In July 2021, Dr. Mike Murdock, a well-known televangelist and pastor leading the Wisdom Center ministry in Texas, received the diagnosis of a brain tumor. The tumor exerted significant pressure on a nerve, resulting in considerable pain. Despite this formidable challenge, the preacher remains steadfast in his hope, drawing strength from his faith and the power of prayer.

Who is Dr Mike Murdock?

For more than five decades, Dr. Mike Murdock has been a prominent figure in contemporary Christian music, recognized as a singer-songwriter, author, and speaker. As the founder of the Wisdom Center, a megachurch in Haltom City, Texas, he extends his ministry globally through the School of Wisdom show, reaching millions of viewers. Dr. Murdock is notably associated with promoting prosperity theology, advocating that faithful believers receive blessings of wealth and health from God.

The prolific author has penned over 250 books, including influential titles like “The Law of Recognition,” “Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived,” and “The Assignment.” His musical contributions include composing over 5,000 songs such as “I Am Blessed,” “You Can Make It,” and “Jesus, Just the Mention of Your Name.” Dr. Murdock’s extensive travels have taken him to more than 40 countries, allowing him to address diverse audiences from various backgrounds and cultures.

What is Dr Mike Murdock’s condition?

In early July 2021, Dr. Mike Murdock received a diagnosis of a brain tumor, as reported by Genius Celebs. The tumor exerted intense pressure on a nerve, causing excruciating pain. Subsequent surgery aimed at removing the tumor revealed its malignancy and its spread to other parts of his body.

Dr. Murdock took to his Twitter account to disclose his condition, reaching out to his followers for their prayers. Despite the challenging circumstances, he expressed his unwavering faith and trust in God, emphasizing his belief in miracles and healing. While acknowledging that he is not fearful of death, he expressed his desire to continue living to fulfill his divine assignment and bring blessings to more individuals.

How is Dr Murdock coping with his illness?

Amidst his health challenges, Dr. Murdock has been receiving unwavering support from his family, friends, and congregation. Despite the ongoing treatments, he remains committed to his ministry, imparting spiritual teachings and preaching the word of God through various online platforms. Dr. Murdock shares personal testimonies, insights, and wisdom, encouraging his audience to seek a deeper connection with God and align with His purpose for their lives.

Expressing gratitude for the love and care he’s received, Dr. Murdock extends thanks to supporters for their prayers, donations, and words of encouragement. As a gesture of appreciation, he distributes his books and songs as gifts to partners and followers, aiming to sow seeds of blessing into their lives.

Maintaining resilience and optimism, Dr. Murdock emphasizes his refusal to abandon his dreams and goals. He boldly declares his unwavering faith and confidence in God, anticipating a miracle and breakthrough. Quoting scriptures and promises from the Bible, he affirms his stance on standing upon the word of God and trusting in His divine power.


Renowned televangelist Dr. Mike Murdock, currently battling a diagnosed brain tumor, confronts this adversity with unwavering faith and courage. Amidst this health challenge, he persists in his ministry, generously imparting wisdom and love to his devoted followers. Dr. Murdock humbly requests prayers and support from his partners and friends, expressing a steadfast belief in the potential for a miraculous intervention from God in his life.