Chris Tyler, a fashion model, has recently become a significant topic of discussion across various internet platforms. His name has been trending on social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, following a viral video suggesting that he was transformed into a lifelike mannequin by the luxury brand Balenciaga. Posted by a user named Unanswered Univrs, the video showcased a remarkably realistic figure resembling Chris Tyler displayed in a Balenciaga store window in Paris.

The user asserted that the mannequin bore an uncanny resemblance to the model, who reportedly went missing in 2020, fueling speculations of a sinister occurrence. The video rapidly amassed millions of views, triggering controversy and stirring curiosity among online users. However, the veracity of this peculiar claim remains uncertain. Is Chris Tyler genuinely missing? Did Balenciaga play a role in his situation? Or is it all an elaborate hoax?

The Viral Video

The catalyst for the widespread commotion emerged through a video posted by Unanswered Univrs on April 17, 2023. Presenting as a Paris local, the user captured footage of the Balenciaga store window from an exterior perspective, focusing on a mannequin bearing a striking resemblance to Chris Tyler. In the video, the user expressed their astonishment:

“This mannequin looks like somebody dead… look at his hands… his hands are as real as mine. I’ve never seen anybody look so real, holy f**k… if you know anyone missing a Black son look like this in Paris, he is in the store in the window.”

Accompanying the video was a caption asking if anyone in Paris was missing their son. The TikTok post rapidly gained viral status, amassing over 20 million views and 2 million likes. Its reach extended to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, eliciting additional reactions and comments. Viewers were both shocked and perturbed, contemplating the possibility that the mannequin might indeed be Chris Tyler, who had been reported missing since December 2020.

Analogies to the horror movie House of Wax surfaced, drawing parallels where a group of teenagers are transformed into wax figures by a deranged killer. Concerned individuals expressed sympathy for the model and his family, demanding clarification from Balenciaga.

The Missing Model

Christopher G, professionally known as Chris Tyler, is a 22-year-old model hailing from London, UK. His modeling journey commenced in 2019 when he was scouted by the acclaimed fashion designer Alexander Wang. Wang extended the opportunity for Chris to grace the runway for his esteemed Balenciaga brand, renowned for its avant-garde and groundbreaking designs. Swiftly ascending to stardom, Chris Tyler emerged as one of the industry’s most coveted models.

He showcased his talents in numerous fashion shows and campaigns for Balenciaga, as well as other prestigious brands like Gucci, Prada, and Dior. His social media presence flourished, amassing a substantial fan base, as he shared glimpses of his work and personal life through pictures and videos.

However, a sudden and mysterious turn of events unfolded in December 2020 when Chris Tyler vanished from the public eye. His Instagram account, boasting over 2 million followers, fell silent, and his phone became unresponsive. Concerned about his well-being, his family and friends reported him missing to the authorities, launching a concerted campaign to locate him.

They appealed to the public, including his fans, for assistance and even offered a reward for any pertinent information. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance fueled various speculations and rumors, ranging from him running away to potential involvement in illegal activities or even kidnapping. Nonetheless, none of these conjectures were substantiated, and Chris Tyler’s whereabouts remained shrouded in uncertainty.

The Balenciaga Mannequin

The mannequin featured in the viral video became the center of attention within Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, unveiled in March of the same year. Crafted under the creative direction of Wang, the collection introduced a series of remarkably realistic mannequins, artfully modeled after some of the brand’s iconic figures, including Chris Tyler.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials like 3D printing, silicone, and synthetic hair, these mannequins were meticulously designed to achieve a lifelike appearance and texture. Adorned in Balenciaga’s latest designs, inspired by futuristic and dystopian themes, the collection garnered acclaim from critics and fans alike. It was lauded as one of the most creative and groundbreaking collections in the annals of fashion history.

However, the mannequin bearing a resemblance to Chris Tyler stirred controversy and criticism, particularly in the wake of the viral video. Numerous individuals accused Balenciaga of displaying insensitivity and disrespect toward the missing model and his family, asserting that the brand was exploiting his image and likeness for financial gain.

Questions arose regarding the legality and ethics of employing a person’s likeness without their explicit consent and producing such an intricately realistic replica of a human being. Balenciaga faced substantial backlash and public pressure, prompting calls for the removal of the mannequin from the store window and a formal apology from the brand.

The Truth Revealed

The truth behind the viral video and the Balenciaga mannequin emerged on April 19, 2023, when Chris Tyler directly addressed the situation in a video posted on his Instagram account. In the video, he emphatically stated that he was alive and well, dispelling any notions of being transformed into a mannequin by Balenciaga.

Chris clarified that he had taken a hiatus from modeling and social media for personal reasons, remaining oblivious to the viral video and the mannequin until recently. Expressing both shock and amusement at the unfolding events, he found humor in the misconception that he had met an untimely demise. Chris further conveyed his endorsement of Balenciaga’s use of his likeness for their collection, confirming that he had provided prior consent.

He expressed being flattered and honored to be part of their creative endeavor, professing his admiration for their work. Grateful for the concern and support from fans, he apologized for any confusion or distress caused, assuring them that he was prepared to resume his modeling career. Chris hinted at sharing more details about his hiatus and comeback in the near future.

The video, playfully captioned “I’m alive lol,” garnered immense traction, amassing over 50 million views and 10 million likes on Instagram. It similarly went viral on TikTok, accumulating over 100 million views and 20 million likes. Chris Tyler’s video dispelled the mystery and controversy surrounding the viral video and the Balenciaga mannequin, quashing rumors and speculations. The revelation brought relief and joy to many, as they welcomed Chris back with enthusiasm.

Praise flooded in for his sense of humor and positive attitude, with fans expressing eagerness for his upcoming projects. In response, Balenciaga released a statement, affirming that they had obtained Chris Tyler’s consent to utilize his likeness for their collection. The statement emphasized their lack of intention to harm or disrespect him or his family, expressing relief at his well-being and anticipation for future collaborations.


The tale of Chris Tyler, the Balenciaga Model, is a captivating and peculiar journey that underscores the potential for false and sensational narratives to emerge and proliferate through the internet and social media. Simultaneously, it illustrates how these platforms can be instrumental in uncovering and dispelling such claims. The narrative also sheds light on the fashion industry’s ability to stretch the boundaries of creativity and technology, evoking both admiration and controversy.

Moreover, it emphasizes the critical need to verify sources and facts before embracing and disseminating information online, as well as the importance of respecting the privacy and rights of individuals involved. Ultimately, the story showcases the resilience and charisma of Chris Tyler, an extraordinary model who has not only weathered challenges but has also captured the hearts and admiration of millions worldwide.