Nick Florescu, a distinguished American businessman with Romanian roots, stands out as the founder and president of Centrade USA, Inc., an enterprise specializing in advertising, online marketing, TV/Cable advertising sales, and film and TV financing services. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of Kubis Interactive, a digital marketing company. While notably recognized as the spouse of well-known journalist and YouTuber Dominique Sachse, this article delves into Nick Florescu’s current whereabouts and endeavors in 2023, providing insights into his life and career.

Early Life and Education

Nicholas Alexander Florescu, commonly known as Nick Florescu, entered the world on October 31, 1953, in the United States of America. His roots trace back to Romania, with parents Larry and Melissa Florescu immigrating to the US from Romania. Nick’s father, Larry, owned a restaurant, a business venture Nick took over after leaving high school.

Embarking on his academic journey, Nick attended Boston College, achieving a degree in marketing in 1974. Subsequently, he launched his professional career in the oil energy sector, dedicating 18 years to roles as a trader and broker.

Business Ventures

In 1991, Nick Florescu initiated his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Centrade USA, Inc., originally focused on marketing. Gradually venturing into the digital realm, he diversified the company’s offerings to encompass a range of services, including advertising, online marketing, TV/Cable advertising sales, and film and TV financing. Additionally, he founded a center in Romania, extending its reach to serve neighboring countries.

Nick also assumed the role of managing director at a Romanian outdoor billboard company, transforming it into the inaugural national billboard network. In 2002, he successfully sold the company to NewsCorp.

Marking another milestone in 2010, Nick introduced Kubis Interactive, a digital marketing firm specializing in crafting innovative and captivating online campaigns for clients. With offices in Houston, Texas, and Bucharest, Romania, Kubis Interactive has become a prominent player in the industry.

Beyond his business ventures, Nick Florescu is a dedicated philanthropist, establishing The Florescu Foundation in support of disadvantaged children in Romania. This non-profit organization extends aid through educational, healthcare, and social services while also backing cultural and artistic projects.

Personal Life and Family

Nick has experienced marriage twice in his life. His first wife’s identity remains undisclosed, yet their union resulted in five children: Ava, Bella, Elle, Nicky, and Alex. The couple, however, went through a divorce in 2011.

In 2012, Nick’s path crossed with Dominique Sachse, a British-American journalist, television reporter, and YouTuber, at a party. Their connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, leading to their marriage on May 22, 2012, in Texas. Dominique, with a son named Styles from a previous marriage, joined Nick to form a blended family of six children who share a close and supportive bond. Adding to their family dynamic, they have a cherished canine companion named Coco. Residing in an opulent mansion in Houston, Texas, the couple collaborated on the renovation and decoration of their home.

Both Nick and Dominique actively engage with their audience on social media, offering glimpses into their personal and professional lives. Their joint YouTube channel features videos showcasing their travels, lifestyle, and relationship, providing an intimate look into their shared experiences.

Where is Nick Florescu Now?

Nick Florescu continues to hold the positions of President at Centrade USA, Inc. and CEO at Kubis Interactive. Alongside his professional commitments, he actively participates in philanthropic endeavors, particularly through The Florescu Foundation. Nick finds fulfillment in his life, sharing it with his wife, Dominique, and their six children. Embracing a global perspective, he indulges in travel, immersing himself in diverse cultures and enriching experiences.

As a highly accomplished businessman, Nick Florescu’s successful career reflects his dedication and hard work. Beyond his professional achievements, he exemplifies the roles of a loving husband, devoted father, and committed philanthropist, making a positive impact on numerous lives. Nick serves as an inspiration to many, setting an example for his children and embodying the realization of his dreams, radiating happiness in his fulfilled life.