Sam Carlson stands out as one of the prominent figures in the cast of the National Geographic series ‘Port Protection,’ offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of residents in a secluded Alaskan community. Recognized for his proficiency in hunting, fishing, and engineering, Sam brings a wealth of experience from his longstanding connection with the region. Yet, the details about Sam Carlson’s wife and his family remain intriguing. Delve into some lesser-known facts about the skilled engineer and his loved ones.

Sam Carlson’s Wife: Celeste Mora Carlson

Sam Carlson, recognized for his portrayal on the series ‘Port Protection,’ is indeed a married individual. However, the identity of his wife remains discreet. While she opts for a private life away from the television spotlight, Sam subtly indicates his marital status by regularly featuring his wedding ring. According to Arena Gadgets, in November 2018, Sam tied the knot with Celeste Mora Carlson.

Celeste Mora Carlson is a talented photographer and artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Showcasing her diverse work, including portraits, landscapes, and abstract paintings, she maintains a website highlighting her artistic endeavors. Additionally, Celeste keeps her audience updated on her life and projects through her Facebook page.

Supportive of her husband’s lifestyle, Celeste occasionally visits him in Port Protection. Notably, she shares a positive relationship with Sam’s sons from his previous marriage, namely Matt and Kelly.

Sam Carlson’s Sons: Matt and Kelly Carlson

Sam Carlson has two sons from his previous marriage: Matt and Kelly Carlson. Although both have made appearances on the show ‘Port Protection’ alongside their father, they exhibit distinct personalities and pursue different career paths.

The elder son, Matt Carlson, has spent the majority of his life in Port Protection. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a commercial fisherman and trapper. Known for his engineering skills and inventive nature, showcased on the show, Matt is married to Kaylee Burk and is a father to a daughter named Shipley. Residing in Ketchikan, Alaska, he currently serves as a captain at Baranof Fishing Excursions, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

In contrast, the younger son, Kelly Carlson, is a musician residing in Seattle, Washington. Serving as a bass player for the band Raw Dogs, known for crafting songs about the apocalypse, Kelly adopts the stage name Kelly Carcinogen. While not inheriting his father’s affinity for the wilderness, he occasionally visits Sam in Port Protection. Interestingly, Kelly shares his life with a wife named Celeste Mora Carlson, coincidentally sharing the same name as his stepmother, according to Distractify.

Sam Carlson’s Health Scare: A Mild Heart Attack

In January 2023, concerns arose among ‘Port Protection’ fans about Sam Carlson’s well-being when he was airlifted to a hospital. As reported by Distractify, Sam had experienced a mild heart attack but was on the path to recovery. Providing reassurance, his son Matt shared on his Facebook page that his father was progressing well and expressed gratitude for the thoughts and support from everyone.

Sam Carlson holds a special place as one of the esteemed and cherished members of the Port Protection community. With over 50 years of residence, he has witnessed numerous changes and confronted various challenges. Building a home that reflects his creativity and ingenuity, Sam has also raised a family in the community. Despite the recent health incident, Sam appears resolute in his determination to continue his adventurous life, with the unwavering support of his wife and sons.