Kimbo is situated in Kiambu, approximately 22 kilometers from Nairobi, when traveling via Ngong Road.

This post about Kimbo will walk you through everything you need to know about this place, so keep reading and learn more. 

In Which Ward, Constituency, and County is Kimbo?

Kimbo is just an estate in Kiu Ward in the Ruiru Constituency of Kiambu County.

What is the Postal Code for Kimbo?

The Postal Code for the Kimbos is 00232

What Climate Does the Kimbo Region Experience?

Kimbo, located in Ruiru, shares the climate characteristics of the surrounding area. The climate in this region is typically warm, temperate, and mild, with substantial precipitation throughout the year.

April has significant precipitation, whereas September experiences the fewest rainy days.

Regarding temperature ranges, March experiences the highest temperatures throughout the year, averaging 20.7 degrees. Conversely, Kimbo’s coldest month is July.

About Kimbo: How Can One Travel to Kimbo from Nairobi?

In Nairobi, multiple routes are available to reach Kimbo Estate. You have the option to take either Ngong Road or the Southern Bypass. Various modes of transportation are at your disposal, such as buses, trams, trains, subways, taxis, or private cars.

 If you choose the Southern Bypass, the estimated travel time is approximately 50 minutes, whereas using Ngong Road typically takes around 35 minutes.

What Types of Houses Can Be Found in Kimbo?

Kimbo offers a wide range of real estate properties that cater to various preferences and budgets, allowing you to discover your perfect home. These options are available in gated communities and individual compounds, ensuring a diverse selection to suit your tastes.

The standard varieties of houses encompass:

  • Villas
  • Terraced Bungalows
  • Detached bungalows
  • Maisonettes
  • Townhouses
  • Flats and apartments

Furthermore, the houses are available for purchase, rental, joint ventures, and short-term leases. Moreover, these houses are ideally suited for residential and establishing businesses.

What Sizes are Houses in Kimbo?

In Kimbo, the size of houses varies based on their type and features. For example, flats and apartments offer single rooms and bedsitters. This arrangement allows residents to access shared amenities such as a kids’ play zone, parking, and swimming pools.

Bungalows, maisonettes, and villas are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 5 rooms. These rooms are generously spacious and equipped with essential features.

What is the Security Situation in Kimbo?

Due to the rapid population growth in Kimbo Estate, an increase in insecurity cases can be anticipated. The prevalent incidents include rape and theft. However, to mitigate these security concerns, multiple police stations have been set up in Kimbo. 

These establishments include the Kimbo AP Police Post and the Githurai Kimbo Police Station. To ensure residents’ safety, the officers must conduct regular patrols during late hours.

Where do Kimbo Residents Get Water?

The water requirements of the residents in Kimbo are met through the utilization of the Ruiru River. The water extracted from the river is processed at the Kibendera and Jacaranda Treatment Plants and subsequently supplied to all individuals residing in Ruiru.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company to ensure an adequate and continuous supply of clean water to the residents of Kimbo.

What is the Consistency of Water Supply in Kimbo?

The rapid population growth has negatively impacted the water supply in Kimbo. Residing in this area, one should anticipate various challenges throughout the week. 

Nevertheless, different sections of the neighborhood receive water through their faucets on specific days of the week. This arrangement has been implemented to guarantee every resident’s weekly water access.

What are Water Companies in Kimbo?

Here are the primary water distributors in Kimbo

  • Leofresh Kimbo
  • Kijani Purified Drinking Water
  • Aqua Vida Water Refilling Company
  • Blue Drops Purified Drinking Water
  • Ruiru Juja Water and Sewerage Company
  • Water Point

Who is Kimbo’s Main Supplier of Electricity?

Kimbo relies on Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) to meet its electricity requirements.

How Consistent Are Blackouts in Kimbo?

Kimbo only experiences regular blackouts if the company initiates a planned blackout, and even then, the duration is typically short. In such situations, the residents are given advance notice.

Furthermore, numerous homeowners invest in solar panels to ensure a continuous energy supply during blackouts.

What Types of Schools are Closely Accessible to Residents in Kimbo?

Kindergarten Schools in Kimbo

  • St. George’s Kindergarten
  • Spleng School & Kindergarten

Primary Schools in 

Secondary Schools in Kimbo

  • Kimbo Mixed High School
  • Wankan Girls High School

Which Hospitals are Located in Kimbo?

Private Hospitals in Kimbo

  • Kimbo Community Medical Clinic
  • Gachororo Health Centre
  • Hamindia HealthHamida
  • Public Hospitals in Kimbo
  • MTM Medical Centre
  • Afyacross Medical Centre
  • Kimbo Health Centre
  • Kimbo Healthcare Centre
  • Romkan Medical Centre

Mission Hospitals in Kimbo

  • Comboni Sisters Mission
  • Kalimoni Mission Hospital
  • Beacon Children’s Centre
  • Oaklands Mission Hospital

Which Gyms are Available in Kimbo?

  • Kings Fitness & Recreational Centre
  • On-time Gym
  • One Four Gym is in Ruiru Kimbo
  • Galaxy Gym and also the Health Club

Which SPAs are Available in Kimbo?

  • Emil Spa Consultancy
  • Monica Barbershop & Spa
  • Lorenzo Barbershop Salon & Spa
  • Abby Kay Nails
  • Audrey Beauty Parlour

What Chemists and Pharmacies are Located in Kimbo?

  • Tiran Pharmacy Chemist & Cosmetics
  • Frebpha Chemist
  • Latema Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Wakati Chemist
  • Kenaga Chemist
  • Jamu Chemist

What Garages Operate in Kimbo?

  • Muias Garage
  • Jiagge’s Motors
  • Autotech Garage
  • Kineticar Auto Garage Ltd
  • Kiroko Auto Garage and Spare Parts

Which Car Washes Are Open in the Kimbo Area?

  • Bobs Car Parlour
  • Benrose Car Wash
  • The Autospin Carwash and also Detailing Services
  • Gezer Auto
  • The carwash known as Karibu Car Wash

Which Internet and Office Network Providers are Available in Kimbo?

  • Qwikilinks Internet
  • Netcom Kenya
  • Express Data Networks
  • T-zan Telcom
  • Netify Networks
  • Firm Networks Telecom


You can relax about finding your next residential place with the rapid growth of Kimbo Estate. It is strategically located and offers easy accessibility from anywhere in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. Moreover, it provides all the essential amenities you require daily.