks their girlfriend’s birthday on February 28th, affectionately referring to her as “Curly Queen,” as reported by OtakuKart¹. Kz Elizabeth, the lead vocalist of the musical group Twin, also shares musical endeavors with E.R. Fightmaster, who is part of the same ensemble. The duo has showcased their musical talents through joint performances.

While there were speculations linking E.R. Fightmaster romantically with Caterina Scorsone, their co-star from Grey’s Anatomy, these rumors were promptly debunked as unfounded. E.R. Fightmaster and Kz Elizabeth appear to be content and mutually supportive of each other’s careers and passions.

E.R. Fightmaster’s Gender Identity

E.R. Fightmaster stands out as one of the openly non-binary actors within the entertainment industry. Preferring they/them pronouns and identifying outside the male-female binary, they initially came out as bisexual during childhood, later realizing their non-binary identity that transcends the conventional gender system.

In the acclaimed series Grey’s Anatomy, E.R. Fightmaster portrays Dr. Kai Bartley, a non-binary neuroscientist collaborating with Meredith Grey and Amelia Shepherd on a Parkinson’s disease research project. Notably, this marks the first instance of a non-binary actor playing a doctor on the show, celebrated for its commitment to diversity and representation.

Expressing gratitude for this groundbreaking role, E.R. Fightmaster aspires to inspire other non-binary individuals to pursue their dreams. They have candidly addressed the challenges and discrimination faced as a non-binary person in society, offering insights into how they navigate and cope with these experiences.

E.R. Fightmaster’s Other Works

Beyond their role in Grey’s Anatomy, E.R. Fightmaster has left their mark in various TV shows and films, including Shrill, Work in Progress, Chicago Fire, Easy, Yew Boys, and Ponytail. Beyond acting, they contribute as a producer and writer, crafting content for platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, and Funny or Die.

Adding to their artistic repertoire, E.R. Fightmaster is a singer and musician, both as a solo artist and with their band Twin. Their Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud feature releases like “I’m Not Your Boyfriend,” “Genderless Gap Ad,” and “I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry,” showcasing a unique voice and style that mirrors their personality and identity.

As a versatile and talented artist, E.R. Fightmaster has solidified their presence in the entertainment industry. Notably, they proudly advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, with a particular focus on non-binary individuals. E.R. Fightmaster has garnered a dedicated fan base, appreciative of their courage and authenticity.

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