Ridgeways is a well-off residential area in Nairobi County, located south of Bridge ways and close to Karura Forest. It has an altitude of 1663 meters.

This post about Ridgeways will walk you through everything you need to know about this area, so keep reading. 

What Is The Postal Code For Ridgeways?

Ridgeways employs the postal code 00800 for the Westland Constituency.

What Kind of Climate Is Found in the Ridgeways Region?

Ridgeways has a climate similar to Nairobi, with two rainy periods: April-June and October-December. The annual rainfall, which can change, is influenced by Karura Forest and averages around 930 mm.

The region has dry and hot seasons from January to early March and cool, dry, and cloudy seasons in July and August.

What Is the Location of Ridgeways in Nairobi?

Ridgeways is a prime residential area in the northwestern part of Nairobi, approximately 10 kilometers from the city’s Central Business District (CBD). Driving to the CBD takes around 20 minutes, but during peak hours, the commute can take up to 40 minutes. Ridgeways is also adjacent to Karura Forest and near Daisy Court and Thindigua.

About Ridgeways: Guide to Getting from Nairobi to Ridgeways

To travel from Nairobi to Ridgeways estate, you have several options. The shortest route is approximately 9 kilometers via Kiambu Road. Taking a bus from Nairobi to Ridgeways through Thindigua is another choice, with a travel time of around 27 to 35 minutes.

Another affordable alternative is using a taxi, comparable to a private car in terms of travel time. If you’re driving your vehicle, you can select Thika Highway or go via Westlands based on your location in the city center.

You can board Matatu Route 100 to Kiambu town for public transportation via Kiambu Road. These vehicles can be found at Ronald Ngara Street. 

Cycling is also a suitable option for those who enjoy exercise. The duration of your journey using public transport will largely depend on the traffic conditions.

What Kinds of Homes Are Available in Ridgeways?

In Ridgeways, various housing options are available to suit your budget and preferences. These include apartments and flats with 2 to 5 bedrooms for sale or rent. 

Some of these properties are located in gated communities for added security. Additionally, “own compound” houses are available for purchase or rent. Below are more types of houses in Ridgeways.

  • Detached, semi-detached, and terrace maisonette.
  • Townhouses
  • Bungalows
  • Private luxury villas
  • Duplex houses

Typically, homes offer communal facilities like a playground, pool, and parking. However, if you prefer privacy, you can choose individual residences with exclusive amenities such as a personal pool, exercise space, yard, and gym.

What Are the Typical Prices for Buying and Renting in Ridgeways?

The price of renting a 5-bedroom house in Ridgeways starts at Ksh. 65,000 per month, with an average price of Ksh. 300,000. Renting options are available for various durations, including short stays, vacations, work trips, or long-term settlements.

When purchasing a similar 5-bedroom house, prices range from Ksh. 65 million to Ksh. 90 million, with an average price of Ksh. 75 million. The cost of the house is determined by its type and any additional features it may have.

Although the neighborhood remains consistent, several factors can impact the price of houses in Ridgeways.

1. Amenities and Necessities

Certain houses offer superior amenities compared to others, influencing their price. For instance, a house equipped with a contemporary modular kitchen, an intercom system, and underground drainage will cost more than a house lacking these features. Here are additional amenities that can impact the price of a house in a specific location.

  • A clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • 24/7 security assurance
  • Reliable power backup
  • Covered parking lot
  • Kids playing area
  • A jogging track

2. Layout and Size

The dimensions of rooms greatly influence the price of a house for rent or sale. An open floor plan may be more expensive than a closed one, and a newly constructed home in excellent condition will fetch a higher price compared to one requiring renovation. 

Consider these factors when searching for a house in Ridgeways, whether you plan to rent or buy.

What Are the Sizes of the Houses in Ridgeways?

Ridgeways features spacious houses, varying from 3 to 5 bedrooms. The area is known for its standalone and “own compound” houses, which offer private amenities like swimming pools, parking lots, and children’s play areas. 

Additionally, there are options for smaller accommodations such as 1-bedroom apartments and bedsitters for rent.

What’s the Current Security Status in Ridgeways?

Ridgeways, located in Nairobi County, is one of the safest residential areas for those seeking upscale living. It benefits from excellent security provided by the nearby Muthaiga Police Station, ensuring regular patrols and swift responses to resident concerns.

The neighborhood employs professional security guards from private companies stationed at each entrance gate. Enhanced security measures include numerous streetlights and surveillance cameras throughout the area. 

Furthermore, houses are equipped with security alarms, enabling homeowners and security personnel to be promptly alerted in emergencies. Additionally, all gated and fenced homes have barriers at their entrances.

What Is the Water Source for Ridgeways?

Ridgeways residents receive water from Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, Runda Water, and the county council. Some homes for sale have their boreholes to ensure an uninterrupted water supply.

How Reliable Is the Water Supply in Ridgeways?

Ridgeways residents have access to a consistent water supply. However, there may be shortages or interruptions if the water supplier faces any issues. These problems can occur due to pipe damage or a general water shortage in Nairobi County.

Which Water Companies Operate in Ridgeways?

Numerous companies in Ridgeways provide water services to its residents, with Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company being the primary supplier. Other companies utilize clean water tanker services or offer bottled drinking water options. 

Here are some of the accessible companies for Ridgeways residents.

