Kenyatta Road is located in the North-East of Kiambu County towards the boundary of Kiambu County and Murang’a County.

This post about Kenyatta Road, also known as K-road, will walk you through everything you need to know about the place. 

Which County is Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road is in Kiambu County, passing through Gatundu South and Juja Constituencies.

What Size is Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road extends approximately 20 km and accommodates a minimum of 400 vehicles throughout its length.

What is the Postal Code for Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road shares the postal code 00900 with Kiambu.

What Type of Climate Is Found in the Kenyatta Road Area?

Kenyatta Road has a warm climate with ample rainfall. March has the highest temperature of around 21 °C, while January, February, and March are the hottest months. July experiences the lowest temperatures, averaging about 17.5 °C.

Kenyatta Road receives heavy rainfall, with February having the fewest rainy days. April, May, and November are stormy, with April having the highest number of rainy days at 24.

What Is the Location of Kenyatta Road in Nairobi?

Kenyatta Road is situated around 30 kilometers north of the Nairobi CBD.

About Kenyatta Road: What Is the Route to Get From Nairobi to Kenyatta Road?

Three primary transportation methods exist between Nairobi and Kenyatta Road in both directions.

1. Public Means (Bus/Matatu)

Traveling from Nairobi to Kenyatta Road can take 30 minutes to 1 hour by matatu or bus. The cost varies between Kshs 100 to Kshs 150, depending on factors like vehicle type, time, and season. This mode of transportation is widely regarded as the most convenient and affordable option, eliminating the need for private transportation.

2. Taxi or Bodaboda

Taxis and bodabodas are readily available in Nairobi, including along Kenyatta Road. Alternatively, people can use transportation apps to request pickups.

Taxis in Nairobi CBD can range from Kshs 500 to Ksh 1,500 or more, while bodabodas typically cost around Ksh 800 to Ksh 1,300, depending on the time, service, and season. However, trips from Kenyatta Road to Nairobi CBD may offer lower prices.

3. Private means

The journey from Nairobi CBD to Kenyatta Road typically ranges from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

What Kinds of Homes Are Present Along Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road spans 20 kilometers and offers various rental properties, including apartments, flats, bungalows, mansions, and maisonettes with varying bedrooms. These properties come with amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, parks, and more.

What Are the Typical Prices for Buying and Renting Houses on Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road offers a wide range of homes for sale, including bungalows and mansions with 2 to 5 bedrooms. The prices range from Ksh 7 million to 35 million, depending on the type of house and amenities provided.

For rentals in Kenyatta Road, prices range from Ksh 7,000 to around Ksh 40,000. The options include 4-bedroom apartments, studio apartments, duplexes, and bedsitters.

What Are the Dimensions of the Houses Located on Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road offers a wide range of rental properties, including mansionettes on large plots of land and bungalows on smaller plots. It also features various apartment types, with bedroom sizes ranging from 130 to 180 square feet.

What’s the Current Security Status in Kenyatta Road?

There are about five police stations and one police post: 

  • Kays Police Station
  • THETA Police Station
  • Kibii Police Station
  • Gatundu Police Station
  • Juja Police Station
  • Ichaweri Police Post

Kenyatta Road also has occasional police roadblocks, and the residents live in fenced and gated communities or households.

What Is the Water Source for Residents of Kenyatta Road?

Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage Company is the primary water provider for Kenyatta Road. Nonetheless, over 60% of residents and property owners have dug boreholes on their premises and set up storage tanks to maintain a steady water supply.

How Reliable Is the Water Supply in Kenyatta Road?

Residents of Kenyatta Road face water rationing, but they have addressed the issue by drilling boreholes and relying on private water companies for supply.

Which Water Companies Operate Along Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road provides a range of water companies that mitigate the effects of water rationing. These companies employ different approaches to supply water to the residents, such as bottled delivery or water trucks. Some of the companies operating in the area are:

  • Faraja Purified Drinking Water
  • Vepo water
  • Hydro water Juja
  • Thika Water And Sewerage Company Limited
  • Chemi fountain purified drinking water
  • Gatong’ora Water Development Company Limited
  • Gatundu Water And Sewerage Company
  • Clean water services
  • Smoke House Springs
  • Leo Fresh

Which Company Provides Electricity to Kenyatta Road?

