About Mlolongo

Mlolongo is located within Machakos County, approximately 19 kilometers from the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) along the Nairobi-Mombasa road.

This post will cover everything you need to know about Mlolongo , so read on and learn more about Mlolongo.

In Which Ward, Constituency, and County are Mlolongo?

Mlolongo is situated administratively within the Syokimau/Mlolongo ward, which is part of the Mavoko constituency in Machakos County.

How Big Is Mlolongo, and What Is the Population?

According to the 2019 census, Mlolongo spans approximately 12.9 square kilometers and is inhabited by a population of 136,000 individuals.

What is the Postal Code for Mlolongo?

The postal code for Mlolongo is 00519.

What Climate Does the Mlolongo Region Experience?

Mlolongo enjoys consistently warm to hot temperatures all year round, averaging around 25 degrees Celsius. The climate is generally delightful, with the peak of heat occurring in January, February, and March. The colder months are experienced from June to July, with temperatures dropping as low as 18 degrees Celsius.

Mlolongo experiences its driest months in July, all through August and February. Nevertheless, considerable rainfall can be anticipated during March, through April, and to May, as well as during October, through November, and December.

Furthermore, the region encounters moderate wind primarily during January, March, February, and January, with the peak speed recorded at 18.3 knots in mid-March. It is worth emphasizing that Mlolongo remains free from snowfall, even during the colder months of July and June.

Where is Mlolongo Located in Nairobi?

Mlolongo can be found in the eastern region of Nairobi, approximately 19 kilometers away from the Central Business District (CBD). It is recognized as one of Nairobi’s metropolitan towns.

How Can One Travel to Mlolongo from Nairobi?

The available routes are limited to the A109 or the Nairobi-Mombasa road to Mlolongo from Nairobi. This road begins at the intersection of Uhuru Highway, Lusaka, and Lang’ata roads. Consequently, locating a pathway that connects to the Nairobi-Mombasa road is necessary to reach Mlolongo.

Give Options for Private and Public Means.

To travel from Nairobi to Mlolongo, you can use public or private transportation, both of which utilize the Nairobi-Mombasa road. If you prefer public transport, you can board a matatu with route number 110 at the entrance of the railway station. This route serves destinations such as Athi River, Mlolongo, Kitengela, and Syokimau.

You can drive or take a taxi to travel from Nairobi to Mlolongo. Alternatively, some people use private or hired motorbikes to travel to Mlolongo. These bikes are the quickest mode of transportation as they are seldom impacted by traffic congestion.

What Types of Houses Can Be Found in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo is a diverse residential locality comprising a wide range of housing options, such as:

  • Bungalows
  • Apartments
  • Flats
  • Contemporary houses
  • Townhouses
  • Maisonettes

What Are The Average Sale Price and Rent for Houses in Mlolongo?

In Mlolongo, several factors contribute to the determination of house prices, such as the size of the property, proximity to the main road, the type of house, and more. The average selling price for a one-bedroom apartment in the area is Ksh. 3.1 million, there is an option to rent it monthly for Ksh. 10,000.

What Sizes are the Houses in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo offers a variety of house sizes, ranging from single rooms to five-bedroom houses. However, these houses vary in terms of square footage and floor plan.

What is the Security situation in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo is typically a safe place to reside, although a few areas are prone to crime, such as Madharau Street, Ngwata areas, and Muli block. However, apart from these specific locations, the rest of Mlolongo is considered safe.

Where do Mlolongo Residents Get Water?

Mlolongo benefits from several water sources, which include:

  • Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company
  • Boreholes
  • Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company
  • Bottled water companies
  • Mavoko Drinking Water Supply Project

What is the Consistency of the Water Supply in Mlolongo?

Thanks to the successful implementation of the Mavoko water and sewerage project, Mlolongo now enjoys a reliable water supply. Nevertheless, occasional water shortages or outages may occur in the area during maintenance activities when the water sources become temporarily depleted.

What are Water Companies in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo has numerous water companies that supplement Nairobi and Mavoko water and sewerage companies. They are:

  • Cots water
  • Aquavig water depot
  • Bethan spring water
  • Kajoy enterprises
  • Delta ice water
  • Ngwata borehole
  • Mavoko mineral water company
  • Aqua joy
  • Atlantis oasis water limited

Mlolongo is home to several water companies that provide additional support to Nairobi and Mavoko water and sewerage companies. These include:

  • Cots Water
  • Delta Ice Water
  • Aquavig Water Depot
  • Kajoy Enterprises
  • Bethan Spring Water
  • Ngwata Borehole
  • Atlantis Oasis Water Limited
  • Mavoko Mineral Water Company
  • Aqua Joy

These companies contribute to ensuring a reliable water supply in the Mlolongo area.

