Who is Max Chermansky?

Max Chermansky is a Ukrainian-American professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor, renowned for his notable achievements on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars. Over 17 seasons, he gained widespread popularity and secured one title, notably winning with Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis in 2014.

Initiating his dance journey at the age of four in Ukraine, Chermansky honed his skills in ballroom and Latin dances. His family’s immigration to the United States in 1994 marked a continuation of his dancing career, culminating in his championship in the International Latin category. Furthermore, he showcased his talents in Broadway productions such as Burn the Floor and Forever Tango.

Chermansky’s personal life intertwines with his professional success. He is married to Peta Murgatroyd, a fellow dancer and a pro on Dancing with the Stars, and together, they share two sons named Shai and Rio. Additionally, Max has a younger brother, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, who is also a dancer and serves as a judge on Dancing with the Stars.

Why did he leave Dancing with the Stars?

Chermansky initially entered Dancing with the Stars during its second season in 2006, partnering with actress Tia Carrere. Swiftly earning fan acclaim for his charisma, skill, and dynamic chemistry with partners, he also gained attention for his outspoken and occasionally controversial personality. Over the seasons, he reached the final round five times, securing the runner-up position twice and third place twice. Memorable performances included his tango with Carrere, freestyle with Davis, and Argentine tango with singer Brandy.

Despite his success, Chermansky faced conflicts and controversies on the show, engaging in disputes with judges, clashes with partners, and accusations of rudeness and arrogance. Additionally, he contended with injuries and health issues impacting his performances, leading to periodic breaks from the show, driven by personal and professional considerations.

In 2018, Chermansky formally declared his retirement from Dancing with the Stars following season 25, where he partnered with TV personality Vanessa Lachey. Expressing a desire to focus on alternative projects and spend more time with his family, he conveyed a sense of accomplishment, feeling he had attained all his goals on the show.

In a recent exclusive interview with Heavy, Chermansky affirmed that he has no intentions of returning to Dancing with the Stars in any capacity, even as a guest judge. Content with his decision, he expressed support for his brother Valentin and wife Peta, who remain involved in the show.

What is he doing now?

Since departing from Dancing with the Stars, Chermansky has immersed himself in diverse projects and enterprises. Engaging as a producer, director, and actor, he contributed to various films and TV shows, including The Last Dance, Lost & Found in Armenia, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Simultaneously, he has been cultivating his dance studio brand, Dance With Me, establishing its presence across the country. Devoting time to philanthropy, he actively participates in initiatives to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research.

In his personal life, Chermansky finds fulfillment in family moments with his wife Peta and their two sons, Shai and Rio. Frequently sharing glimpses of their endearing experiences on social media, he exhibits profound love for his role as a father and husband. Additionally, he has disclosed plans to expand their family, expressing a desire for a third child, preferably a girl.

While Chermansky may have departed from Dancing with the Stars, his commitment to dance and entertainment remains unwavering. Actively pursuing his passion and creativity through various avenues, he adeptly balances both his personal and professional spheres, serving as an inspiring example of someone steadfastly following their dreams.