Luana Lucci, a Brazilian model and flight attendant, has garnered attention as the girlfriend of American actor Chad Duell. Their family expanded with the arrival of their first child, a son named Dawson, born in September 2023. Frequently sharing glimpses of her family and boyfriend on Instagram, Luana Lucci has amassed over 29k followers on the platform. As we delve into Luana Lucci’s family background and early life, details about her parents remain undisclosed.

Luana Lucci’s Birth and Nationality

Born in 1999 in Brazil, Luana Lucci is currently 24 years old as of 2023. Holding Brazilian nationality, she comes from a mixed ethnic background. While her parents are identified as Mr. Lucci and Mrs. Lucci, their names and professions remain undisclosed to the public. Luana Lucci, known for her discretion, has chosen not to reveal details about her parents or the existence of any siblings, if any. Her private nature suggests a preference for keeping her family life away from the media spotlight.

Luana Lucci’s Education and Career

Luana Lucci completed her primary and secondary education at a local school in Brazil. Following this, she continued her studies at a college or university; however, specific details about her academic achievements remain undisclosed. Commencing her professional journey as a flight attendant, Luana Lucci worked for different airlines, affording her the opportunity to travel globally.

Simultaneously, she nurtured an interest in modeling, engaging in various photoshoots and fashion shows. Her modeling ventures have seen her collaborate with numerous brands and magazines, highlighting her beauty and distinctive style.

Luana Lucci’s Relationship with Chad Duell

Luana Lucci crossed paths with Chad Duell, renowned for his role as Michael Corinthos on the widely popular ABC soap opera General Hospital, in 2022. Their immediate connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, prompting them to commence dating shortly thereafter. Opting to share their lives, Luana and Chad chose Los Angeles as their shared residence.

The couple joyfully announced their pregnancy in April 2023, unveiling a snapshot of Luana’s baby bump on Instagram. The arrival of their son, Dawson, took place on September 20, 2023, with the couple expressing their elation by sharing the newborn’s first photo across social media. Luana Lucci and Chad Duell appear to be reveling in the happiness and love emanating from their growing family.

Is Luana Lucci Related to Susan Lucci?

Contrary to popular speculation, Luana Lucci is not related to Susan Lucci, the renowned American actress known for her role in the soap opera All My Children. The shared surname is purely coincidental, and there is no familial connection between them. Susan Lucci, born to Jeanette (1917-2021) and Victor Lucci (1919-2002) in Scarsdale, New York, hails from Italian and Swedish ancestry. Susan has been married to Helmut Huber, a businessman, since 1969, and they share two children, Liza Huber and Andreas Huber, as reported by Freshers Live.


Luana Lucci, a Brazilian model and flight attendant, is in a relationship with American actor Chad Duell. Their son, Dawson, was born in September 2023. While Luana Lucci’s parents are identified as Mr. Lucci and Mrs. Lucci, specific details about their names and professions remain undisclosed.

It’s essential to note that Luana Lucci is not connected to Susan Lucci, the American actress who shares a similar surname. Luana values her privacy, choosing not to divulge extensive details about her family or personal life. Her interests include traveling, pursuing a career in modeling, and cherishing moments with her boyfriend and son.