KPLC is the primary electricity provider on Kenyatta Road.

What Is the Frequency of Power Outages in Kenyatta Road?

Kenya Power and Lighting Company ensure a consistent electricity supply to residents of Kenyatta Road. They will inform the community about any planned interruptions caused by emergencies, maintenance, or repairs.

Which Educational Institutions Are On Kenyatta Road?

Residents of Kenyatta Road have access to a range of schools.

Kindergarten Schools in Kenyatta Road

  • Angels of Mercy Olive Branch Kindergarten
  • Presbyterian Ambitious School (PCEA)
  • Huston Kindergarten
  • Malezi Early Learning Centre
  • Blossom Kids Care
  • Furahacrest
  • Juja Kids Palace Schools
  • Precious Kindergarten
  • Destiny Star School
  • Grand start School

Primary Schools in Kenyatta Road

  • PCEA Ngenda Primary School
  • Precious Blood Primary School
  • Kigaa Primary School
  • Muhoho Primary School
  • Harti Primary School
  • Gatundu Goodluck Primary
  • PCEA Kimunyu Primary School
  • Mwireri Primary School
  • PCEA Kagema Primary School

Which Hospitals Can Be Found Along Kenyatta Road?

Kenyatta Road offers a range of private, public, and missionary hospitals.

Private Hospitals On Kenyatta Road

  • MediCross Medical Centre
  • The Aga Khan University Hospital
  • St Judes Nursing Home Hospital
  • Sawa Sawa Health Services
  • Caremax Medical Center
  • Gatundu Women’s Medical Clinic

Public Hospitals On Kenyatta Road

  • Juja Farm Health Centre
  • Gatundu Level 4 Hospital
  • Gituamba Community Dispensary
  • Prescort Dispensary

What Gyms Are in Kenyatta Road?

  • Shape Up Health And Fitness Centre
  • Misulimethods gym
  • The Royal Fitness
  • Feddfitness
  • P23 Gym
  • Solid Faith Church And Gym
  • Salama Wellness Center
  • Body Tone Gym And Aerobics
  • Taedance Fitness Centre
  • QC Fitness Studio
  • Giant Golem Strength And Fitness Centre

What Spas Are Accessible on Kenyatta Road?

  • Ruiru Massage Parlor
  • Sevensz Spa
  • Crown Barber and Spa
  • Beauty Cave
  • Le Posh Nail Spa
  • Audrey Beauty Parlour
  • Monics Barbershop and Spa

What Chemists and Pharmacies Are on Kenyatta Road?

  • Medmar Chemist
  • Dawachem Chemist
  • Benapharm Pharmacy And Chemist
  • Marram Chemist
  • Medrite Care Pharmacy
  • Tiran Pharmacy Chemist And Cosmetics
  • Laspa Chemist
  • Goodlife Pharmacy Total Juja
  • Furaha Pharmacy

What Garages Are on Kenyatta Road?

  • Ruiru Garage Center
  • Kineticar Auto Garage Limited
  • I-Move Auto Garage
  • Muias Garage
  • Great Fix Auto Garage
  • Galactic Auto Garage
  • Prime Care Motor Garage
  • Excellent Group Garage Limited
  • Mileage Motorways Garage

Which Car Wash Areas on Kenyatta Road?

  • Chemi Car Wash
  • Karibu Car Wash
  • Blue Tec Car Wash
  • Happy Shop Car Wash
  • JKUAT Car Wash
  • Chagua Auto Car Wash and Service Centre
  • Amani Car Wash
  • Brivince carwash
  • Performance Clef
  • Benrose Car Wash
  • King David Carwash
  • Gem Motor Wash
  • Spark Car Spa Kenyatta Road

What Are the Available Internet and Office Network Providers in Kenyatta Road?

  • Netify Networks
  • Icon Fiber Solutions Limited
  • KiNeTiK Internet services
  • Express Data Networks
  • Smart Tech Internet
  • Newtonet Enterprise
  • Gatundu Wifi
  • E-Networks
  • Qwikilinks Internet
  • Netcom Kenya