Oh, by the way, did you know that Kahawa West is located in the Kasarani Constituency? 

It’s a pretty happening residential area that is growing quite a bit. And with that growth comes a large population of residents, including families with children who need schools. 

The government is actively working to address the growing demand for education in the area by establishing public schools. However, it’s worth noting that private schools in the vicinity also play a complementary role in meeting this demand.

Now, here’s something interesting. 

In Kahawa West, most primary schools have adopted the updated Kenyan curriculum emphasizing competency-based learning, per the Ministry of Education’s guidelines. This means that if you have a child transitioning to junior high school, you can rest assured that there are excellent schools in the area that offer advanced programs to support their educational journey.

So, if you’re curious about the schools in Kahawa West, whether public or private, I’ve got you covered. 

Just keep reading, and you’ll discover a fantastic list of schools in Kahawa West for your child’s education.

8 Schools in Kahawa West

1. P.C.E.A Farmers School

The learning institution in question is a distinguished Christian-based school under the management of the esteemed P.C.E.A Kahawa Farmers Church. Here, students are exposed to the 8-4-4 system and receive education guided by the new Competence-based Curriculum.

Schools in Kahawa West

What truly sets this educational center apart is its unwavering dedication to instilling Christian, moral, and academic values in every student. The aim is to shape and mold a well-rounded child who excels academically and embodies strong character and virtues.

This remarkable learning institution also provides daycare programs specially designed for toddlers, catering to their unique developmental needs during their early years.

Enrolling your child in this exceptional Christian-based school gives them a comprehensive education emphasizing spiritual growth, moral development, and academic excellence.

2. The KBA School

KBA is a Christian school that’s all about shaping students to become the best versions of themselves, not just academically, spiritually, and morally. They also have some really important values they integrate into their teaching process.

But wait, there’s more! KBA School isn’t just about hitting the books. They also believe in tapping into students’ hidden talents and potentials through extracurricular activities—Chess, Music—to name a few. 

Enrolling your child in KBA School is like investing in a bright and promising future for them. It’s a place where they’ll grow academically, develop important values, and discover their passions.

3. Reby Peter Memorial Academy

Reby Peter Memorial is a fantastic private school located in Kahawa West. Their ultimate goal is to be the leading institution in promoting and providing top-notch education to learners. How do they achieve this? Through a combination of progressive discipline, commitment, and hard work.

Parents with their kids enrolled at Reby Peter Memorial can’t stop raving about it. They highly recommend the school for its quality education that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, the students gain a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics. They acquire holistic knowledge and skills that prepare them for the real world.

Schools in Kahawa West

But wait, there’s more! Reby Peter Memorial isn’t just about hitting the books. They shine in a whole bunch of awesome extracurricular activities too. Think games and sports, music, scouting, educational trips, swimming, drama, computer skills, and IT. They’ve got it all covered!

Oh, and here’s some good news. If you live far from the school, they even offer transport services to make things more convenient for you and your little ones.

So, if you’re looking for a school that combines quality education with a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, Reby Peter Memorial is worth checking out!

4. Kahawa Primary School

Kahawa Primary is an inclusive public school in Kahawa West, overseen by the local government. It provides affordable education to numerous children, offering the 8-4-4 system and the CBC curriculum.

Not only does Kahawa Primary prioritize academic excellence, but it also strongly emphasizes fostering spiritual and moral values. The school aims to shape students into confident, independent, and responsible individuals who will become valuable future citizens.

Kahawa Primary is one of the top public primary schools in the Kasarani Constituency, further solidifying its reputation for providing quality education.

Choose Kahawa Primary for an inclusive and affordable educational experience, where students receive a well-rounded foundation encompassing academic and character development.

5. St. Ann Lifred Schools

St. Ann Lifred is an independent private primary school with multiple branches within and outside of Nairobi. This prestigious institution provides education under the 8-4-4 system and the new Competence-based Curriculum (CBC). 

What sets St. Ann Lifred apart is its unwavering commitment to ensuring your child receives the highest quality education they deserve. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, creating an exceptional learning environment for your little one.

Schools in Kahawa West

At St. Ann Lifred School, their mission goes beyond academics. They prioritize their students’ holistic development, fostering intellectual growth and moral and spiritual values. They firmly believe in molding responsible citizens who can contribute positively to society.

St. Ann Lifred School provides an enclosed compound to ensure the students’ safety and comfort. This secure environment offers peace of mind for parents, knowing that their children are in a protected and conducive setting for their learning journey.

6. Njiraini’s Christian School

Njiraini‘s School, affectionately known as NJ’s, started as a humble daycare center in Kahawa West but has since evolved into a fully-integrated educational institution. Its mission centers around fostering discipline, providing quality education, and establishing a strong foundation for every child.

NJ’s is widely acclaimed for embracing the Competence-based Curriculum (CBC) system. But it doesn’t stop there! Beyond academic brilliance, NJ’s students also thrive in various engaging co-curricular activities that further enrich their educational experience. 

One notable distinction of NJ’s is its status as one of the top Kahawa West schools offering Foreign Language classes. This unique opportunity allows students to expand their horizons and develop linguistic skills beyond the standard curriculum.

At NJ’s, they truly understand the significance of providing a well-rounded education beyond textbooks. They strive to create an environment where students can flourish academically, artistically, and personally, setting them up for a bright and successful future.

7. Marion Preparatory and Senior School

Marion Schools have gained a renowned reputation for their exceptional management and seamless integration of the established 8-4-4 system with the new Competence-based Curriculum (CBC). If you have a child transitioning to junior high school, Marion Schools proudly guarantee an outstanding learning environment tailored specifically for CBC education.

Schools in Kahawa West

Moreover, Marion Schools have distinguished themselves by offering the finest Special Needs Education. Their commitment to inclusivity extends to their unwavering support for teaching staff members with different abilities. To learn more about the schools and their programs, you are invited to visit either of their two campuses—the Preparatory School and the Senior School.

8. Niceways Junior Academy

Niceways Junior Academy stands as an esteemed educational institution. This premier school sets itself apart by strongly emphasizing values, ensuring the well-being and growth of kindergarten and primary school children.

At Niceways Junior Academy, dedicated caregivers and teachers work tirelessly to create an optimal learning environment for your child. Their commitment is focused on enabling each student to unlock their full learning potential and thrive academically.

Choose Niceways Junior Academy for an educational experience that prioritizes both academic excellence and the holistic development of your child.

Safety and security are paramount at Niceways, ensuring that your child is in a nurturing and conducive setting. The school is committed to instilling important values in its students, such as teamwork, ethics, honesty, and excellence.

Exciting news! Niceways Junior School is also expanding and preparing to offer education for upper grades in the near future. This means your child can continue their educational journey within the trusted environment of Niceways as they grow older.

Choose Niceways Junior Academy as the place where your child can flourish, grow, and become responsible individuals who embody important values.


Given the significant population in the Kasarani Constituency, there is a growing demand for more public and private schools to accommodate the community’s educational needs. 

It is also wise to consider the proximity of a school to ensure your child’s safety and save valuable time and resources. In light of this, I present a selection of excellent schools in Kahawa West that you might want to consider for your child’s education.