  • Gobeba Water Refill
  • Davis and Shirtlif
  • Clean Water Suppliers
  • Pureflow Mineral Water Company Solutions
  • Runda Water Company
  • Nextgen Solutions Water Company
  • Golden Consumer Products
  • My PureWater

Which Company Provides the Primary Electricity Supply in Ridgeways?

Kenya Power and Lighting Company is the main electricity provider in Ridgeways.

What Is the Frequency of Blackouts in Ridgeways?

Ridgeways experience infrequent power outages, but they occur when Kenya Power faces mechanical issues in the area or announces planned power disruptions.

Which School Options Are Conveniently Available to Ridgeways Residents?

Ridgeways residents have the opportunity to choose from three different types of schools.

  • International schools
  • Public schools
  • Private schools

Kindergarten Schools in Ridgeways

Ridgeways residents have the advantage of having numerous upscale early learning centers nearby. Here are some of the kindergartens available in the area.

  • Ridgeways Academy
  • Shadel Montessori Center
  • Colors and Crayons Early Learning Center
  • Kijani Ridge School
  • Green Acorn Daycare and Kindergarten
  • Kigwa Ridge School and Montessori Center
  • Lesona Kindergarten

Primary Schools in Ridgeways

In Ridgeways, multiple primary schools are available for children to attend. Here are a few examples.

  • Kijani Ridge School
  • Braeburn Garden Estate School
  • Kigwa Ridge School and Montessori Center
  • Akima Springs Junior School

What Hospitals Are in Ridgeways?

Ridgeways has a variety of hospitals available 24/7, including private, public, and missionary ones.

Private Hospitals in Ridgeways

Public Hospitals in Ridgeways

There are no public hospitals in Ridgeways estate, but residents have access to nearby government hospitals.

  • Kiambu Sub-county Level 5 Hospital
  • Ruaraka Health Center
  • Kiambu County Referral Hospital

Missionary Hospitals in Ridgeways

  • St. Grace Medical Mission International Hospital, Kenya
  • St. Teresa Hospital

What Gyms Are in Ridgeways?

  • Feel Fitness Center
  • WAWA Fitness Center
  • CrossFit Kwetu Gym
  • Morningstar Court and Gym
  • Villas Gym, Ridgeways
  • UN Recreational Center
  • Ridgeways Fitness Center Accommodation
  • Fit 4 Life Gym and Fitness Center
  • Smart Gyms Junction

What Spas Are Offered in Ridgeways?

  • Uglow Aesthetic Clinic
  • Ameerah Ladies Spa and Salon
  • Urban Eaze Beauty Parlour
  • Sparadise Spa Ridgeways
  • Romeo’s Parlor- Men’s spa
  • Ekiki Salon and Spa
  • Breezy Ridge Barber and Spa Ridgeways
  • Simply Signature Spa by Maggie
  • Bliss Nail Spa and Hair Salon
  • Blossom spa
  • Sozo’s Spa
  • Renewed Beauty and Spa
  • Zeasco Unisex Salon
  • Intense Beauty

Which Chemists and Pharmacies Can Be Found in Ridgeways?

  • Goodlife Pharmacy Shell, Ridgeways
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Ridgeways
  • Sumer View Chemist
  • Mimosa Pharmacy
  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Ciata Mall Ridgeways

Which Garages Are in Operation in Ridgeways?

  • Astro Garage
  • AutoXpress – Ridgeways Mall
  • Align My Car Garage
  • Range Rover Centre
  • Auto Xpress Ltd
  • Vettel Auto Spare Ltd
  • Garage – Motor Lab Auto Center Ltd
  • Ridgeways Auto Tech & Diagnosis Limited
  • Bright Light Auto Services
  • S.S Motor Garage
  • Executive Car World

Which Car Wash Establishments Are Available in Ridgeways?

  • Kwik Kleen Car Spa
  • Ocean Stretch Car Wash
  • Ciara City Car Wash
  • Powershine Auto Spa
  • super highway car wash
  • Extreme Clean Car Wash

What Are the Options for Buying Groceries and Household Essentials in Ridgeways?

  • Ambrosia Food Market
  • Ridgeways Park Hotel
  • The Amazon Hotel
  • Think Kitchen and Accessories limited
  • Windsor Golf and Country Clubs
  • Eden Bliss Gardens
  • Goiya Liquor Mart
  • Naivas Supermarket
  • Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket
  • The Walkabout Pub
  • Ciata City Shopping Mall
  • Ridgeways Mall
  • House of Leather & Gifts

What Are the Available Internet and Office Network Providers in Ridgeways?

  • Dumatel Africa
  • Supanet
  • Speedsurf Kenya Limited
  • Juja Internet Service Providers
  • Africom Broadband
  • Mabawa Networks
  • MyISP Limited
  • Unireach Technology Limited

Benefits of Relocating to Ridgeways

Ridgeways offers excellent residential and property investment prospects, as indicated by a recent survey comparing investment opportunities in Nairobi. In this survey, Ridgeways and its neighboring area, Thindigua, stood out with greater potential than other locations. Several key factors contribute to the high investment opportunities in this area.

  • Low residential properties supply
  • Low costs
  • Its short proximity to Nairobi town center

Ridgeways is a perfect place for people of all generations to live, including young couples, families, and the elderly. It offers a range of amenities for everyone, and apart from schools, it also hosts prestigious educational institutions like Braeburn College. Furthermore, getting in and out of Ridgeways is easy due to its excellent connectivity via Thika Super Highway, Limuru Road, and Kiambu Road.