Round shag rugs are a trendy and flexible option for any room that equally provides elegance and texture to create an attractive interior design. No matter what the size of your living room, bedroom, or office, there are endless ways to place the round shag rug to achieve your distinct design style. With a variety of tones ranging from playful patterns to neutral shades, round shag rugs can either become a statement or a simple accent piece. In this blog, we will focus on creative ways to place round shag rugs in any room of your house. We will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you nail the design of your rooms.

Add Comfort and Warmth: Elevate your Space by Placing  Oversized Area Rugs

Want to elevate your space? Here’s how you can make it look pleasing and comfortable. Follow these tips to decorate your space with rugs! 

  1. Central Statement Piece:

Make your oversized area rugs the center of attraction of the room by putting them in the very middle. It looks best in rooms with hardwood or tile floors, as the rug can enhance the function and add warmth and coziness to these areas. Pick a bold color or pattern to make an emphasis, or take a mild color for a subtle look.

  1. Layered Luxe:

Cultivate a layered look by placing your round rug on top of a larger oversized area rug. It incorporates warmth and fullness to the space coming with the added softness and comfort on the foot. Play with the combinations of textures and colors to have an eye-pleasing composition.

  1. Boho Chic:

The round rugs create a bohemian chic atmosphere and can also match with other non-matching furniture and accessories. Place textile baskets, macrame wall art, and retrieved antiques in the space to give it a relaxed and laid-back touch. The rugs having fringe or tassels are the ones to go for to elevate the look of your space.

  1. Playful Patterns:

Add character to your space by placing a round shag rug featuring fun patterns and designs. Look for various designs such as geometric shapes, abstract motifs, or whimsical illustrations. A patterned rug can easily create a feature of visual interest and character. Leave the rest of the decoration items basic to keep the rug as the main centerpiece.

  1. Functional Fashion:

The rugs can be used as multifunctional and fashionable decor! Set it under the coffee table to make a cozy place to sit, or use it as a comfy cushion for your bed to create a luxury feeling. Don’t be afraid to do trial and error with various placements and configurations until you achieve what works best for your space.

Creative Ways To Add Color To Your Bedroom by Using Round Shag Rugs

  1. Place it Under Your Bed: 

One of the most in-demand ways to style a round shag rug in a bedroom is by laying it below the bed. The rugs will provide a soft and warm feeling to you when you touch the floor in the morning.

  1. Create a Sitting Area: 

If your bedroom is big enough, you might even put the rug in a sitting area of your room. Arrange two or three comfortable lounge chairs and a coffee table on the top of the rug to have an area for cozy and private time.

  1. Use it as a Headboard: 

A beautiful headboard for the bedroom is the ideal way to anchor the round rugs if you’re looking for a unique and creative look. You can just lay it on the wall at the head of your bed and make a cushiony and comfy context.

  1. Mix and Match Textures: 

Place your round rug in the bedroom in such a way that it allows you to mix and match textures freely. Add a chunky knit or some velvet pillows to your sofa or bed, to create a comfortable and inviting vibe in your room.

  1. Keep it Simple: 

If you are looking for minimalistic inspiration for your bedroom, select the round shag rug that suits your taste. Go with a neutral color for the walls, and add simple bedding and a few decor elements to create a modern and minimalist design.


Round shag rugs are multipurpose and fashion-forward accessories that you can add to any space, helping you to create a wonderful feeling of comfort, texture, and style that will bring personality to your decor. It could come in eye-catching focal pieces and in both subtle and bold shades. Rugs elevate your interior décor by adding warmth and coziness to it. If you are looking for the best rugs for your room interiors, you can visit MissAmara to see their wide collection of round shag rugs and find the right one for your house decorations. Let MissAmara’s round shag rug transform your area with the classic beauty and cozy style.