Today, many scary phone numbers are associated with unexplainable events, myths, and legends. These creepy numbers are often linked to bad luck, supernatural powers, and religious beliefs. 

However, the reasons behind their scariness remain unconfirmed, adding to their mystique. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, some people have had terrifying encounters with unknown phone calls. As a precaution, it’s best to avoid answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the eeriest corners of telecommunication, revealing the top 17 scary phone numbers that truly work. Tempted to call? We advise against it! Discover why these numbers have earned their chilling reputation and why you should think twice before dialing

17 Scary Phone Numbers to Call if You’re Feeling Brave

Here are 17 spooky numbers to avoid calling: 

1. + (666) 6666-6666 

This phone number is associated with the devil in certain religions, making it inherently frightening. There are mysterious connections to unexplained deaths and a cautionary tale that anyone who calls this number will die immediately after making a wish. It is rumored to be the number of the beast or the boogie man. 

2. 090- 4444-4444 

In the Japanese community, this phone number is considered one of the frightening ones that should be avoided. Number 4 is pronounced as ‘shi,’ which means death, leading to the belief that contacting this number will result in death within a week. 

Furthermore, it is strongly connected to Sadako, the antagonist of Koji Suzuki’s Ring novels and films. Sadako’s story portrays her as a vengeful ghost with psychic abilities who was murdered and thrown into a well. 

3. 1 (207) 404-2604 

This number is considered one of the scariest to call and is believed to be a promotional tactic for the movie “Carrie” (1976). The trailer ended with the phrase “Call Carrie” and the number, aiming to captivate the audience. 

Three consecutive calls follow when dialed, each featuring eerie messages and unsettling sounds. The first call includes chilling screams, the second features creepy music and a haunting song, and the final call delivers random information in a terrifying whisper.

4. 0888 888 888 0888 888 888 

In Bulgaria, this number is infamous for its association with bad luck and is considered one of the most cursed phone numbers globally. 

Its first owner allegedly died from cancer caused by radioactive poisoning, and the subsequent owners met their demise from gunshot wounds on Bulgarian streets. 

Due to these strange incidents, Mobitel had to suspend the number. Any attempt to call the number currently leads to a voicemail message stating that no network is available. 

5. 1- 000-000-0000 

For those seeking eerie numbers to call, 1-000-000-0000 is as terrifying as it gets. In the Asian community, it is believed to be linked to mysterious deaths. 

When dialed, recipients allegedly hear a male voice demanding that they spread the number to fifteen or more people. Failure to comply is rumored to result in instant death. 

6. 1-216-333-180 

When dialing 1-216-333-180, callers are said to encounter a woman’s voice pleading for help. The distressing voice cries, “Mommy, oh my God, I’m going to die. I’m at the club. You need to come and get me.” 

This call was a promotional technique for Nine Inch Nails’ album, Year Zero. Although the album succeeded, there’s no denying the chilling nature of the call’s content. 

7. 913-535-6280 913- 535-6280 

This number links callers to the fictional Derry Police Department, initially created for reporting missing children in the 90s. However, it is primarily utilized during Halloween, where dialing the number results in hearing the sound of a policeman being brutally attacked on the other end.

8. 630-296-7536 

Another unsettling number to call is 630-296-7536. When connected, a woman’s voice informs callers their information is being traced. 

Shortly after, they are given an appointment and informed that they have been scheduled for a ‘remodel.’ The implications of this plan may send shivers down your spine, leaving you to imagine what fate awaits. 

9. 20202020 

According to legend, dialing 20202020 results in a female voice with a sharp tone urgently repeating phrases like “Help me! Help me! Suzie’s dying” or “Help me! Help me! Suzie’s drowning.” While no verified reports of an actual Suzie drowning exist, the call undeniably evokes a spooky sensation. 

10. 801-820-0263 

This phone number is reportedly associated with Annabelle, the eerie doll from the horror movie series. Calling the number allegedly leads to a voice that shares unsettling details about the caller. It’s undeniably a chilling experience, isn’t it? 

11. 407 734-0254 

This well-known ghost number is associated with Wrinkles, a notorious clown based in Naples, Florida. If you dial the number, legend has it that Wrinkles may show up at your party to play pranks on your friends or frighten misbehaving children. Some also claim that a ghost residing in the same city answers the call. 

12. 646-868-1844 

When dialing this number, it is said that you will hear peculiar bell-like tones followed by an answering machine tone. Naturally, receiving such a response when calling a new number is eerie and unsettling for most people. 

The story continues that after hanging up, you will receive a text message containing a messy combination of words within seconds. 

13. 4086342806 

There is a rumor surrounding the number 4086342806, suggesting that it is a red room number used to trace the caller’s location. Calling this number exposes your geographical whereabouts. If you’re someone who enjoys taking risks, you may be inclined to give this number a try.

14. 1-858-651-5050 

When you call (858) 651-5050, you’ll be greeted by an incredibly peculiar poem that seems flawlessly delivered by both male and female voices. Originally intended to test phone sound quality, the uncanny perfection of the phrases has led some to speculate that the number has become haunted. 

15. 618-625-8313 

This number is believed to belong to a character from Stranger Things. In the third season of the top-rated series, Murray Bauman’s number was briefly displayed on the screen. 

According to reports, calling the number will connect you to a recording of Murray yelling about his mother and conversing with Joyce Byers. 

16. 8287560109

This number is owned by a phone company in Marion, North Carolina, specifically in McDowell County, around 100 kilometers west of Charlotte. Upon calling the number, callers allegedly encounter unsettling and jarring noises. 

They also report hearing a man urgently delivering a message in binary code. When decoded, the binary message spells out the word ‘death.’

17. 801 820 0263

Reportedly, when you dial this number, you will hear a man counting from 1 to 7, succeeded by a voice calling out your name. Then, the chilling voice is said to describe your actions and location. Undoubtedly, this experience can be incredibly eerie.


The numbers listed in this guide are considered frightening for different reasons, though these explanations often lack solid evidence. However, the absence of proof doesn’t diminish the eerie reputation of these phone numbers.