Stephen Hung, a billionaire entrepreneur and prominent figure on the Netflix reality show Bling Empire, is renowned for his opulent lifestyle, flamboyant fashion choices, and ambitious ventures within the entertainment and hospitality sector. However, details about his family life, specifically his children and their pursuits, remain undisclosed.

Sean Hung: The CEO of Chiron Group

Stephen Hung’s eldest son from his first marriage is Sean Hung, a thriving entrepreneur and investor. Sean serves as the managing partner and CEO of Chiron Group, a prominent Asian investment firm specializing in blockchain and digital asset sectors¹.

With a comprehensive background in finance, Sean has held various roles, including private equity analyst, fixed income product manager, vice president of debt capital markets, and director of Diginex and EQONEX Group¹. Additionally, he has contributed as a strategic advisor for Insights and Talon Esports¹.

Educationally, Sean completed his studies at Bryant University, St. Joseph’s College in Hong Kong, and Northeastern University, focusing on finance and business administration¹. Beyond his professional pursuits, he exhibits a passion for gaming and holds a keen interest in esports².

Ivan Hung: The Breakdancer

Ivan Hung, another of Stephen Hung’s children from his first marriage, is a gifted dancer celebrated for his impressive breakdancing skills. His talents were on display when he spontaneously performed a routine at his father’s second wedding in 2012, hosted at The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong³.

Apart from his prowess in dance, Ivan is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and martial artist. He has honed his skills in various disciplines, including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and wrestling⁴. Ivan frequently shares glimpses of his workouts and sparring sessions on his Instagram account, where he commands a following of over 20,000 enthusiasts⁴.

Deborah Hung: The Step-Mother

In 2012, Stephen Hung entered into matrimony with Deborah Valdez Hung, whom he had encountered at a Versace fashion show in Hong Kong. A former model turned lawyer, Deborah presently manages Dream Model, a leading full-service modeling agency in Asia.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Deborah stands as a notable fashion icon and socialite, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Paris Match, and Hola. She holds membership in the Versace Fashion Council and was recognized as Couple of the Year alongside Stephen by Hong Kong Tatler in 2014.

Deborah has assumed the role of stepmother to Sean and Ivan Hung, both of whom actively participated in and contributed speeches and dance performances during her wedding celebration³. Additionally, she is poised to make her television debut in the East Coast’s Bling Empire spin-off, offering audiences a glimpse into her opulent lifestyle and business ventures.


Sean and Ivan Hung, the children of Stephen Hung, embody a combination of charisma, intelligence, and entertainment flair inherited from their father. Accomplished and talented in their respective pursuits, they share a close bond with their stepmother, the stunning beauty and successful entrepreneur Deborah Hung. Together, this remarkable family shines brightly in the spotlight.