Swimming is a popular activity among residents of Nairobi due to the city’s warm climate. There are numerous swimming pools throughout Nairobi, some offering dining facilities for those planning to spend the entire day at the pool.

Here are the top swimming pools in Nairobi to visit with your kids this weekend. Read and discover all to have options next time you are looking for swimming pools in Nairobi.

9+ Swimming Pools in Nairobi 

1. Chester House Swimming Pool

Chester House is located in the Central Business District and offers a swimming pool area with a beautiful city view. Swimming is complimentary for facility guests, while walk-in visitors are required to pay a ten-dollar fee.

Swimming Pools In Nairobi

2. Nairobi Club Swimming Pool

Easily accessible by public transportation, the Nairobi Club Swimming Pool is known for its excellent facilities and fantastic lifeguards. It’s a great place for the whole family, especially the kids.

3. Barclays Swimming Pool

For fresh air in the city, visit the Barclays Swimming Pool and relax in their facilities. Their trainers will teach you if you don’t know how to swim. The facility also has a restaurant where you can order your favorite meal. On weekends, swimming costs Kshs. 300.

4. Rabai Road Swimming Pool

Known for its excellent management and deep end, Rabai Road Swimming Pool is ideal for swimming practice. While you swim laps in the adult pool, your younger children can cool off in the neighboring detached baby pool. Their all-day swimming rates of Kshs 100 are reasonable.

5. Meridian Hotel Swimming Pool

This pool provides exclusivity and a wonderful atmosphere as a feature of the Meridian Hotel’s amenities. Guests may expect a high level of security and safety. The pool shower is modern and clean, and the pool itself is well-kept.

Swimming Pools In Nairobi

6. Nairobi Hilton Swimming Pool

This well-known four-star hotel features a rooftop swimming pool for guests and paying walk-in visitors. It offers a fantastic view of the capital city while ensuring privacy and security.

7. YMCA Swimming Pool

Popular among young people residing around State House Road and Mamlaka Road, the YMCA pool is a nice spot to spend a day with friends. Swimming costs Kshs 150 per person, and lunch is available nearby. The poolside benches provide a relaxing space to soak up the sun.

8. Kasarani Aquatic Stadium 

This pool caters to both experienced and inexperienced swimmers. Kasarani Aquatic Stadium features a normal pool, a heated pool, and a diving pool, ensuring something for everyone. The clean and well-maintained pools provide a comfortable swimming and lounging experience.

9. EASA Swimming Pool 

EASA boasts excellent management and top-notch swimming facilities. The changing facilities are well-equipped and tidy, ensuring a pleasant cleaning experience.

10. Premier Club Pool 

Premier Club offers various sports courts, such as lawn tennis, for families who enjoy activities other than swimming. While some family members participate in ball games, others can improve their swimming abilities in the pool. Volleyball and badminton are also available. The club provides privacy and security for its members and guests.

Swimming Pools In Nairobi


In Nairobi, swimming pools can be found in schools, stadiums, hotels, and restaurants. Prices may vary, but with our list of the best swimming pools, your family will have plenty of options if you rent a house in Nairobi.