Who is Mlolongo’s Leading Supplier of Electricity?

The primary electricity provider for Mlolongo is Kenya Power Limited.

How Consistent Are Blackouts in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo rarely experiences power outages unless there is an unavoidable transmission failure. The Kenya Power company also consistently informs residents about their maintenance schedules to ensure they are prepared for upcoming blackouts.

What Types of Schools are Closely Accessible to Residents in Mlolongo?

Mlolongo boasts a variety of school types, including:

  • Government-sponsored schools
  • International schools
  • Private schools

 Kindergarten Schools in Mlolongo

  • Morgenroth scholars
  • First joy academy
  • St. Bakhita kindergarten
  • Edmar school
  • St. Bakhita kindergarten
  • Treasure academy
  • Kiddie farm junior school
  • Little bee kindergarten and primary school
  • Excellent stars academy
  • Kinderville junior school
  • Kida palace daycare and pre-school

Primary Schools in Mlolongo

  • Real junior school
  • Mlolongo primary school
  • Kitengela international, Mombasa road branch
  • Ngwata primary school
  • Kingsbrook academy primary school
  • Viewpoint academy
  • Benuru academy
  • Mt. Olive School
  • Blessed trinity junior school limited
  • St. Peters junior academy Mlolongo
  • Springs of Life school
  • St Francis of Assisi Academy
  • Afnan Nursery and primary school
  • Mlolongo AIC primary school
  • Rose gate academy
  • Willow Creek School
  • Faith love academy

Secondary Schools in Mlolongo

  • St. Francis De Sales mixed day secondary school
  • Solomon school
  • St. Augustine Mlolongo secondary school

Which Hospitals are Located in Mlolongo?

These are the types of hospitals you can find in Mlolongo:

  • Public hospital
  • Privately owned hospitals

Private Hospitals in Mlolongo

  • Sanel hospital
  • Assisi nursing home
  • Vezen medical center
  • First community hospital Mlolongo
  • Mlolongo wellness center
  • Maria Goretti Health services
  • St. Paul community medical center
  • Airport medical center
  • Lanecare medical center

Public Hospitals found in Mlolongo

  • Ngwata public hospital
  • Mlolongo health center

Which Gyms are available in Mlolongo?

  • Bliss Park Gym and Spa
  • Evib Gym-Mlolongo
  • Switch Fitness Center
  • Next-Level Fitness Gym and Spa
  • Crossfit Gym
  • Homage Fitness
  • High Tower Health Center
  • Rolex Gym and Health Club
  • Outdoor Pursuit Kenya

Which SPAs are Available in Mlolongo?

  • Ruby’s Spa and Nail Parlor
  • Fusion Hair Studio and Spa
  • Millaz Beauty Spa
  • Nuga Best Mlolongo Family
  • Tiptop Beauty Parlor
  • Spa Industries Limited 
  • Phyllmart Nail and Beauty Spa

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Mlolongo?

  • Mlolongo Pharmacy
  • Mapema Chemist
  • Ndalani Chemist
  • Kwa Hope Chemist
  • Matrix Lifecare Chemist
  • Gateway Chemist
  • The Shade Pharmacy Mlolongo
  • Micky Dispensing Chemist
  • Late-Night Chemist Mlolongo
  • Telichem Pharmacy

About Mlolongo: What Garages Operate in Mlolongo?

  • Kenyatta Auto Care
  • Custom Garage
  • Olouch Auto Garage Mlolongo
  • Triple Auto Garage
  • Spanner Auto Garage
  • Luchi Garage
  • Dunhill Automobiles

Which Car Wash Joints Work in Mlolongo?

  • Manya Carwash
  • Stelix Carwash
  • Sparkling Shine Carwash
  • Capscar Car Wash
  • Hotel Connection Carwash
  • The Place Carwash and Carpet Center

Which Internet and Office Network Providers are Available in Mlolongo?

  • Next Thing Network
  • Splash Internet Solutions
  • HeavenCome Internet Service Provider
  • Mudzz Entertainment
  • Siantech Computers
  • Sigmanet Wireless
  • Fastnet Air Fiber

Mlolongo stands as a self-sustained, easily accessible, and secure community, providing a wide array of houses available for both sale and rent. Beyond housing options, it boasts many restaurants, nightclubs, and entertainment venues, making it an ideal destination for an enjoyable family day out.