The number of cars on the roads in Kenya has skyrocketed in recent years. Because of this, gas stations are more commonplace now than ever to meet the rising demand for gasoline and other automotive necessities.

Tourists may get everything they need at a petrol station, from groceries to souvenirs to car repairs, car washes, and much more. Most tourists stop at service stations to refuel their vehicles and stock up on refreshments.

This article will discuss the best petrol stations in Kitengela, so keep reading and explore all of them. 

Petrol Stations in Kitengela

1. Shell Kitengela

Shell, an English oil and gas company, is a significant provider in Kenya. The number of gas stations owned by the corporation is substantial. The bulk of Shell’s revenue comes from the sale of gasoline, Afrigas cooking gas, lubricants, and automobile accessories.

Shell gas stations typically include a car wash, a convenience store, a car service bay, and pressure pumps to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. In addition, regular customers of Shell receive a wide variety of benefits for making Shell their go-to refill station of choice.

Located near Yukos in Nairobi, Namanga, the establishment operates 24-hour shifts. For inquiries, please contact +31 718 248080. It boasts an average Google review score of 4.10 stars based on 224 reviews.

2. Net Gas’s Gas Station

Net Gas’s gas station is the preferred refueling location for truck drivers because of its convenient truck parking. Despite the constant presence of many visitors, this area is seldom clogged with traffic. There is hardly any waiting in line because the station workers swiftly service clients.

Situated at GXP7+G6Q River Athi in Nairobi, Namanga, this item has received a 4.4-star rating on Google.

3. Tosha Gas Station

When it comes to the marketing and distribution of refined petroleum products in Kenya, Tosha Petroleum is a major participant. The company’s Tosha service stations provide superior auto care facilities and customer service. It also has a car wash and a comfortable waiting area to relax while waiting for your car to be repaired or cleaned.

Located in Athi River, Nairobi-Namanga, at GXH6+X6P, the establishment operates 24-hour shifts. For inquiries, please contact +44 7311699065. This product has received a rating of 3.6 stars based on 290 reviews on Google.

4. The National Oil Company (the Kitengela Refinery)

The state-owned National Oil Company handles all aspects of the petroleum and petroleum product sectors. Included in these spheres are the production and distribution of petroleum products, as well as the midstream and downstream petroleum industries. 

To ensure a continuous supply of oil and gas, the National Oil Company is heavily invested in exploration.  

The establishment is on an unnamed road at GXG5+6PJ in the Athi River area. It has received five reviews with an average rating of 3.2 stars out of 5.

5. Eupen Gas Station

The Eupen gas station is located along a major thoroughfare, making it highly accessible. Moreover, its gas rates are the lowest in all of Kitengela. 

In addition, its service bay is staffed by highly trained professionals that will keep your car in pristine condition. Since the pumps at the Eupen gas station are always dependable, and the fuel quality is high, it is the station of choice for many bikers and vehicles.

Located in Nairobi-Namanga, specifically in Athi River at GXC4+4VF, you can contact them at 0725 255147. Despite having only one review, the establishment has received an impressive 4.5-star rating on Google.

6. Kitengela’s Ola Energy Service Station

Ola Energy, with its around 110 gas stations in Kenya, is a significant player in the energy market across Africa. It is one of the most recognizable megabrands in Kenya, and its petrol stations, which are consistently modern in design, can be found in every major city.

It supplies gasoline stations with lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and fuel storage services, so they always have fuel. Locals in Kenya refer to its cooking gas as “Mpishi,” it has steadily made its way onto the market there as a top contender.

Situated at FWGV+3X8 in Athi River, the location has garnered a respectable Google rating of 4.2 stars based on 247 reviews.

7. Yukos Oil Kenya Ltd 

The Yukos Kenya is a convenience store in Kenya that sells lubricants, among other vehicle parts and accessories. The filling machines are noted for their accuracy, and the staff is known for their friendliness and reliability. Fuel prices remain low regardless of the economic climate.

Situated near the Athi River on the main road that links Nairobi and Namanga, the business operates from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. For inquiries, please call 0726 524380. With 13 reviews on Google, the average rating stands at 3.9 stars.

8. Ilade Oil Kitengela

Since they import more than any other company in Kenya, Ilade Oil Company can act as an independent retailer and strictly monitor their products’ quality. 

Customers are retained by hiring friendly, knowledgeable staff who like being treated respectfully. In addition to filling up on petrol, customers can also take advantage of the service station’s carwash.

Located at FW3Q+3QC in Olooloitikosh, the establishment operates 24 hours a day. For inquiries and further information, please contact 0726 966748. It has earned a Google rating of 3.9 stars based on 60 reviews.

9. The Riva Gas Station

Riva is a reputable oil marketing firm committed to providing customers with affordable, high-quality petroleum products. It exclusively employs people who are highly qualified in their disciplines and have excellent interpersonal skills while working with customers. 

If you’re looking for lubricants or fuel, you can trust that Riva-owned gas stations only stock premium brands.

Situated at GXC4+3VG on Old Namanga Road in Athi River, the establishment operates 24-hour shifts. For inquiries, please contact 0714 782941. It has received a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 based on 26 ratings from Google users.

10. Rubis Kitengela Town Service Station

Rubis is a significant oil and gas distributor across the globe. It became a major player in Kenya’s fuel distribution market after purchasing operations from Kenol PLC and Gulf energy company. As a result, Rubis became an unstoppable threat to Kunyas’s energy monopoly.

Rubis gas stations never run out of fuel, even during an industry crisis. This is why it is one of the most frequented filling stations.

Located on Namanga Road in Athi River, the establishment operates from 12 am to 11.30 pm. With a Google rating of 3.9 stars, based on 380 reviews, it has garnered positive feedback and customer satisfaction.

11. Mpesa Kobil Gas Station 

The Mpesa gas station is a standard convenience store selling conventional fuel. Despite this, the Boda Boda prefers the filling station because the equipment is modern and reliable. In addition, it has competitive fuel prices and first-rate customer service.

Situated in a specific section of Namanga Road, please contact +44 208 427 2100 for inquiries. This product has received a positive rating of four and a half stars from two customers on Google.

In Conclusion

Kitengela’s increased gas station density has reduced the anxiety and annoyance experienced by motorists who have to walk long distances with their gas cans to find a filling station when their vehicles run out of petrol in the middle of a trip. 

Now that you know where they are, you may fill up at any of the gas stations in Kitengela.